A Million years soliloquy of the Enemy

The freckled grey enemy sat down on the tree gazing into the fresh air. He knew he was old and didn't have much time in this world. He looked at his family flying over the green pastures . He had lost many brothers , sisters,sons and daughters to the harms of the world he was in now. Even Though he was not there during the period of the giant lizards ,he knew everything about it from his grandmother used to despise the taste of dry blood of those huge monsters but she needed it to survive and reproduce her behemoth creatures found their lilliputian lives as an example of 'parasitism'. The first revolution started close to three hundred million years ago. Minuscules poisoned the blood and pabulum of the inhabitants of earth. All puffed,sneezed ,coughed and wheezed to their deaths. The earth was almost theirs, till the more sinful invaded their birthright . Human blood was narcotic. When the ecstasy pumped through their veins and wings, they saw the paradise circles of the stars and moons,They made love to lay their eggs. The females forbid the males to taste the analgesic aqua of humans as they didn't want to repeat what happened in the ice age. They wanted the euphoria to last. Extensive usage of the human broth brought great havoc among short lived mortals started to target were created determining their annihilation .The culicoides didn't predict the intelligence of such fragile bipedalians. They decided to target the lesser mammals till the humans forgot about them. They saw the humans killing each other over land,money ,water and air. Other members declared war on the earth leaders through pandemics. One pandemic after another . War lasted for centuries. After the humans lost, the subordinate faunas began to fight. It was a new cycle. Repeat. In the end,the only ones left in time were the grey flimsy malevolent winged creatures to enjoy the flora. The old grey mosquito watched his descendants buzzing over the flowery nectar they nourished life on. He didn't know how far away the era was the next threat awaiting them but he knew they would survive it too. The same way they existed from the beginning of time being the bloodsucking diptera. The Immortal enemy. Till the end of the unbounded infinite eternity .