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(Tales of the WWA: Wrestling Rockstar, Todd Austin!)

(Prologue: 2003)

A college student had recently graduated, with dreams of becoming a wrestler like his older cousin by the name of Ron Gavine. Ron worked for a small company known as the World Wrestling Association. It had surprisingly been active since as far back as the late 1970s, unfortunately going defunct in the mid 90s and resurfacing finally in the Summer of 1999.

Todd Austin had grew up watching various wrestling shows such as NWA, WCW, and WWF. Intrigued by the intense action put on by both male and female performers, risking injury and sometimes death if a move was performed wrong. He didn't care, throughout his years at high school within his home city of Birmingham, Alabama, he trained vigorously at the gym time and time again to build up his body.

Austin stood at a height of 5'10 and weighed around 179 pounds, more muscle than fat. He wasn't bulky, nor was he ripped, but he had a balanced physique that should've been well enough to get in the business. He worked for a small local wrestling show, wasn't even big on the indies but it was enough to satisfy him for now. Tonight would be a hardcore match against a wrestler simply known as "Phenom".

It was at a high school, in the gym. The rocker sat on the bench, thanking the high one as per usual for blessing him with the ability to do what he dreamed of doing regardless of how small the promotion may be. He was alone, choosing to be in the Physical Education locker room rather than the football team's room. He could hear all the babbling and commotion coming through the walls, he liked to be alone as he found peace in doing so.

The 23 year old took in a deep breath, lacing up his black boots and tying the white strings. He wore black tights with splotchy red patterns, a single black elbow pad on his right arm and white wrist tape. His hair had been cut into a small mohawk that wasn't even sticking up on his head, cut completely flat. A knock at the door came, it was time for the match to begin.

"Come on out T.A." The owner of the small promotion called out, Austin nodded and rose to his feet. It was time to get some good ol' wrasslin' done!

(Chapter 1: The big signing)

It was mid-match and Todd Austin was in the fight for his life against Phenom, he was currently set up for the pin. The rocker managed to kick out at the last given moment before three, getting a rise out of the crowd of only 1,000 people. It was a packed house tonight at the high school, a small amount of blood was trickling down from his forehead. He had been busted open via a ruthless chair shot from Phenom.

"Come on!" His opponent shouted, pounding the mat with his gloved fist. Todd Austin groaned in agony, pain wracking his whole body but especially his head in which had been viciously attacked repeatedly by Phenom who was known for his brutish piledrivers and stiff punches.

"You're like the slowest ref I know!" Phenom continued, mouthing off at the ref as Todd Austin rolled back over to his stomach to face the crowd. His eyes slightly widened upon seeing his cousin, Ron Gavine within the audience clad in his denim jeans and leather jacket.

A rush of energy came over him, his own cousin was the person he looked up to the most for inspiration to become a wrestler. Chills rushed down his spine, Phenom clutched the chair once again and began to loom over his still downed enemy.

"I'm done playing games with you!" Phenom continued to monologue, bringing the chair up. Ready to ram it in the back of Austin's head for a final blow, one that would knock him out.

Todd Austin listened in carefully, the crowd noises being drowned out by Phenom's venomous screaming and heckling. His opponent let out a scream as he went to slam the folding chair down on his head, Todd, with a burst of energy, rolled away from the chair shot. The steel making a loud thud as it collided with the canvas, the crowd screamed their approval as they seen the slightly bloody rocker hop up to his feet with a cry of fury.

An infuriated Phenom attempted to strike Todd Austin again only to get a huge kick right to his jaw, stunning him and making him stumble into the corner. The rocker backed up into the corner opposite from where Phenom stood, seething in a mixture of pain and anger.

As for Phenom, his world was spinning, the match had been going on for 15 minutes as a main event. Getting tired and weaker the longer the match went on, T.A.'s resiliency was proving effective.

Todd darted across the ring, looking to splash his whole body into Phenom but his opposition spun out of the way at the last moment. The rocker came down chest first right into the turnbuckle, his eyes glanced at Ron once more and another boost of energy swelled over the wrestler. He ended backing up into the arms of Phenom, who attempted a German suplex. Austin backflipped within the air and managed to land on his feet, stomping his right boot into the mat while motioning Phenom to get back up.

The self entitled opponent rose back up to his feet, turning around in a drowsy motion to be once again surprised and somewhat amazed at how Todd Austin was still standing. Phenom couldn't believe that his rockstar enemy had gained a second wind after all the punishment he had received!

Phenom growled furiously "damn you!" he screamed, lunging at Todd Austin to get nailed by another super kick. Stunning him once again, forcing him to turn around and bounce off the ropes into the arms of T.A. to get dropped by his finishing move, the reverse bulldog.

The crowd was on their feet, including Ron Gavine who was cheering on his younger cousin. Both wrestlers were laid out on their backs next to each other, Phenom was out cold and Todd Austin didn't want to even move but he had a stronger will to fight on than his enemy did. The rockstar threw up an arm and slung it over to drag his own body, the arm draped over the chest of Phenom as the ref slowly counted to three!

The bell rang as the crowd cheered on their hometown boy, Ron Gavine jumped over the barricade and slid under the bottom rope. WWA wasn't a big promotion, so nobody knew who he was. Although the beefy cousin of Todd Austin had arrived before the show started that night at 7:30, had he been a normal fan, security would've jumped him in an instant.

The ref and Gavine helped up T.A. to his feet, both raising his arms. The ref having hold of the left arm and Ron having hold of the right arm, the white striped employee used a small white rag to wipe away the slight amount of blood away from the face of the rockstar. A satisfied grin spread across Austin's lips as the ring announcer began to announce the finish of the main event.

"Here is your winner, Magnificent T.A!" Mario Cardenas shouted out loud into the microphone, his energetic voice booming across the gym as the capacity crowd of 1,000 people continued to cheer on Todd Austin, otherwise known as the Magnificent T.A. to these people.

Mario approached the roughed up wrestler as Ron Gavine patted his back, showing loads of pride for his younger cousin who won his last match with this promotion. This was a bittersweet moment for him, as it was indeed his last match, he didn't now why, not yet at least.

"Well, Mr T.A. this was your last match with us, how does it make you feel to gain a win in front of these beloved fans?"

"Well, it is a bittersweet symphony to be leaving you all tonight. I've had a good three years here, making friends and taking on some of the best competition that the BWG has to offer. Respect to Phenom, he gave it his all and I'm sure he has a great future here." Todd spoke into the microphone, taking a pause to look back at Phenom as he left the ring.

"I'm sad to be leaving y'all tonight, gonna be missing out on some great faces here in the Birmingham Wrestling Group and all of the fans that have came here to see me fight in every main event for the past three years against various people. I'm off to do some big things, I'm sure of it. So keep on the look out for the Magnificent T.A. beyond the BWG!"

The crowd cheered him on once again as he and Ron Gavine marched triumphantly to the physical education locker room. Heading beyond the double doors and down the hallway, this whole building was hallowed ground to him. Several memories of this building were within his mind, it wasn't the same high school that he went to but it contained the same amount of happy moments just as his old high school did.

"Damn, I'm really leaving. What comes after this?" Todd asked Ron as the two entered the locker room, the younger cousin heading over towards the showers.

"I'll show you what comes afterwards, you'll see when we get out to the car." Ron answered as he took a seat on the bench, waiting patiently for his younger cousin to finish with his shower.

Ron had secretly shown up to this small wrestling event with the intent on signing the younger talent of Todd Austin to the larger company of the World Wrestling Association, the promotion had a developmental show known as Small Package Brand or the SPB for short. Ron had moved up onto the main roster, it consisted of only one show per week.

The WWA had a few pay per views throughout the year, the first one would be Atrocity in which took place in April. Inferno, which would take place in September. Season's Beatings, which would take place in December on the second Sunday to the last day of the current year.

The promotion had recently received huge funding and it would be scheduling a brand new pay per view to the the biggest one of the year, it would be known as Primus and it would take place in July on the fifth of that month.

Ron Gavine had quite the early career within the SPB tier of the WWA, garnering loads of fans and merchandise. His character was of a punk rocker who dressed like a hair metal band leader, a white dyed mohawk and red and black zebra stripe tights. He also wore white boots with white tassels dangling freely off of them. He would come out to the song "We Die Young" by the popular grunge band from the 90s known as Alice in Chains.

Both the WWA and the SPB weren't much of a big name in the professional wrestling business as of yet, it wouldn't start to receive big traction until way later in the 2010s. For now, the tussling took place at various studios across the select few states the shows came to every year (see NWA Powerrr for reference.) Bigger pay per views such as Atrocity and Season's Beatings would take place at buildings with larger venues, Primus would also take place at buildings that could fit more people within it.

Ron Gavine had recently came off with a decent win at his first ever WWA pay per view, it was Atrocity. He squared off against a wrestler known as James "Boneyard" Williams in a back and forth match that served as the show opening bout. The rocker managed to overcome the WWA veteran in what was received as an instant classic according to the fans, some of them even suggested that it was too good of a match to be the opening contest of the PPV.

Eventually, Todd Austin emerged from the showers with a white towel wrapped around his waist. His older cousin turned around in the other direction to face away from him as he dried his body and private areas off.

"How's the WWA for you? Always wondered if you were finding any success." Todd questioned as he continued to dry off, glancing over at his cousin who had his back turned to him.

"It's fine," Ron answered with a slight smile on his face, thinking about what the World Wrestling Association would do with Todd if he did make the cut."Had a victory against quite the opponent actually not too long ago, a couple weeks back in April."

Todd laughed."Well dang, have you been doing any wrestling since then?"

"Yeah, those matches aren't as great as the one I had in April though. After my match with Boneyard Williams, people have some high expectations for me."

There was a silent pause momentarily as Todd Austin finished drying off his legs and slipped on his boxer briefs carefully, then reaching into the locker to pull out a pair of black socks.

"Ya know, I've always wanted to be a wrestler like you. You were my biggest influence before starting to pursue my own career three years back, I've often wondered what got you into the business.." Todd said, his cousin smiled and turned around after he heard the snapping of the cloth fabric of the boxer briefs connecting with T.A.'s pelvic area.

"Well it started in 1997, had an incident at the local pool. Got a job as the guard and since I just moved into Montgomery, things were up in the air for me. I was already uncomfortable moving into a place I hadn't ever really seen before. I've lived in Birmingham all my life, so I had to make completely new friends and such."

Todd chuckled at this as he began to slip his socks onto his bare feet, the fabric snapping in place both times before he stood back up to get some jeans on. Not expecting an incident at a pool of all things to bring his badass older cousin into the wrestling business.

"An incident at the pool eh? How did that work out?"

Ron had a flasbhack upon hearing his younger cousin ask him about the incident, telling Todd Austin of this awkward but intense moment from back in the Fall of 1997.


Ron sat on the lifeguard's chair, the whistle wrapped around his neck as he glanced down into the pool every now and then to see what was going on with the swimmers within the water.

One of them was an African American teenage boy by the name of DeSean Wauters, he had a toned body type but was smaller than Ron in terms of height. The way he moved his body and his facial expressions only meant that this dark skinned fellow was an aggressive one. The young man had a small clique of his own, the way his height and body looked made Ron believe DeSean was in high school, more than likely a senior.

DeSean went with a clique of three others, those being Dylan Lopez, Sergio Flowers, and Ethan Brown. The clique was larger than this, but others in their supposed gang seen them as their leaders. They were obviously up to no good, they would often smoke weed within a wooded area at the park. Always get into fights and trouble at school, at one point they even got shot at for doing no good activities.

Ron's watchful eyes caught a glimpse of Desean sitting at the table with a rolled up joint in his hands, preparing to smoke him some of that "Mary Jane" unfortunately for him though, recreational smoking was not allowed in this public place.

"Hey! You over there with the joint, you cannot do that here!" Ron reprimanded loudly, coming off as rather aggressive due to the fact that he had to raise his voice high. DeSean didn't take this too lightly and raised an eyebrow, his eyes narrowed in annoyance, looking pissed off.

"This is a free world man, I can do whatever I please!" DeSean fired back as he took out a lighter from his pocket on his denim shorts, this caused the lifeguard to climb down from his chair and approach him.

"It is my duty to not let potheads like you at this pool, if I tell you to leave, you leave. Or else I'll have to drag you outta here!" Ron shouted, raising his voice while pointing his thumb in the direction of the parking lot.

DeSean stopped fiddling with the lighter and placed it back into his pockets, turning to face Ron from a distance. Ron was a big young man, 6'2 and weighing around 213 pounds, he had a wide body which gave him a bulky look when he wasn't so muscular at all. There was more fat than muscle in terms of his physique, giving him more of a bouncer look to him than anything else but he certainly wasn't a lardass in any sense of the word.

The African American teen wouldn't back down to anybody, if he had weapons or his little squadron of clique leaders, he would show no fear whatsoever. DeSean stood in defiance and curled his hands into fists, ready for a fight as his anger began to take over him, but he remained in a calm manner for now.

"So now you want to act fucking tough doughboy? See me and the boys out in the parking lot then, you ain't shit. There's no chance in hell that you're gonna speak to me like that, raising your voice an all, drop your tone!" DeSean snapped, gaining some attention from the swimmers in the pool and others who were sitting on the chairs to get some sun on their bodies.

Ron didn't want to start any fights, his heart began to beat faster within his large chest. Feeling somewhat more nervous than brave as he had no idea what DeSean was capable of, he could tell just by looking at the dark skinned young man that he meant business and wasn't playing any games. His hateful eyes showing an aggressive soul behind them as he stared a hole towards the lifeguard with the small spiked up haircut.

"I will talk to you like that, I don't want to start any trouble now get out of here!" Ron snapped, stomping his foot down into the concrete walking area around the pool. His bare foot hitting the hard ground in which had been heated up after spending all day in the sun, causing him some slight bit of pain.

Then DeSean's clique stepped into view, all hatefully glaring over at Ron. These four adolescents weren't messing around as they had their hands within their pockets, some sweat began to bead up on Ron's head. DeSean began to leave the poolside area to head out to his car, his finger motioning the lifeguard to follow after them. As he stepped out of sight, he was barely seen whipping out a switchblade from his pocket, of course this guy came with a weapon..

The pool mechanic had seen this, William Wright. This was the guy who would end up introducing Ron to the world of wrestling, being a pool mechanic was rather a side job for him and he was one of the wrestlers for the Original WWA back before it went defunct within the early 90s.

DeSean and his goons walked out to their car behind a gate, patiently waiting for Ron to come their way so they could slice him up good. Ron had to get them out of the pool area completely, but he didn't want to kill himself in the process. William Wright approached the young Ron Gavine, at the time, the eighteen year old had no idea of who this pool mechanic was.

"Hey, follow me. I've got something that could help ya." Mr. Wright suggested, Ron followed after the 41 year old down the stairs into the basement of the pool area.

The basement smelled of chlorine, all of the filters and supplies for the pool were contained within the basement. The basement also contained a bolt cutter in which was leaning against the wall, Wright picked up the chain and would then lead Ron back up.

"That fella is DeSean Wauters, he's been expelled from this area due to not following the rules. He's seen with his gang of goons every day in a wooded area around here smoking pot, it fuckin' stinks this whole place up. I need to beat their asses, but those days are past for me.." Wright groaned as the two entered back out into the pool area.

William Wright approached the deep end of the pool and got on his knees, reaching his muscular arms out and slicing a six foot length of a rusty chain in which went across the deep end to prevent any young swimmers from getting hurt or almost drowning in. The chain slipped off with a loud ting and the former pro-wrestler snagged it with one hand. Ron watched as the pool mechanic handed him the chain, taken aback by this.

Mr. Wright placed his rough working man's hand on the shoulder of the eighteen year old, looking at the chain with a smug grin on his face.

"You walk out with that chain and you tell them bastards: You may cut me, but I ain't afraid to wrap this chain around your damn heads.."

Ron was still bewildered by this, how was he going to win a knife fight with a chain? It didn't make any sense to him at the time, he didn't even know how to properly use it as a weapon.

"You're kidding me." Ron said with a shit eating grin on his face, thinking that this was some kind of joke.

"No I'm not kidding with ya, if you don't do this, don't be brave, then don't come back as a lifeguard. Plain and simple kiddo." Mr. Wright answered, eyes fixated on DeSean and his goons within the parking lot.

Ron turned around and nervously marched out of the gate and into the parking lot, the goons instantly brandishing their switchblade knives and locking their eyes on his every move. The lifeguard took in a deep breath and stared at DeSean from a safe distance, showing no fear on his face.

"You may cut me man, but I'm gonna wrap this chain around your head.." Ron growled, DeSean raised an eyebrow and began to rush towards the lifeguard with no remorse.

"Motherfu-" *LASH* The chain smacked DeSean right in the face, the others darted towards him with their knives, wanting to do battle against Ron with their fellow leader on the side.

Ron tried to take a few steps back as Dylan struck out with his blade, slashing down towards the chest of lifeguard but the chain was able to block off the blade from cutting into his flesh.

DeSean growled and used the car next to him to pick himself back up to his feet, the pool mechanic was watching from afar and seen that Ron could be in danger within seconds as Sergio rushed him, slamming into his legs for a takedown right on the asphalt.

Sergio tried to stab Ron multiple times in the chest area but Ron desperately fought back by thrashing his body and attempting to block the attacks with the chain in which had been given to him. DeSean and Ethan approached him with their knives until William Wright slammed into the side of Dylan with a huge shoulder tackle that knocked the teen right through the window of the car, a loud shattering noise screeched from the car. DeSean gasped and turned around to face the big pool mechanic.

Sergio was relentless on the other hand, taking another slash attempt down at the head of Ron. The blade slashed right through his left cheek, blood pouring out from the cut fast. The lifeguard yelped out in pain, Ethan and DeSean charged the 6'4 and 289 pound pool mechanic with their knives. Ethan was swiftly knocked out by a massive right hand, the impact of his fist making a popping noise into the jaw of the blonde teen.

Desean rammed the blade of the switchblade right into the belly of William Wright, causing the tall heavy set man to let out a grunt in pain as some blood gushed from the puncture hole. The former pro-wrestler fought back though with a kick to DeSean's balls, causing him to let out a scream of agony and collapse to the side with the knife clattering down to the pavement.

"Son of a b-bitch.." Wright growled while covering up his puncture wound on his beer belly, DeSean continued to writhe on the ground in pain as the pool mechanic grabbed him by the collar of his shirt from behind and the pants over his ass.

The strength of the 41 year old pool mechanic was evident as he hurled DeSean into the side of the car, putting a small dent in the door and knocking the young goon out on impact. All that was left was the vicious Sergio, who had the chain wrapped around his head, blindly hacking and slashing away at Ron Gavine's head and neck, just barely missing his target at times.

Wright grabbed Sergio by his ankle and yanked him away from Ron, his knife being dropped out of his right hand. Ron rolled back to his feet as William Wright forcefully jerked the latino goon up to his feet, applying a full nelson wrestling hold and thrashing his body around, lifting him off of his feet at times.

Sergio could feel immense pressure from the submission hold, Ron's mind got creative and he wrapped the chain around his fist, as much of it as he could before looking back up at the two struggling men.

"Deck this son of a bitch!" The pool mechanic screamed out as he shoved Sergio towards Ron, and the lifeguard did as was told. Ramming a right hand into the head of Sergio as hard as possible with the chain, knocking the latino goon out upon impact.

The struggle was over, but it had gained loads of attention. The police were called on the scene as a crowd formed around the two, Ron slowly faced William Wright an the truth was soon revealed to him about his former self other than a pool mechanic..

(End flashback)

"So this William Wright fella was a dude working on all of the pools, busting his fat ass off everyday. He was a former pro wrestler of the classic WWA from the 1980s. Took me to his house a couple weeks after that event and we were hailed as heroes. Used to be a pretty freaky looking guy, I guess when that company went defunct in the 90s, he really let himself go." Ron continued to explain as his flashback came to an end.

"Ah, that's where you got that scar at. From a parking lot brawl!" Todd exclaimed with a laugh, patting his older brother on the back as the two approached their Chevrolet Impala.

"Yeah, crusty ass devil never screwed with us afterwards. Got my training from William Wright and now the company is back in full swing, that dude is actually the president of the business!"

"You're kidding, how did that guy go from a pool mechanic to the president of a decent sized wrestling promotion?" Todd asked, confused on how William Wright was able to do such a thing.

"He saved up his money he earned during his time in the golden age of the WWA, along with the money he earned from training people like me. You know me better than he does, I was a nobody before this, being a lifeguard for a local pool with hardly any money in my pockets and look where I am!"

Todd nodded his head in understanding, the Chevrolet Impala pulled out of the parking lot of the high school, making it's way down the road towards the interstate. This wasn't the way back to Todd's home.

"Ron, where are you taking me? This is going in the opposite direction to my house.."

"I forgot to mention something, look in the glove compartment. I've got something stored in there that might be of interest to you."

Todd opened up the glovebox to see a couple of folded up papers. He picked them out and opened them up to be shocked at what he was seeing, it was an audition paper for the WWA! A sign up sheet and paperwork, the excited younger cousin of Ron slowly turned his head to face him with the excited yet shocked expression still on his face.

"Ron, are you serious? I'm going to join you in this promotion?" He asked, his voice having an excited tone in it.

"I could use a tag team partner." Ron replied with a smile as he continued down the interstate towards Charlotte, North Carolina to the headquarters of the WWA!

A little while later

The rockstar cousins had arrived within the city of Charlotte, the lights of the towering skyscrapers such as the Bank of America Building and the Duke Energy Center brightening up the skyline of the Queen City while the black blanket of night remained high in the clouds.

The two had pulled into a hotel parking lot, not too far up the road from where the headquarters of the WWA was including the studio in which the wrestling took place in. Ron had driven for five hours to get to their destination, both men reasonably worn out by the long ride through the night.

"Let's crash out here for the time being, we'll get you signed up for the company tomorrow." Ron explained as he walked out behind the car and pulled out a suitcase which was for Todd Austin, knowing that his younger cousin wasn't going to get one of his own due to the fact that he wasn't preparing to go anywhere.

The two cousins settled down into their room and got into their respective beds, finally, some shuteye before signing up the next day.

Once the sun rose, the two headed down the road via walking. It was just a few blocks away, a car wasn't needed for a mere one minute drive. Upon reaching the headquarters, there was a neon light sign outside of the door with the letters going down saying WWA. It was the same font as the old logo, perhaps this light was some kind of antique.

The two entered the building to see large bronze statues of classic wrestlers from WWA past such as "Golden Boy" Roger Midas and on the side opposite of Roger's statue, stood another bronze sculpture of Julian Crimson whom was his tag team partner.

There was a large desk out in their front, sitting at the desk in the middle behind the counter was none other than William Wright. The man had aged some, his hair began to grey in some places and his beard had also started to slowly fade to grey as well. It seemed that he lost some weight since starting the WWA once again, a bronze statue stood behind Wright, it was a statue of himself.

Behind the statue was a massive banner of the classic WWA font, a dark blue background with the golden lettering font. A happy smile came to Wright's face upon seeing one of his first trainees in Ron Gavine, chuckling brightly.

"Ah, Ron! Long time no see!" William exclaimed as the two cousins approached the desk, Ron giving his mentor and now president a handshake. The two hadn't seen each other in a while. It had been quite a few months and they were usually close with one another.

"Same here sir, my younger cousin here has accepted my offer to come along with me into the WWA. He's had some experience in the pro wrestling business, on a small local promotion back in Birmingham. I'm planning on having him my tag team partner."

William took a glance over at the young buck in which was Todd Austin, he could tell by the look in his eyes that he had a competitive fire within him. He would be a great tag champion of sorts one day in the future, maybe not one year from now, but indeed in the future. With a handshake, Todd was officially accepted as a member of the WWA roster.

"The next show is this coming Monday, at five in the afternoon, the SPB is going to be where he goes for now. I'm going to meet with creative to see how we could potentially push you two as a tag team, hope all goes well!"

The cousins gave each other a high five, much to the amusement of Mr. Wright. A first match for Todd had yet to be confirmed, thankfully, the president had time to work with the creative team on how Todd would be booked.

At long last, a dream that Todd has been visioning for twenty three years of his life had reached a climax, he had made it to bigger stretches, to him, the WWA was the big leagues even though they were a company about as big as Ring of Honor at the time. What epic storylines and rivalries would the punk rocker be involved in? Time would definitely tell!