Blue and Red

One each of our fave colors

My eyes always showing that fave

As yours changed to your fave too.

I stare at you

My heart beating fast

Wishing things weren't this way

As I clutch my heart.

Yours use to be piercing brown

Now show blood red

As you smirk at me

In a way you never have before.

I don't want to know

How you got this way

As you walk closer to me

And I inch away as you do.

Staring at your eyes

Makes me wish we switched

Right now

So I got the fiery red that represents me

And you got the calm blue that fits you.

But neither of us would have been happy

With the other getting red

As that meant the one would suffer

Watching the one lost.

Red and Blue fitting both of us

In a certain way

Yet somehow in this case

It leads to the darknessā€¦

As my vision starts to blur

And see only red

As I fall asleep

Hoping you are the one to wake up

From this nightmare.