Part 1

You heard the cussing before the door even opened it was apparent the night wasn't going to go well, just like every other night since you moved in three years ago. She had become out of control once your dad had died.

"No fucking surprise I have to clean up after people at that job and come home to a dirty house".

Sighing it was the same fight every day. Who works harder and who has more stress. Locking your computer and stepping outside your room preparing for the day's war.

Laying in your room in the darkness. The stereo blaring your favorite band KISS to take you to your happy place. Until the door slammed open, flicking on the light.

"What do you think this is some flophouse, you just pay rent and then the rest is left for me to handle"? She screamed.

Taking a breath trying to keep the fuse from igniting. "Mom, I know that you do a lot, but give credit where it's due, you wouldn't be able to survive since dad died if I hadn't come back to this hell…."

Before you could finish the words her fist landed on your face. "If you don't like it here then leave, I never wanted you here period". Packing a bag you stormed passed her, not wanting another police scene.

After multiple calls to friends for a place to escape to you with no luck, you took a walk just to get a breath and get rid of the sting from the latest punch. Landed at the local bar in the small hell hole town you lived in. Ordering a beer to clear your mind. Watching the local misfits around the room, after music, people-watching was your next favorite thing to do. Loud music, couples dancing, and others trying for a partner to end another lonely night. Studying the room you didn't notice someone sliding in and taking the barstool next to you, until you heard a man's voice requesting a beer. Looking over, both of your eyes connecting, you gave a small nod and returned to observing the room

Clearing his throat, " Do you come out to this place often" the stranger asked. Smiling softly, "Very rarely but it's been a tough day, well week actually so I need an escape." The stranger nodded as you ordered another round.

"I had to get away and clear my head, and wanted to see what there was to do around this town while my band was on a tour stop. There's not much to do around here I've noticed." Grinning, as you continued to view the room. "You have no idea try growing up here"

"Sorry I didn't catch your name, I'm Paul" extending his hand.

Turning in the barstool you were stunned for a moment now noticing you were sitting next to the frontman of KISS.

"I'm y/n, I never would expect the great Paul Stanley to pop up at a dive like this."

Shaking his head and laughing, "Well since tomorrow is a day off and it was too late to drive to the next town we decided to just stay put."

You spent the next few hours, talking about their daily lives and laughing at the everyday events you both seemed to encounter. Paul was in awe that you never treated him any differently, not showing any sign that you were star-struck and just wanted to spend the night with him based on his stardom. You were amazed at how down to earth he seemed despite what he seemed in the interviews you had seen and read about him and the band. You noticed that he kept glancing over at the mark on her right cheek but thankfully never asking about it.

Before they knew it the bartender was calling it closing time. Both enjoying each other's company and Paul not wanting to let you leave, especially with the mark scaring your beautiful face.

" Do you want to get out of here Y/N, walk around and talk some more, or go back over to the hotel?" Slapping his shoulder laughing

"If I didn't know any better I'd say the great Paul Stanley was just looking for a way to end the night or trying to get an easy lay"

Shaking his head " Believe me if that's all I wanted I would have stayed at the concert venue, I really just wanna talk more, no pressure"

You make your way out of the bar heading toward the direction of the hotel Paul had said the band was staying. Both nervous about what to talk about no longer being in a public setting.

"So what do you do, Y/N for work out here," Paul asked, attempting to find any way to keep you entertained and the conversation going. "I work as an IT analyst for a small company in town, nothing special, just a regular 8-5 job" you shrugged. "What about you when you're not going around the world touring and making new music? What do you enjoy doing besides picking up chicks," you ask laughing. "Believe it or not I like to cook and paint, not much of the excitement people would expect from the lead singer of Kiss, but I am older now with a kid." he shrugged as you came up to the hotel

Reaching the hotel it seemed as though only seconds had passed by. Stopping in front of you and laying a hand on your shoulder. " Y/N I had a nice time walking around with you and talking" slightly grinning back at him, still in disbelief that you had made a friend in Paul Stanley.

" Would you like to come up and hang out some more? Promise I will be the same gentleman as before, no pressure". Paul said.

Holding your breath trying to think of the best decision to make. Go home and take a chance on your safety that your mom's wrath for the day was over and she would be asleep or take the chance and see where the night ended with Paul.

Nodding "Sure Paul, I'd like to hang out some more, it beats going home and seeing where that will take me." With a smile, he took your hand and led you through the hotel entrance.