Written for Twelve Shots of Summer 2020: Seventh Soul - Week 3...

Ugh! Get off my back!
I'm smiling polite, but that's just trite,
I hear what you're saying, I really do,
But I don't care, even if it's unfair…

I love how you're giving me advice,
Yet I feel the words are a vice,
But I don't want you to feel slighted,
So I exchange my tired leers for my ears,

It's not on you, it's not on me,
Who is wrong, who is right,
Are we just full of ourselves?
It's crumbling around in a silent fight,

I don't mind the impact down the road,
Maybe I will regret it, maybe I won't,
Tell me to stop, tell me to change,
Heaven knows if it'll come through,

We young can be naive,
I just don't want you to grieve,
I'm going to keep at this no matter what,
For now, just keep your trap shut!

- End -


EeveeGen9988: Was a bit pressed for time this week, so I hope what I threw together turned out well. *sweatdrops*

For this week's prompts, I was trying to go for a little mixture of both [Punishment] and [Persistence]. So I also hope both came out in a way to be detected. *rubs back of neck*