Inside The Chaos

By: Quinn Yancey

Part 1:

Gretchen watched as the house slowly burning to the ground leaving ashes surrounding the area. Elias stood behind near the car, waiting for Gretchen to finish looking at their home burning.

So many memories filled the home, both good and bad. Gretchen's heartaches as she stands firm glancing at the fire engulfing their former home. Elias walked around the car to beep the horn to alert his sister.

The sound of the car's horn opened Gretchen's eyes and made her aware that she could no longer reminisce about the old days. She turned around, moving towards the car where she watched Elias getting into the vehicle.

After getting into the car, Elias drove off from the burning house heading on the road. Nothing happened between the siblings. Both said not a single word. It was a sunny summer day—a day for spending quality time with friends and family for some fun.

On this beautiful day, no one would suspect that the world was dealing with being in a post-apocalyptic state. What is even more troubling is that none of the smartest people who could figure this out had no idea that something like this would happen.

Before the apocalypse even started, Gretchen can barely remember what her life was like then. She does strangely remember that she was suffering from a hangover, and she just had sex with her boyfriend, Rhett. After going to a party with Rhett, which later resorted to having sex with him, she hasn't spoken to him since then.

Gretchen often thought about dumping Rhett since all she wanted was to get her "brains fucked out of her." Still, she enjoyed the few days she has spent with him knowing that he was good for something.

Elias, on the other hand, is just a troubled youth, dealing with his issues. He doesn't want trouble with his family, yet he is currently not handling the sudden suicide of his longtime girlfriend very well.

The siblings continue on the road, which leads them into a ruined city where the few survivors are roaming about looking for some reason to keep going on. They watch the world pass them by and are unable to do anything to change their mess up fate.

Gretchen wiggled in her seat, unable to scratch at the itch that kept on bothering her. She eventually stopped to look at Elias, whose eyes are so fixated on the road and the people.

The people on the street were breaking into the building stealing items and hightailing it out of there. The animals have also managed to go wild and to cause a scene. Elias sees a homeless man getting mauled to death by dogs turned rabid.

Gretchen didn't want to see because she was already having a tough time facing the reality of the whole thing. Having to be one of the many survivors struggling to live through the entire mess, Gretchen does not want any reminders that she is in a hopeless situation.

Elias, of course, did not care that the world has gone to shit. Nothing mattered to him anymore. The long road trip was getting boring, and they remain in silence.

It wasn't long until the silence between them both started to wear on Gretchen. She needed to know how her younger brother is handling the situation of the burning of their house.

"I am so tired of the terrible silence," Gretchen uttered, as she stretched her body, which was cramping, "Elias, how are you handling all of this?"

"I am fine, Gretchen!" Elias told her, still keeping his eyes glued to the road, "by the way, why did it take you so long back at the house?"

Gretchen didn't want to think about the burning of their home. She tried to forget about everything on their parents. She wants to move on from that and focus on other matters.

"Let's forget about that," Gretchen says to Elias, reaching in the back seat for something to munch on, "I rather not talk about it."

"Alright, if you insist!" Elias responds to her, "also, where shall we even go while the world is currently dealing with this situation?"

"Someplace to escape this nightmare," Gretchen mentioned, "even though we know that trying to flee somewhere won't matter."

Elias continued driving through the city, hoping to come across someplace where they can rest for the rest of the day. Gretchen kept munching down on chips while her brother drove to the outskirts of the city.

The car has a full tank of gas, but even so, they didn't have a destination to start. Hopefully, if they keep driving, they will discover a place where they can lay low.

The world is slowly entering a phase called hell, and the many survivors are struggling to get out of it, yet they'll soon realize that they can not. Although Gretchen and Elias are the few survivors are trying to treat this whole thing like it is another thing happening, meaning that they aren't the least bit scared or worried about the world coming to an end. At least that is what they want themselves to think.

The car ride lasted for two hours until they managed to find someplace where they can get away from the summer heat. The town next to the city was empty. Some of the houses, if not most, have been ransacked by random people.

The car pulled up in front of the brick house that looked a little similar to their grandparents' home. Gretchen felt an utter revulsion enter her body as she stares at the house. Elias felt nothing but old memories climbing back up again.

"Why does it have to be this house?" Gretchen complained to him, "you couldn't choose any other house instead of this boring brick travesty."

"Quit your complaining, Gretchen!" Elias yelled at her as he unloaded the car, "help me get all of the things out of the car."

"Fine, I suppose," Gretchen replied, feeling lazy and tired.

They both started taking things from the car and bring it into the house, which was empty. Gretchen wanted to search the home after they finished bringing stuff into the house.

Nobody was home, and they had the place all to themselves. Elias thought it was better that way since they don't want to deal with any problems. Gretchen assumes that the people living in the home fled to somewhere else.

Looking at the photos in the picture frames, she notices that the people who lived here are a family. This family consist of a mother, father, and four children who are in their teens. Gretchen wonders where they could have gone and why they'd even bother to leave their safe little home.

Elias looked around at the former residents' belongings hoping to take something that may be worth some value. He started grabbing a clock then put it in a bag, all while Gretchen studies his movements.

"Seriously, we're taking people's shit!" Gretchen says with a chuckle, as she places the photo frame down, "I can't believe this is what the apocalypse is doing to us."

"Hey, it ain't like they are here to stop us," Elias told her as he steals more items, "and I doubt they'll be back to do anything. So, what did you find, by the way?"

"This house belongs to some large family," Gretchen answered him then places the picture down, "are we going to steal everything along with the kitchen sink?"

"No, I want things that look valuable in appearance," Elias mentioned, "I prefer not to deal with stealing something that might not serve any purpose to us later on. I am still hoping this apocalypse will end soon than later."

Gretchen, too, hopes this as well. Any more of this apocalypse where everyone knows something terrible is happening but can't figure out the leading cause. People feel lost on what to do in this situation. Chaos is reigning supreme, and humanity is losing their shit because of it.

Thinking back on her days before the apocalypse, Gretchen can not remember anything good that happened. Elias doesn't even want to remember anything. He still feels that things about his past aren't worth remembering.

Gretchen sat on the couch nearby, feeling pitiful about stealing but even more terrible, knowing that this situation has caused her to commits horrible crimes and sins. Elias finished taking items and plops down on the couch next to his sister.

The fatigue was starting to wear on him. He has been up since earlier in the morning. The sunlight shines through the window hitting him in the face. The heat is warm and soothing on his skin, and even Gretchen's also.

Elias placed his head on his sister's shoulder, taking a little rest. Gretchen did and said nothing. There was silence between them as they stared outside, looking at the sunny summer filled day. Even on a beautiful sunny day such as this, the world is currently going through an apocalypse.

"Hey, Gretchen, tell what was your reason for doing what you did?" Elias ask her, "I somewhat understand but by burning the house-"

"Don't talk about that, and besides, you were there," Gretchen warned him, "I do not want to hear any more about the crap."

"But come on, Gretchen," Elias responds to her getting upset, "are we simply going to ignore what we did? Are we going to act like nothing ever happened back at the house?"

Gretchen was tired of hearing this and wanted to talk about something else. She knows that what she did was wrong and that remembering every detail was enough to set her on edge. What made matters worse is that she got Elias involved.

After everything she has done, this has taken the cake, and now Gretchen knows there was no turning back. While Elias is still remorseful about what he has done, Gretchen doesn't even care.

Maybe she does, and this is just her way of coping with the situation since she and her brother think differently.

"No more discussing the burning of our house," Gretchen says to him as she stands up to stretch her body, "give me the keys because I am going to pull the car into the driveway. I am still cautious and don't want our only mode of transportation to get taken away."

"Yeah, our car is the only vehicle on the street," Elias said as he tosses her the keys, "I know you don't like hearing about it, but we are going to have to talk about it because I know it is bothering you whether you want to believe or not."

"Sure whatever you say," Gretchen says, walking away while dismissing the whole thing.

Gretchen headed outside to see the car where Elias left it. She looked out beyond to see smoke in the distance coming from a tall skyscraper. What is happening to the world? Gretchen feels troubled by this event.

Before this all happened, Gretchen argued with her parents on something that not even she could understand. Elias wasn't there to do anything, and her parents were becoming more unstable in Gretchen's eyes. Nothing she said changed their minds, and they were starting to become a pain.

Gretchen entered the car and began to start it up. She drove into the driveway having the urge to ram into the garage door down. But she stopped midway and exited the car.

Elias waited for his sister to return. She eventually entered the house, carrying a box that came out of the car. Gretchen placed the box on the coffee table in front of Elias. He soon realized that this was the box he needed.

Gretchen sat back on the couch, handing Elias the keys. She started to take off her sneakers due to her feet beginning to ache. Elias opened the box and began taking the contents out then place them on the table.

"Hey, what are we going to do about food?" Gretchen says, taking off the second sneaker, then leaning back into the couch, trying to get comfy, "Did you check the fridge while I was gone away?"

"No, I was busy looking around the living room," Elias said as he still looks around, "but man is this place dusty and shit!"

"Focus, Elias, what are we going to do about food for tonight?" Gretchen tells him, trying to get him to stay on track, "I am starving, and it is only 5:45 pm."

"Gretchen, I don't know!" Elias says as he waves himself by using his hand like a fan, "go in the kitchen and find something if there is anything in there. You better hope none of the food has gone stale or bad."

"I'll take my chances because I am too hungry," Gretchen uttered to her brother, who was starting to get hot from the summer heat.

Gretchen walked away from her brother into a kitchen where the cupboards and cabinets are empty. She looked through mostly all of them, seeing that there was nothing. Gretchen became frantic and checking for anywhere that has food. She hasn't even touched the refrigerator.

The moment she opened the fridge to see scraps of nothing. Some milk expired along with cheese too. Gretchen frowned, seeing that there was no food in the cabinets and refrigerator. Seriously, who takes all the food with them during an apocalypse?

She hurried to the living where Elias was busy searching for the remote to the air conditioner then looked over at Gretchen, who was panting and frantic.

"What is wrong with you?" Elias asks her as he holds a small box, "did you find any food in there?"

"Elias, it is all gone," Gretchen cries out, "everything is gone."

"Huh?" Elias says in confusion, "what is gone? What are you even talking about?"

"Damn-it, Elias, there is no food in this house," Gretchen yelled, "we are screwed because we have no food."

Part 2:

Growling stomachs filled the room, and so did the anger that Gretchen felt. No food means big trouble for both of them because now they'll need to search for their next meal. The day was dying down, and they needed to find something to eat.

Elias didn't feel like going back into the car and drive to some store to get food. Gretchen grabbed a bag of beef jerky only to see that there was only one left. She threw to bag on the floor and stared blankly at the sky getting darker.

"What are we going to do, Elias?" Gretchen said to him, still staring at the sky, hoping some miracle happens but knows that nothing will change, "I am freaking hungry, and the only source of food we had is gone. "

"I don't know how we are going to make it through the night without food," Elias mentioned as he kicked his feet up on the coffee table, "my stomach might just eat itself."

"This isn't funny," Gretchen scolded him for not taking any of this seriously, "we have no food and no beverages. We can not live like this in this house. Maybe we should go elsewhere."

Elsewhere? Elias thought to himself. He didn't want to drive to some other house that could potentially be full of people. No. He prefers not to leave at all. Maybe they'll have to ransack the other homes for food and water.

Besides, Elias needed to know how long they plan on staying in someone else's home. Since the owners are long gone, they could stay there for as long as they needed to. Yet Gretchen didn't want to be in someplace for too long since they need to get far away.

"Relax, we will find something food-related," Elias tells her, "I prefer to stay here for the time being."

"How are we going to find food?" Gretchen complained, "how are we going to do anything in this hellish world. Screw this shit. I am watching some tv."

Gretchen tries her hardest to ignore the rumbling sounds that her stomach was making. She managed to find the remote and try to turn on the TV. The TV never came on, and she angrily tosses the remote control to the floor spewing curse words.

Elias didn't say anything and understood just how hard Gretchen is taking all of this. After the incident with their parents, Gretchen has been a little on edge. He knows that she refuses to talk to him about what happened, but Elias feels it is crucial.

Things are looking grim for both of them. No food or water and they are sitting in some random person's house during a terrible apocalypse. At least they have plenty of gas, though once that is gone, who knows what will happen to them next.

"I am going to bed," Gretchen muttered in anger, "I can't deal with this shit."

"You are going to sleep now? " Elias asked her then looked to the sky, seeing that even though it is getting dark, it is still early a little, "I get that you are hungry, but I wanted to talk with you more."

"No, I have nothing to say because right at this moment, I am tired and starving," Gretchen says while she walks away, "I should take a shower. I just hope that this fucking house has running water."

"Alright," Elias responds, "we don't have soap or any towels."

"That is fine because I plan on using the soap and towels that are already here," Gretchen mentioned, "I'll be back."

Gretchen headed up the stairs to the bathroom to check to see if the water was still on. Luckily for her, the water was running, and it looked pretty clean too. Gretchen stripped down to nothing and turned the knobs to make the shower warm then entered after finding some soap and a long thick towel.

She stood in the water, letting it rinse the dirt and filth from her body. She began washing her body and then her hair once she noticed the shampoo and conditioner. For Gretchen, the day has been long and irritating.

Since there was no food to fill both her and Elias's bellies, it was better to sleep off the hunger and forget about the whole day. Maybe they'll have better luck tomorrow. Gretchen wanted just to pretend that his apocalypse has never even started.

Taking a nice shower always made Gretchen feel better. She can forget her troubles for only a few minutes and focus on relaxing herself. The water's warmness hits her skin, giving her a soothing effect that eases all of her unwanted tension. She felt like her whole world was just beginning.

Meanwhile, Elias was busy looking around the kitchen, wondering why there was no food anyway. He noticed a door in the kitchen that he wonders if it were a pantry or something else. Elias walks up to the door and opens it to see stairs and pitch darkness. It was a basement.

Elias searched for a light switch to find and couldn't see anything. He turned around and started searching for a flashlight or some light switch outside of the basement door. There was no other light switch unless you counted the ones that turned off the kitchen lights. He found a flashlight then turned it on. Elias headed down the creaking stairs into the basement.

Down in the basement, Elias shone the light around to see what is down here. He hopes that there are a refrigerator and some freezer box where he can find food. Nope, there was nothing but junk and more junk. Feeling disappointed, he decided to search around, seeing if any of the stuff is worth some value.

Gretchen finished with her shower and stepped out, letting the fresh air touch her bare skin. She dried off with a towel, then wrapped it around her body. Gretchen's hair was still damp from washing it and decided to let it air dry. Gretchen left the bathroom, heading into an empty bedroom where she sat on the bed.

She noticed the picture frame on the nightstand where the picture had an older woman and a child standing together. Looking around the room, Gretchen sees that the bedroom meant for a child in her teens. Placing the frame down, she walked to the dresser drawers to see them filled with clothing.

Gretchen has to know if the clothes were clean and smelled alright. So she took a sniff and felt better knowing that the clothing and undergarments she would be stealing are safe to wear. Gretchen put on the teen's underwear and bra feeling a tad weirded out to be wearing someone else's belongings.

She stopped caring when she realized that they will never come back and that she can stop worrying over something so silly. Gretchen finished getting dressed then headed out of the bedroom to find Elias. She caught him coming from the basement carrying some boxes.

"What are you doing?" Gretchen asked him, wondering why he is carrying more boxes, "why were you down there?"

"Hey, that is a basement," Elias told her, feeling happy to find something worth of value, "there is some neat stuff down there. Maybe I can sell it and get some money."

"Sell it where?" Gretchen said, getting annoyed by her brother's antics, "you seemed to have forgotten that we are in a crisis. The world is in an apocalypse. Who the hell is thinking about buying useless shit when the world is coming to an end?"

"I know that," Elias responds, "can't a guy hope for an outcome where everything will return to normal once more? Besides, none of us knows what the living hell is the cause of this apocalypse anyway."

"You are such a fool," Gretchen sneered, "I am going to bed because I refuse to deal with this bullshit. There's no food in this godforsaken house, and the world is completely fucked. I am through."

Elias watched as his sister stormed out of the kitchen, leaving him to deal with the boxes. He closed the basement door, locking it and decide to leave the boxes alone. Thinking about it, Gretchen is right in what she says. The world is ending, and nobody knows why exactly.

Some people believe it is Mother Nature trying to kill humanity in some form, while others think it is something unnatural at work. Elias and the few people on this planet believe that something far more sinister is at play.

It believed by some people that this world is merging with some other realm. There were plenty of nations and people, though the majority of them disappeared as the planets begin to merge.

Elias mentioned this to Gretchen only to have her laugh in his face. She finds the whole thing stupid and lacks sense. Maybe she was right. Or did he wanted her to be right because everything seemed so wrong?

He walked out of the kitchen into the living room, watching the night sky come. Elias went to lock the front door after peeking outside to see if his car was there. Nothing changed, and his vehicle has remained there safe and sound.

Elias locked the door and headed upstairs to take a shower himself. Once he finished showering, he went into a bedroom where he sees his sister sleeping wildly. Elias pulled some sheets over her to cover up her skin that was showing. He closed the door then headed down the stairs making sure all of the doors and windows were locked.

Once he did what he needed to do, Elias decided to sleep on the couch with a large kitchen knife nearby. He slept as if he hasn't had a good sleep in years, although the tossing and turning did keep him from enjoying his slumber.

The next day it started to rain. Elias heard the sounds of the raindrops hitting the window, causing him to get up immediately. He looked around, rubbing his eye, and saw that nothing changed. Elias caught his sister holding her stomach and making a mean expression.

Gretchen was still hungry from last night, and no food meant that things were going do tragic for both of them. Elias didn't even want to think about not having food in his gut. He propped himself up off the couch to sit up straight then let out a yawn.

Gretchen sat next to her brother, moaning and groaning over not having any food and munch on something tasty. She would kill someone for a delicious steak dinner or fried chicken if she had it her way. Elias felt the same though he wouldn't commit murder just for something to eat. The world is already screwed up; there was no need to make matters worse.

Gretchen stood up from the couch to look at the rain falling. She started to worry about just how long this nightmare was going to last. The days she used to have with her friends are long gone, and she misses Rhett even if it just for a little.

"This rain makes me feel uneasy," Gretchen cried as she touches the cold window, "Elias, how long have we endured this long grueling hell?"

"Do you want an honest answer, or would you like me to feed you something else?" Elias says, standing up from the couch, "let us not forget that you don't want to discuss yesterday. We still have to mention the burning of our home. It is starting to eat at me, and I couldn't sleep so well."

"Then don't think about it," Gretchen told him with her eyes glued to the window, "it not that hard Elias."

"I am sick of this shit, Gretchen," Elias yelled, getting angry that she still doesn't want to mention anything about yesterday, "I should have never helped you in doing what you wanted."

Gretchen turned around to give him a stern hard look that made Elias feel unsure he should be arguing with someone like her. She is tired, hungry, and sick of her brother's bitching. Things already are looking bad for both of them that she didn't need her brother's complaining to make it awful.

"Elias, I don't need your crap right now," Gretchen scolded him, "seriously, I don't want to hear anything about this bullshit."

"Then why did it happen?" Elias replied, trying to get to the root of the issue, "why were are parents murdered, and why did you burn the house down? You felt nothing as we burned the house together. And we still do not know why or how our parents died."

"Enough, damn-it," Gretchen yelled at him, trying not to think about what she did wrong, "I am going out."

"Going where?" Elias said to her, still annoyed that she won't speak more on it, "it is raining and pretty hard."

"To get some fucking food," Gretchen complained, "maybe the house next door has something to eat. Be right back."

Elias watched put on her sneakers then grab the umbrella in the standing coat rack. She left the house, leaving Elias alone to think and stay bitter. Nothing he could say would change Gretchen's mind, and he became more upset in knowing that.

Gretchen walked, passing through the bushes to get to the other house. She walked up to the front door to open it, and it's locked for some reason. So she searched for a large rock to break the windows and sneak inside.

After getting inside the house, Gretchen looked around, seeing how clean everything was. Yet like the house she and Elias are currently residing in, it too was furnished. She hurried into the kitchen and began searching the cabinet and fridge. So much food was there, unlike the other house.

Gretchen took a large laundry bag that she found and began stuffing it with plenty of food. Foods such as can goods, microwavable meals, and food that you have to cook, were all there. As she stuffs as much food as she could, the bag was starting to get heavy. Once she finished, she grabbed some water and other drinks as well. Now, the bag was too heavy, and she had no way of getting Elias to help her.

Dragging the bag on the floor, she tried to lift it and struggled to keep her balance. Tumbling over, Gretchen hit the floor and tried to stand up until a low growl came out of nowhere in the distance. She slowly rises from the floor and feels the sweat drip from her forehead.

The growl gets closer, and she soon started to panic. Maybe it was a dog or something like that. Gretchen tried not to think about who or what is the cause of the growl. She grabbed the bag and struggled to move until the growling noise came closer. It started to come to light, and the maker of the roar was a mutated animalistic creature.

Gretchen stood there as the sweat dripped from her forehead. She started shaking and kept staring at the mutant animal as it draws closer to her. Gretchen grabbed the bag, but it was too heavy to lift. Does she abandon the contents of food and water to save herself? Maybe she'll fight the vicious beast before anything else happens?

The mutated animal was as tall as a pony and just so fearsome looking. It looks like a crossbreed of a dog, a human, and some monstrous creature. Gretchen grabs the nearest object and holds it for protection. The mutant monster charged at Gretchen, who swung the lamp at it, which it started to bite down on getting her hand.

The pain was great. Gretchen kicked the creature, but it continued biting down on her hand as if it was going to rip it off. She cried out, trying to break free then fell backward, hitting the couch head first. Gretchen watched the creature drawing closer towards her barring its yellow teeth and drool dripping from its mouth.

Gretchen screamed when the creature bit down her foot with a swift kick in the face, causing blood to gush out. The beast continued chewing down on her foot while she screamed out in pain. Where did this monster come from, and was she going to die?

Feeling the severe pain in her foot, she grabbed the nearest item, jabbed it in the monster's eye. The creature let go of her foot, and she started to stab it some more. Blood spewed out of the beast, and it cried out as she continued to jab at it.

As Gretchen kept stabbing, an eerie smile crept upon her face. She continued muttering words like "die" and "stay dead." Gretchen even started laughing manically over, killing the creature while blood splattered all over her. The animal was long dead, but Gretchen kept on stabbing it until a glimpse of her dead mother snapped her out of it.

She started screaming, and tears filled her eyes. Gretchen stared at the corpse of the beast and vomited all over the floor. She was still crying and screaming her brains out over what she did—wiping the vomit from her mouth and her tears. Gretchen lifts the bag as best as she could and walked out of the house limping.

Elias stared at the window in the kitchen, wondering how long the rain was going to continue. The sound of a door opening made him look back to see who it was. He exits the kitchen to see his sister covered in blood, vomit, and looking terrible.

"Gretchen, what the fuck happened to you?" Elias says with concern, "you look like shit."

"I got the food, and also we need talk," Gretchen tells him grimly.

Gretchen dropped the food on to the floor and stared crazily at her brother, who was still concerned about her. Elias felt a sudden ounce of fear enter his body, and it made him uneasy.

Part 3:

They were just two people in a world that is coming to an end. They both did horrible things in their past but did everything to escape the harsh reality. Days ago, before the apocalypse even started, Gretchen was busy at her parents' home.

Her mother was cleaning, and her father was busy watching television. It was just like old times back when she and Elias were living there. Gretchen always hated her parents, unlike her brother.

Her mother was just so obedient and weak that it made Gretchen sick to her stomach. Her father is an abusive drunkard who cares about himself rather than his family. Gretchen hates them both and wishes they could just disappear forever.

Even Elias made Gretchen angry sometimes though it was more of a sisterly type of anger. Gretchen wasn't doing so great in college and needed to get away from college life and her wannabe friends. She met up with Elias, and both of them decided to visit their parents.

It was all Elias's idea to visit their parents, not Gretchen, who wanted nothing to do with them. All over the news, there was talk that some countries have vanished, and creatures from elsewhere are attacking people. Gretchen wasn't sure what to believe anymore and tried to ignore what was happening.

Elias drove the car to their parents' home since Gretchen has a slight fear of cars and driving. To this day, Elias does not know why her sister fears them, but she becomes highly traumatized by being behind the wheel.

When they came home, they were given an unfriendly welcome by their father. The mother went to the door only to get scolded by her husband and even hit by him. Elias looked at him angrily but did nothing that would anger his father.

Her father's actions repulsed Gretchen and made her despise her mother even more. They went inside to see that the house was dirty and smelled of liquor and cigarette smoke. Their father walked back to the armchair and continued to drink his beer and smoke his cigarettes.

Their mother was happy to see them, and Elias was pleased to see her. Gretchen didn't feel any ounce of excitement towards seeing her parents. They sat down at the kitchen table, and mother began blabbering on nonsense while Gretchen was getting stares from her father. He was not happy to see her here, and the feelings were mutual.

"Why the hell are you here, little girl?" her father says, annoyed by her presence, "go back to your damn college and take your brother with you."

"You're still a useless asshole who can't do shit without mom," Gretchen yelled at him loud enough that her mother and Elias heard, "get off your ass and do something useful. I swear you make me sick."

"Gretchen, please don't argue with your father," her mother cried out, "please do not argue with him."

"Shut up and stay out of this," Gretchen scolded her mother while her eyes are still on her father, "I won't have some weakling talk to me."

Elias walked over to his sister and tried to calm her down, but she brushed him off. Her mother became upset by her Gretchen's actions and started to weep. Both Gretchen and her father argued back and forth until a heavy-handed smack hit her face.

Gretchen looked at her father wide-eyed and shocked by what he has done. Even her mother has gotten appalled by her husband's actions. Gretchen rubbed her cheek and stared furiously at her father, holding back her tears. Elias pulled her away from her father, a mean and vicious brute who loves beating up on people.

She stormed out of the house with Elias following behind, leaving her parents alone to argue. Gretchen stood outside, screaming and spewing curse words out of frustration and rage. Elias stood behind Gretchen then heard loud blows in the background coming out of the house. He couldn't handle it anymore watched as his world was crumbling down.

His father is beating down his wife, who begs for her life and cries out from the pain. Elias snaps and leaves Gretchen outside, frustrated and alone. He charges into the house and pushes him off his mother. Gretchen tries to ignore that things were taking a turn for the worse. People outside were clamoring and losing their shit.

Gretchen can hear her brother arguing with her father and fighting him off the best way he could. Gretchen grabbed a jagged, sharp glass from a broken mirror on the ground. Rushing into the house, she watched her brother getting beat up and trying to fight back.

His father was on top of him, and he tried to kick him off only to watch something horrifying happened. Gretchen was slitting her father's throat with the sharp glass from the broken mirror that she found. His corpse fell on Elias, causing her mother to scream in terror.

Elias pushed his father off of him, watching as Gretchen moves to her mother, who was sitting there screaming and crying. He noticed something odd about his sister. Her eyes reminded him of some crazed killer. She didn't have any remorse in killing her father, even if he was an abusive heartless asshole.

Gretchen walked over to her mother, who was about to run to her husband. She stopped her by stabbing her in the neck. The moment her mother dropped to the ground holding her neck where Gretchen stabbed her. She kneels to the floor and stabbing her mother over and over, watching her mother bleed profusely.

Gretchen smiled crazily and laughing like an insane person while she is killing her mother, all while Elias watched in horror. He was scared that she might come for him and grabbed the nearest object to protect himself. She stood over her dead mother, laughing and even crying like a mad man.

Elias watched his sister cautiously and felt utterly disgusted by what she has done. He stood up to see his sister cheering, crying and laughing, unbecoming. Gretchen eventually stopped when she looked at Elias, who was scared of her.

Her emotionless expression came across her face, and as she looked at the bodies of the people she killed. Elias was hesitant to go near his deranged sister but did anyway as he took the mirror shard from her hand. Gretchen did nothing until the screams from outside broke her out of it.

Without even thinking, she cut her brother then blacked out from the shock of it all. It was days later she woke up and decided to burn the house with her brother. All of the memories they had in the home went up in flames, and Gretchen didn't feel anything towards watching their home burn to the ground. That is when they decided to leave and head on the road for good.

"I got food, and we need to talk," Gretchen says to him grimly, "There is something I want to share with you."

Elias studied his sister covered in blood and still have her crazed smile upon her face. She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I am ready to talk about what happened days ago with our parents," Gretchen said to him, unable to look him in the eye, "I want to get to the bottom of things."

"Sure thing," Elias told her still unsure what her objective is, "I am glad you want to talk more about the situation with our parents. I have something I want to say, as well."

Gretchen looked down at herself to see that blood was all over her. She didn't care and sat at the kitchen table with her brother next to her. He felt uneasy seeing Gretchen like that and wanted to tell her to shower before discussing things.

"When I went to the other house to get food, I got attacked by some creature," Gretchen goes on explaining to him, "I managed to fight him off and kill it, but I now have messed up hand and foot."

"What creature was that?" Elias asked her curiously.

"Some ugly mutant dog-human thing with a mean bite," Gretchen told him, "moving on from that, I realized how my parents might have died."

"What did you figure out?" Elias questioned her, wanting to know if she remembers anything, "don't be scared to tell me."

"I killed them," Gretchen says, trying to hold back her tears, which came strolling down her cheeks anyway, "I murdered them with a shard from a mirror."

"I know you did," Elias said to her, trying to calm her down, "I was there, and I still could not believe it."

"I murdered them, Elias," Gretchen cried while the tears stained her face, "I feel so terrible, and as I was killing that creature that attacked me, I felt nothing but some sick satisfaction. What is wrong with me?"

Gretchen continued crying while Elias places his hand on her shoulder, trying to make her feel at ease. It has been rough on both of them since this whole mess started. Somehow Elias felt this was all his fault. If he didn't come up with the decision to visit his parents, none of this would have happened.

Elias patted his sister's back, calming her down. She slowly started to relax, and the tears stopped flooding her eyes. Gretchen wiped her eyes and stood up from the car, wincing a little from the pain in her foot and hand. She walked away only to stop with her back facing Elias.

"Tell me, Elias," Gretchen says to him, "I vaguely remember after killing my parents I did something to you and then blacked out. What happened?"

"It doesn't matter because you just cut me a little," Elias told her, "I try to figure out what to do about the food since the fridge doesn't work. I hope you didn't bring food that needs to be cold-"

"Are you sure I just cut you a little?" Gretchen asked him, feeling unsure, "I refuse to accept that or any of this craziness."

"Gretchen, go upstairs and shower because you need it," Elias said, waving her off then turns his head muttering something that Gretchen could not hear.

She left the kitchen, heading up the stair to take a long shower. Elias still looked out the window into the back yard. After she finished taking her shower and getting dressed, Elias asked Gretchen to get something out of the car's trunk.

Gretchen wanted to rest and stay off her foot, which was bitten by the creature she killed. Even by looking at it, she could tell it was going to leave a big ugly mark. Yet she didn't feel like arguing with her brother and decided to do what he asked of her.

The raining stopped, and she became cautious. Gretchen was hoping that she would not find another mutant dog-human thing outside. She went to the car's trunk and found it already opened. Once Gretchen looked inside, there was a person. The person was long dead, but she could easily recognize who it was.

Fear crept up on Gretchen, and she was feeling all over the place. Then it hit her days ago she did do something after killing her parents. It was coming back to her clear as day. The moment Elias tried to take the broken mirror shard out of her hand, she slashed him without even thinking.

Gretchen felt disturbed by this and significantly put off. No, that could not be. Did she murder her only sibling as well by mistake? She laughed nervously and began to cry once more. Gretchen thought she was losing her mind, and she was right because she has lost her mind.

Elias came behind her, giving a stern expression on his face. Gretchen rubbed her eyes, making sure she isn't delusion and losing her grip on reality. Nothing changed because the body in the trunk of the car was Elias, and the person behind was Elias.

"Elias, did I kill you or something?" Gretchen asked frantically, sobbing, and chuckling, "why are you in two places at once?"

"Gretchen, it is time to realize that everyone you know and love is dead," Elias told her, "your family and even your friends. You are a delusional killer stuck in your world. There was never any apocalypse unless you count the place that you are in."

"What are you fucking saying?" Gretchen retorts, "I didn't kill anyone. I am not some crazy nutjob killer."

Gretchen continued arguing with her brother, unaware that no one is there and that doctors are watching her. The head psychiatrist studied her and asked the nurses to go into Gretchen's room with a needle to calm her down.

"In all my years, I have never seen someone so twisted as her," the psychiatrist says somberly, "poor girl."

-The End-