Argos sighed in frustration as he argued with Titus.

"You are my best friend but you're a horrible person." Titus had said matter-of-factly when he learned of Argos's latest night out.

"How am I a horrible person? I do so many great things. For example, I helped that elderly woman across the street last week." He pointed out smugly.

"You got out of your car and carried her over the crosswalk because she was going too slow for you. Also, you murdered someone last night." Titus reminded him. He looked too much like a disappointed parent for Argos's comfort.

"He needed killing." Argos defended.

"Why?" Titus sighed.

"He was a jackass. He wouldn't dance with me after I bought him two drinks and then he abandoned me for some ugly girl." Argos whined.

"Did you consider that, maybe, he was just straight?" Titus looked like he might cry with frustration.

"Oh. No, I guess I didn't. That's probably why he came in with a girl. I feel much better now. Thanks, Titus." Argos grinned and pulled out his phone, his thumbs flying over a keyboard.

"No! That should make you feel much, much worse! You killed an innocent man!" Titus shouted as he fell back into his chair.

"It was just a human. Their lives are so fleeting that it's not like it really matters anyway." He rolled his eyes as he adjusted his hair in his camera.

"I don't know why I even bother. This is what I get for making friends with a demon." The angel sighed and buried his face in his hands.

"You need to have more fun." Argos said as the camera flashed.

"You need to chill out on the killing people thing." Titus finally let his shoulders relax and looked up to his best friend, who was grinning.

"How about you come out with me tonight? You can keep me from committing too many sins and I'll make sure you have some fun."

"One sin is too many sins. But I suppose I could come along to babysit you." Titus agreed hesitantly.

"Yes! We have a designated driver!" Argos shouted happily. There was a shout of glee from the phone in his hand.

"How do I always fall for yours and Amaya's traps?" Titus groaned when he realized he had been tricked...again.

"Better start getting ready! Did I clean my sword last night?" Argos muttered the last part to himself.

"No weapons!"

"Damn it, you're no fun!"