"Fear not for all will disappear

and fade with time:

white crystal head,

the units' smile,

her lovely hands."


"We've you here if ever we need

to love is living and answers we've

for all that's sweet is always weak,"

yet I know poisons that should reek

but live as flowers.


I slam my hand into the wall

it goes right through my pain

and thoughts

the threshold's crusted all with dust

and wet.


I could have sobbed and cried

as I watched her

sip the coffee with a

hard mug and then pour

cream into a glass.


I could have watched her

blow on it and listen

to the mug and

the small circle of herself

within it.


Everybody's gone here, innit?

you like bitter coffee sips

not the whole mug just the tip

just the words 'that I can fit'

are profound.


Then through the walls and busy floors

I hear loud thuds and rushed footsteps

white crystal head, red on the paint

fear I all won't disappear

before my eyes.