I saw everything before my eyes

Everything I thought would die… did

I never thought one minute longer

I'd hold together because it couldn't be wronger

So cold inside

Am I meant to hide

Do I just present myself this way?

Cuz I never knew with so many motions

Emotions wouldn't carry me to oceans

Why do people see me so strong

And yet I hold together like sand along

The roads I pave

Attention I don't crave

I am so unapproachable

I am a human too and I understand

But I'm left out of your stories and…

I could relate, I could tell you what I know

I've seen some stuff and did some stuff for show

I'm just your mirror, you don't talk, you don't hold,

you just peer at yourself and keep walkin' by

Even my own family would rather leave and lie

Why am I cut out of your world?

Am I just a piece of fabric unfurled?

Because you think it and because you cut me out

I hurt worse than ever, when did stone ever pout?

I'm done, with this shunned existence

I'll jump into another place

Where I'll get another race

Another face

Another base

On which to stand

And you'll understand

I am NOT an ice queen

I feel from dream to dream

I care and I hurt

I'm now miserable inside

I'm warmer than you

I've melted since then!

There was never a time I didn't feel

I always knew

And I'm always real

I AM NOT an ice queen

I wasn't an ice queen

But now I am

Now I am