The Roman general shouting in Gabriel's head screamed for the blood of the woman ducking behind the museum pillar, the Coronet of Queen Cortanella tucked tightly against her. Rushing ahead as usual, Julius swung his khopesh with all the impetuosity of two youth's sharing the same body, Ahkenaten as always in agreement with Flavius that Ghost needed to stop interfering with the plans for the more magically inclined remnants of the past. The curved sword took a decent chunk out of the column, revealing the raised eyebrows of a shocked superheroine.

"That's not normal, Yugioh, did ya upgrade?" She was dancing backwards, the circlet securely looped in the belt of her costume, and Flavius suggested acidly that a good dagger to the waist would free the coronet from her person. Gabriel mentally tried to muscle the general back a bit. It wouldn't do to disembowel the heroine laughing at Julius' offended squawk.

"Yugioh? You impudent girl! This is not a game!" Ghost smirked as she backed straight through a case of jewels, only to let out a yelp of pain as she crashed to the floor, solid and miserable. A quick glance at the case had Flavius gloating in triumph when he noted a whole tray of ancient crucifixes on display.

"We'd like that crown now, unholy one." Gabriel extended a hand, snapping as if he imagined she would just unhook it from her waist and toss it over. Short circuited powers meant that Ghost was completely at their mercy for at least twenty minutes. Two against one was far better odds when the heroine's only weapon ran on her now paused powers.

"It. Doesn't. Belong. To. You. So. No." She spoked slowly, as if explaining to a particularly stupid pair of toddlers that they couldn't have ice cream before their supper. Julius snarled and raised his weapon, pointing it at the woman whose eyes were darting around the room, as if in search of escape.

When her eyes lit on the collection of medieval swords conveniently close, Gabriel groaned. "Ghost. You're a gun slinger. You'll end up hurting yourself more than we could ever hurt you." Flavius was screeching that it would be better to let her do so, but Gabriel simply ignored him with a skill born of a year of practice.

"Think of how embarrassing it'll be when the authorities come and find you bleeding out from your own stupidity." Julius' dry groan only intensified as Ghost darted up and, snatching a sword from a Knight, proceeded to level it at the two of them with a confidence that seemed utterly ridiculous given that she could not possibly know the archaic art of sword play. It wasn't exactly a curriculum requirement in Capital's educational system.

"Put it down, Ghost." Gabriel tried again, hoping that she would listen and just give them the stupid Coronet. It wasn't worth killing themselves or the woman in front of them, which was most likely going to happen by accident when she swung that weapon into something vital. On her person or theirs.

A yell of challenge and the clinking of gold jewelry announced to the room that Julius was tired of playing and that if their city's superheroine wasn't going to listen to reason, well they'd tried. Besides they really wanted to experiment with the Coronet and this was the fifth time this week she'd stopped one of their heists. Gabriel just hoped that his friend would mostly hold back on her. Despite their ancient advisors, neither villain wanted to become murderers.

Flavius was snickering in the back of his mind, something about how this wasn't going to end well for the Pharaoh, as to Gabriel's surprise Ghost held her own, parrying and thrusting as well as any traditional swordsman he'd ever seen in competition, and many that Flavius' memory held. She fought with a technique like no Roman the general had ever seen, but Akhenaten's help wasn't giving Julius the upper hand either, and Gabriel watched as his friend was neatly disarmed with a move that would have made any master proud.

"Didn't your Mummy ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover, Ahkmen-nah." She quipped, the weapon still pointed at the two men before her. Gabriel tried not to curse in German as she backed away from them, silver prize still securely out of reach and hand on the closest wall mounted fire alarm, ten seconds from a decent yank that would call down the authorities on them all.

"How'd you? That's not! Why?" Julius was spluttering in rage as he snatched his weapon from the marble floor. Fury contorted his handsome features as he glanced rapidly between the heroine and his khopesh, glaring at the weapon as if it had personally betrayed him.

"Let's just say you're not the first swordsman I've tangled with."

And there went the alarm.

Julius and Gabriel scrambled out the way they'd come in, neither wasting precious time on trying to grab anything as they fled. Gabriel, who was still wondering just where their spirits and cheer themed heroine had learned to fight, found the thought chased away by the sound of sirens already heading their way.

Six heists soured in a week. They'd just have to up their game.