It was mid-afternoon when you arrived back into town feeling overly exhausted. Paul had only been back in town and he had already had a glimpse of the drama in your life and wasn't trying to retreat to California. You heard him yawn beside you, glance over at him.

"What it's been a busy day and the time difference takes a little of time to adjust to," he said

"I thought it was old age, but it has been a busy day and it's only 4 pm," smirking at him, looking at the clock on the dashboard.

"How about we go check on the fur-ball and just relax for the evening, no pressure to do anything, we can order in, talk or whatever you?" he asked hoping you would be okay with it.

"Definitely sounds like an excellent plan to me sir" you said laughing as you yawned.

The exhaustion had hit you both as you walked into the hotel room. Paul laid on the bed propping himself up on his elbow watching you go over to Maverick's cage. You looked up seeing him staring at you making you feel self conscious.

"Is something wrong Paul, you're just staring at me" you laughed nervously sitting the cat on the floor brushing a piece of hair behind your ear.

"What can I not look at my girlfriend? if that's a crime here i should have been arrested earlier this morning" he laughed as he waved you over to the bed noticing the panic flooded your face. "Y/N I just want to lay beside me, no pressure okay?

You walked over and took your sneakers and socks off before stretching out next to him propping up on your elbow to get a better look at was a beautiful man and you still couldn't understand why he had such an interest in you though if you questioned it too much he could disappear.

"I'm glad you came here even if its for a short bit, I know you have to get back to Evan, but 4 months of phone calls doesn't beat sitting next to you and visiting though some of it had a little drama in it" you said staring him in the eye. " Can I ask you a question?"

"Y/N you can ask me anything you want but I think I know what you're gonna ask, you want to know why Pam and I didnt make it and how after being on tour for a year I broke away from Evan just to see you? He asked looking back at you brushing the stray hair behind your ear." You shook your head acknowledging that was the questions

"Well Pam and I just couldn't get along. Anything I did for her she thought I could have done instead of something better. Could have given her the world and she would have wanted the moon in the way I grew up my parents especially my mom never thought what I did was good enough. I was left to fight on my own. When she got pregnant with Evan, I thought everything would start to calm down and we would come to be happy and be good parents together. We are better raising that little guy in separate homes and him growing up happy than miserable like I did" He shrugged. That was the first time he had let anyone in on that part of his life besides Gene.

Brushing his face feeling a little closer than before. " Leaving him is very hard then huh? Do you have any pictures of him with you.? Asking as he jumped out of the bed and walked to his suitcase.

"It is very hard leaving but I know he's taken care of. I call him when I can, though he's barely one I want him to know wherever I am he's the one I'm thinking about. Paul said smiling when he found the picture album he always carried with him.

Handing over to you as he sat back down beside you pulling you in closer. You smiled at the little boy in the pictures with Paul. "That one , he pointed out, was the day he took his first steps. Evan was so proud of himself, he's going to be such an awesome kid." he sighed in content.

Closing the book and laying on the nightstand you snuggled into Paul's arms looking up at him. " He is definitely your mini-me"

Paul laughed loudly " That could be both a good thing and a bad thing, pulling you closer and I'm glad I came too four months of phone calls was a nightmare. I love hearing your voice but not seeing you everyday sucks. I wish you were out in California with me."

You lifted up and captured his lips gently feeling a wave of shock from him before kissing you back. Both fighting for dominance as he slipped his tongue in your mouth deepening the kiss as he pushed you back toward the bed. His hands brushing across your face. Wrapping your hand around his neck and the other one pulling his hair to bring him closer. He moaned into the kiss before breaking apart for air.

He looked in your eyes searching for anything that would tell him to stop. You grabbed his shirt and pulled him back toward you and his mouth went straight to your neck. Hands exploring new and unseen territory. You groaned out when he nipped your neck before returning to your mouth gaining control of if . Your hands going to the hem of his shirt pulling at it as in a silent request for him to lift up so you could take it off.

As he did you looked him up and down with your hands touching every exposed part. Keeping eye contact with you he bent down lower going toward the hem of your shirt brushing it up with his hand kissing your soft belly. Causing you to arch up, he noticed the scars that danced across your belly, you felt him pull back in shock.

"Y/N who, who did this to you? Looking you in the face watching your chin quiver. You were searching for the right words to make it all make sense in some way.

" I know it's hideous, this was how I coped with everything: depression, anxiety, and the things she, my mom, said my whole life. I don't do it anymore. Though i can understand if you want me to leave, no one would want a crazy person around them or their son" You said trying to pull away.

"Hey Hey, don't talk about yourself like that there is nothing hideous about you. I just hate that you hurt that bad from that situation that this is the outcome. You never ever have to feel that way again I promise" He said pulling you back to him. "I'll kiss away the pain and those scars, you won't ever feel the need to do that again now that you are with me"

He held you like he was a magnet pulling your pain from him. You leaned into his neck and kissed it, starting your own personal attack on him. Pulling back up you took control and he didn't fight back as you captured his mouth and slipped your tongue into his mouth gentle but demanding. It was clear what you wanted as you made your way down kissing every inch of his chest downHe stopped you halfway down and flipped you to your back.

He needed to show you what you deserved and began worshiping every inch of you. Delicately taking each piece of clothing off of each other both stopping to look at the other. Paul looked at you one last time in the eye looking for something that told him you wanted this to stop. You shook your head with approval..Heavy breathing, whispers of admiration for the other. The rest of the night spent in a gentle state of bliss. making love to Paul for your very first time ever.

Both falling to exhaustion, Paul pulled the sheet over you as you laid your head on his chest like the very first night you stayed together. He kissed the top of your forehead as he heard your soft breathing. Now as you lay asleep, this new experience you shared together, he knew that months of phone calls, visits to each other would never be enough, it would all fall through his fingers. He had to have you with him in California, with Evan. To see you every morning and night right beside him. To know you were safe. Now he just had to put the plan in motion. Praying that you wouldnt leave him the one broken hearted.