Humanity. A creature that evolved from a single cell, to apes that tinkered and created tools. And in a flash forward to, the Homo Sapiens that ruled the lands, sea, and the skies.

It could be said that humanity was the apex predator. Not because they were strong, nor because they had a monstrous form.

And though those two statements alone could be a debate on their own; The truth was, humanity only won because of something that they acquired.

Their Smarts.

Their Cunningness.

Their Intelligence.

These traits have defined human History step by step. From the falling of empires to the rising of dynasties, without these definite traits, there would have been no trace, no legacy, that humanity could have left on the world.

Yet, what could be stronger than a species who ruled the entire earth?—

—In what could be described as a cold, dark, and gray room, was a table filled with metal instruments hastily scattered. Unfinished machines laying on the ground, and metal wires, and cables extruding from the walls and the ground.

A Giant screen fills the room with red light, and an autonomous female voice repeating several announcements:

"Warning, Warning. All lab personnel, please proceed to the Stasis Chambers. Repeat, All Lab personnel, please proceed to the Stasis Chambers. Repeat, All Lab personnel, please proceed to the Stasis Cha—"

"S-sir, we have to go!"

A short figure said to the head scientist, by the name of Kiyoshi, -A man with a slender form, and bed ridden hair, with two deep crows nest under both of his eyes that seeth pure exhaustion.

"Sir, there's little time left, and the stasis-chambers are filling up!"

"Shut up! I just need a little more time, this is our only way of survival, a thread of fate!" Kiyoshi exclaims as he calibrates the final mechanism of this oddly shaped device. With its intricate wiring, golden lined edges and its size vaguely standing at 8 inches, aptly called, The Lifeline.

"Alright, it's done!" Kiyoshi shouts with satisfaction, as he dropped his tools and picked up the machine "Let's go hurry!" He said as he, and the other man, ran towards the room where they held the statis-chambers.

The ground shook, as the metal tools that were scattered around in the lab fell down, the clanging almost deafening. Kiyoshi almost tripped, as he lost his balance, and the ground shook once more. Kiyoshi took that as a sign of their impending doom. He ran down the hallway, and as he passed the multiple rooms he mindlessly passed at his tenure as the Head Lab Scientist, the forgotten inventions and memories people had made within, he felt his heart tighten. Was this really the end of Humanity?—

As they enter the room, the hallways filled with a blazing orange light, and they tried to run faster. However, the light was seemingly faster, starting to catch up to the 2 scientists. However, their desire to live, as humans often had, came in handy. They ran, with speeds they could have never mustered on normally, but the light didn't leave them unscathed. The light had grazed them, with an unbearable heat that crumbled away what little energy Kiyoshi had manifested.

As the light swallowed the room, any living being within its reach was deconstructed into nothing and left only their clothes, as if no one was ever underneath them in the first place.

All around, he could hear blood curdling screams and loud whimpers of pain, leave the bodies of the people who were left asunder to the light, as the whole room hints of blood and iron.

Kiyoshi darts forward as far as his exhausted body could, but the burst of heat he experienced earlier, and the multiple weeks of restless nights took a toll on his body, but nonetheless, his desire to live remained seared in his mind.

As they dashed towards the room, Kiyoshi glances around. The room was lit up with a faint blue light, like a scene taken directly from a Sci-Fi movie. All around them were towering cylinders of stacked stasis-chambers, machines that had the ability to freeze it's user and awaken them in a set time. These machines filled the room leaving only narrow spaces behind to move, to and fro.

With Kiyoshi in the lead, he traversed the narrow spaces that the machines had left them to move from. As he looks about, he spots an open chamber.

Kiyoshi could have almost jumped in joy, but his smile quickly falters just as it came.

There was only one left.

He looked at his companion.

The man, which Kiyoshi guided to safety, quickly follows the glance of the head scientist, and as he does so, he stumbles past Kiyoshi and dashed towards the last open cylinder.

Kiyoshi looked at the man in shock, feeling a quick flash of despair and anger before he felt the heat behind him, the orange light filling the once cold, blue room.

"Y-you! Understand that this is for the better of humanity!"

As the man steps inside, Kiyoshi, in desperation, throws his device. In what seemed like a few minutes, the device flew in the air. It seemed like a futile attempt and yet, a sickening crunch could be heard, almost echoing within the room, and the device collided with the man's skull. The man swayed for a second before he crumpled on the ground.

Kiyoshi runs to the stasis chamber, picking up the Lifeline on the way and enters the chamber. He hears a loud blip before the machine whirls into life.

「Voice Activation: Required」

"Hayasaka Kiyoshi! Head Lab Scientist!"

「Voice Activation: Recognized」

「Chrono-stasis Chamber: Online」


「Activation Sequence Start」


「Stasis: Begin」

The machine announced as the window separating him from the outside world slowly fogged up as Kiyoshi lets out a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, outside, he hears a heavy thud. Kiyoshi takes a glance out of the window and looks in horror as the man fiddled with the console of the machine, A smug smirk appears plastered across his face.

Soon after, his form is swallowed by the orange light and he could hear the man say his last few words


Kiyoshi looks at the man, eyes wide open, before he hears the system announce something.

「Warning: Stasis estimated time of rebirth- ERROR」

「Re-Estimated time: 10000000000000000 e-」

「Warning: Chamber malfunctioning」

「Failsafe: Online」

「Activation: Requiem」

Kiyoshi's eyes fills with a flurry of emotions as he slowly leaked out his final thoughts before he felt his body tighten up and his vocal chords stop. He felt the chill going up his body, and his eyes go heavy before he went into an eternal slumber, never to be awoken ever again.


In a wide field, a short boy stands watching a woman, possibly no more than 28, do intricate, and graceful movements with a scythe: a weapon that has a gleaming blade of silver that catches the light of the morning sun.

"That's so cool!" A boy barely at the age of 10, with ruffled brown hair, big, expressive eyes and a crooked smile said with stars in his eyes "How long did Mum learned to use the big stick?"

The woman, which the boy had called his Mum, had straight black hair that reached the middle of her back, yet she had styled into a braid for convenience. She had a pretty face, it being perfectly proportioned, and sharp features with a soft smile. Her body had a petite figure, with her chest being neither too small nor too large. If a poet would describe her in a few words, it would be 'In her simplest form, her beauty was comparable to a flower in the middle of a meadow."

She lets out a soft laugh that could be comparable to a passing summer breeze.

"It's not a big stick, as you say, but a Scythe! You don't need to know now, but you'll learn. Just as you grow older, Mum will teach you. For now, help Papi with the crops. Lord knows he needs it." She chuckles.

The boy nods, and runs off to the field. The woman's eyes carefully following the little boy as he runs to a man, with brown hair, tanned skin—her husband—being enveloped to a surprising hug. The man jumps, before taking on a big playful smile and putting the boy unto his shoulders.

The woman lets out a small smile before she notices the sun start to dip down into the clouds. She puts her scythe down, and dust off the grass and dirt that had smudged on her.

"Well, enough of the exercise then! It's time to make dinner!"