The fisherman sat in his boat, sticking his oars into the deep water

of the deep, deep, lake.

He had been trying to get to shore,

but could not seem to find it.

Out of nowhere, another boat appeared.

"Can you please help me?" asked the man to the fisherman.

"Please," he begged. "I need you to help."

"What can I do?" the fisherman asked.

"I've lost both my oars," the man said, "and now I'm stuck."

"Climb into my boat and we can both row to shore," the fisherman told him.

"No, that won't work. Maybe if you give me one of yours, though,

then we can both make it to shore."

Wanting so badly to help, the fisherman tossed him an oar.

"No, no, this won't work either," the man said.

"Now I'll just keep going in circles. I need both oars."

"But then I cannot row my own boat," said the fisherman.

"If you give me the other one, I can get to shore and get someone to help you."

Wanting so badly to help, the fisherman gave him the other oar.

"My arms are too cold from sitting out on the water," the man whined.

"I need more from you. I need your jacket.

Without it, I cannot get someone to help you as quickly."

Wanting so badly to help, he tossed over his jacket.

The wind on the pond rushed over his body.

"This won't work. I need more from you. I need your boat."

"My boat? But then I cannot get back. I cannot swim."

"Your boat is faster than mine."

"Then climb in and we can both go."

"No, no, it will be too much weight. We would go slower.

This way, I can get you help faster. I need it for you, really."

"I cannot swim," the fisherman repeated.

"I need your boat. I need more from you."

"Don't you hear me? I said I can't swim. I can't give you-"

"I need more from you. I need more from you. This isn't enough."

"No," the fisherman said. "I will not give you my boat."

"But this is the only way we can both get to shore."

"No, it's not. You have my oars. You have my jacket."

"And because you gave them to me, you now need me.

You need me to get you help."

"No," the fisherman said. "I do not need you.

I have given you all but what I need.

I can use my arms to paddle to the shore in my boat."

"You said you would help me."

"I did help you. You have more than enough to get back."

"I gave you the means to get to shore," the fisherman continued,

"But you kept asking for more than what you needed.

You kept taking until I was nearly dependent on you.

I offered to help you. I offered to let you into my boat,

And we could have helped each other equally.

But you refused."

"You have to help me. You have to help me."

"I have helped you all that I can.

You can get to shore anytime you want.

But no one can truly help you because you will not help yourself.

You push others away by asking so much of them,

rather than accepting what they can give you."

With that, the fisherman used his arms to move his boat.

"Please," the man begged. "I need you to help."

The fisherman ignored him, knowing that to help the man

would only hurt himself.

He kept on, the shore getting clearer and clearer to see

and his arms getting stronger and stronger

until he finally made it.

A/N: I was in an emotional mindset and wrote a poem. This poem is meant to show a relationship with someone who continues to ask more and more from you, yet refuses to help themselves. Eventually, you just have to stop giving and do what is best for yourself. Some people refuse to be helped.

I hope you are all being safe and stay healthy during this crazy time, by the way. Thank you for reading. (and no, I really didn't know what to call this, haha)