Chapter 2

Glenn looked around, with his mouth agape.

He couldn't muster up any words to describe the place. He had lived on the farm for his entire life, only ever going out to help his family with deliveries and field work. But even then, all around him would just be the simple and dull colors of dirt and grass. However this pocket of greenery was unlike anything he has seen before, a flurry of bright and warm colors of blues, greens, whites, and lilac.

The trees, as Glenn looked at them, seemed to be almost... unnatural. They were huge, all the way down to the base. Their branches spouting out with green leaves that blocked the sun and vines that hung down until they reached the ground.

The plants that surrounded them were nothing short of the same. They were filled with reds, yellows, and purples flowers of every color that he could imagine.

"Whaaaat, the hell is this place? Where am I?"

He took a step, and looked at the ground, and looked at it he did. It was grey, an unnatural dull color, and it looked smooth. He knelt down and knocked on it with his hands, and it felt solid and cold unlike the natural warmth and feel of dirt.

"Feels like stone, kinda looks like stone? Maybe it is stone," He asked himself, before turning around.

It was out of place, yet it wasn't.

It was a weird building, for lack of a better term. Despite adorning some cracks, it was smooth, unnaturally so. It was taller than most buildings he'd seen in his life. Most would barely just reach up to a quarter of this structure. The only thing that made it look natural was the foliage and greenery that seemed to envelop the whole area.

Glenn walks closer, looking over the dull gray color of this structure, until he was able to touch the broken walls.

"Cold and broken, exactly. like. it. looks. Heh I should be a detective… " He nervously mumbles to himself. This building seems to have never touched the warmth of the Sun, most probably, a few hundred years. It was very old, very, very, old. The unknown material, the seemingly ancient techniques of creating such a structure, and the unknown symbols plastered across the wall, all of it was beyond this era of advancements.

He eyes a poster on the wall, and tries reading it, but all it lead to was confusion. The dusty paper the writings were written on, the dull imagery, none of it made sense to him.

Glenn looks away, slowly losing interest on the posters as he inspects the building closer.

It seemed to be about four times taller than any tower Glenn has seen, though based on the rubble surrounding the building, it's past height was higher, or that was what Glenn thought. He was always observant about those kinds of things.

He spots what remained of a doorway. Rather, what remained of a wall as this hole presented itself, like it was asking him to go inside.

Glenn takes a stride forward. As time seems to slow.

He takes a deep breath, his heart beating even faster than before.

"No time like now, to prove to myself that I have what it takes to be an Adventurer." He says to himself. He raises his foot but he hesitates "And if I die…"

His mind conflicted, he takes another deep breath.

"I'm sure that ain't gonna happen. Probably, Maybe….Oh God I hope not. Welp, here we go!" He says as he exhales and continues forwards, entering the building.

He plunges in, with only a gleam of sunlight lighting up the room he was walking through at. Though as he went deeper and deeper, the light seemed to lessen more and more. As the ray of light finally reached what it could, he stopped, to let his eyes start adjusting to the darkness.

"Haaaa..." He breathes out. The sound of his breathing seemingly echoeing in the room. Glenn, finally being able to discern his surroundings, started to look around.

The room was massive, to say the least. It seemed to be a central area, with multiple beams of metal sticking out of the floor. The room was filled with weird symbols and objects that seemed to be made out of glass, or something similar.

Hm… I wonder if this was like some cool wizard's tower or something, probably had lots of people on it, wait it's 'in it' not 'on it' right? He thinks to himself, as his finger glazes the top of a table covering it with dust.

His nose suddenly flares up, as a sneeze escapes from his nostrils. It echoes into the depths of the room, as a cloud of dust, soot, and other similar particles hits his vision.

"Argh.. damn it, again!? Why does this keep happening!" He shouts as he furrows his brows, and affixes his vision on the floor.

The whole area was filled with soot. Every step Glenn took would leave a trail.

"Woah, it's kinda like snow, but black, and it keeps on getting in my eyes."

He says in awe. He had never seen anything like this. It was filled to the brim with dust and ash, seemingly abandoned long ago, while vines and roots took place on the ceiling and walls. Intertwining with wires, and cables. There were metal objects scattered about inside the room, and a few rusted metal chairs.

As he was looking around the room, he paused as his ears picked up a faint noise in the distance.

Beep…. Beep…. Beep….

"Where's that noise coming from?" Glenn, in a confused state whips his head back, trying to find the source of the unfamiliar sound. But he finds nothing, nothing but confusion unto what, and where this sound was coming from.

Beep…. Beep…. Beep….

Glenn takes a step forward, as he perks up his ears, hoping to get a better gist on where the source is coming from.

Ok wow, that is annoying, and really creepy.

Glenn's face scrunches up as he thought to himself. His heartbeat, beginning to quicken its thumping.

Beep…. Beep…. Beep….

He passed hallways with walls of glass, rooms full of metal figures, yet he didn't stop. He had to know what was making that noise.

Beep…. Beep…. Beep….

A few minutes of traversing unknown hallways, he hears the constant noise get closer and closer until it reaches a deafening state, almost screaming at him.

Beep…. Beep…. Beep….

The noise was inside this room, he was sure of it. He steps inside, and the room was nothing like the Central area he had seen previously.

The room was larger without a doubt. A faint blue light seemed to emit from the corner of the room. However, it was filled to the brim with huge and weird machines.

"Woah…. Is this place a- um what's that called again? Ah, laboratory! Yeah that."

He had seen mechanical devices before, back when his father had brought him to the city so they could deliver their harvest from that time. When they walked around the market, they passed through the main road and saw a red-brick building that seemed to deal with the latest technologies available to the public. The machine he saw could print out letters faster than writing it manually, but was clunky, heavy, and big, plus it needed an excessive amount of mana or it wouldn't work.

The machines he was looking at now didn't resemble anything like those he had previously seen.

There on the top of a cylindrical machine partially made out of glass, were weird cables of metal popping out from the top that connected to a container with weird intricate symbols on it. There was also an absurd amount of transparent glass tubes that extended into a number of towering pillars of metal and pipes. The machine itself was big, nearly the size of a tree, with a window at the front that showed a blue liquid flowing inside of it.

Near the machine, was some sort of panel that seemed to jutt outwards into an array of buttons, with a similar construction of the various symbols Glenn gazed past before.


Glenn hears the mysterious noise once again, echoing in the empty room.

"M-maybe in here? Maaaaaybe?"

Glenn glances at each one of the cylinders, as his brow raises up. There was an absurd amount, and they almost seemed endless. Glenn takes a closer look at one of them.

Every single one of them was identical, up to the weird pipes, and down to the symbols that were written on its surface.

Glenn felt a shiver go down his body. Most of the containers seemed to be empty, except for a few that seemed to be unopened, and defunct.

"Jeez you could fit a whole person inside one of these, and with the amount of it… it could probably be filled up with all the farmers in Paval! A-And we're like what? A few hundreds at least! Maybe!"

Glenn felt scared with the idea on his mind. It would be scary to think about what came out of these machines.

With only the blue light that emanated from the center of the room, he traverses the narrow spaces.


"Seems like it's coming from this thing huh? Well damn… only one way to find out."

He stops at one of the containers. This one was different from those that he had seen. Every single chamber that he had passed by were either broken, or opened.

This one was still working.

He takes a peek inside shakingly and his eyes open wide.

Inside it, there seemed to be a sort of figure. Fogged up within the mist, Glenn couldn't see much of its features, but he could discern enough that this was a normal human. The whole chamber that it resided in was lit up by a white light.

"W-what the hell. This place is seriously crazy, and most definitely adventure worthy… but still, crazy. "He takes a step back in a little panic.

What is this thing? Who made this? And who the hell is this person inside?

These were the thoughts that circled around Glenn's mind. He looks at the chamber cautiously, but utterly curious to its function.

"Why would they keep people in these things? This is so damn creepy, and I seriously can't say that enough." He ponders to himself as he looks over the whole machine again.

The chamber leaks out a constant hum, much like a fly, perhaps it's a sign that whatever arcane contraption this is supposed to be, it's working. The pipes that connect to the lid of the chamber seem to be pumping in a constant flow of blue fluid.

As he looks around this device, he notices a pile of cloth near the back of the machinery. There his eyes caught a glimpse of a slab of metal pushing outwards. Adorned in the same symbols and buttons as the previous panel he found. However this slab has what looks to be, a screen that has a card pressed into it and a red button to the side.

Glenn wondered to himself if he should press it. It seemed tempting enough, yet he wasn't sure if it was safe. Was the man inside a legendary magic user, or were they someone evil enough that heroes were forced to imprison them in this chamber?

Glenn takes a second to shake off his nerves. As he looked at the button, it filled him with curiosity. His heart, almost beating out of his chest, and a grin on his face.

It was the first time Glenn had felt this way. He felt a sense of danger, unease. He felt adventurous.

His curiosity overtaking him, he pushes the button and in an instant he hears a sound.


The front of the chamber started to leak out clouds of frosty plumes that covered the ground with thin frost. Glenn upon seeing this rushes up to the lid of the chamber.

"W-w-what have I done? W-what if this guy can end the world or something!? Damn it, I shouldn't have pressed that button! B-but, but adventure!"

He pushes past the front, and as he reaches the lid his eyes dart around examining the inside of the chamber.

The figure he saw through the mist was vague and clouded, however taking a look inside without the lid, presented him with an old man frozen to death. Seemingly still preserved, he sat grasping something within his arms. He sat, covered in solid ice even after opening, as a flowing gust of cold hit Glenn's body, it was unnatural.

"Hieee! what the hell! I-is it dead?" Glenn, screams out loud exasperated by the dead body. He nervously grasps his body, shivering from the extreme cold of the chamber.

"F-frosty. No wonder he died."

He mutters to himself, before looking on to the dead body once more. He stares at the corpse for a second in silence, as he tries to examine the object he's clutching onto.

He tried to examine it from the dead man's embrace, however it was sealed shut in his arms.

It takes Glenn a second to realize that he wouldn't be able to look at the device unless he takes it from the body.

"Haa…. Fella, Seems like this is a one way road. And that road is telling me I gotta de-arm you."

Glenn stood for half a minute giving his respects to the man, before grasping its arms, trying to rip it apart.

"Well…! I hope…! you weren't…! using these arms of yours…! Your dead anyways…!" He says, as he pulls the corpses arm using all of his farmer boy strength, before realizing that it wouldn't budge unless he uses something to break it. Perhaps a tool? More specifically a farmer's tool.

Grasping tightly on the hoe that he grabbed on his way inside. Bit by bit both the ice and its arm started to chip away until they were completely shattered as bits of it slid across the floor.

"Sorry… for breaking your arms, H-haha… "

Glenn says as he takes a couple of deep breaths, panting heavily, while taking the object in hand.

In Glenn's hand held a seemingly celestial device of a deep blue radiance. To the eye it seemed to shine and change like a celestial body, yet it felt solid to the touch. It was like an otherworldly material, odd to the touch, and in an odd form. It took the shape of an icosahedron, a 20 sided die, only being able to visualize its shape by the golden linings of its form.

"This is… this is a thing I have absolutely no idea about." Glenn says as his mind begins to attempt to comprehend it's odd shape and sensation.

"But wow. I 've never seen anything like this before, well maybe once I saw a really shiny beetle, but… is it made out of stardust or something?"

Then as if it came from the heavens, a broken voice echoed throughout the room.

「Ch-Chrono-stasis chamber: Over- Overload 」

「Pro-Protocol Requi-Re-Requiem: Online」

「Lif-Lifeform Detected-d」

「Wa-Warning: Occupa-O-Occupant has a-activated Protocol Re-Requiem. Ac-Accept?」

Glenn frantically looked for the source of the voice.

"Hiiiee! I did nothing! I touched nothing! Well maybe I touched one thing, and maybe I compared it to a beetle! I'm sorry, I'm sorry I called your stardust thing a beetle!" He shouts out, as an attempt to appease the voice.

「Requi-i-em verification: A-A-Awaiting r-resp-response」

"R-Requiem? What's that?" He tilted his head as he asked the voice, his eyes peeled open to look for where the voice was located. He felt that he needed to do his best to appease the voice. He knew that only skilled illusionists could manipulate their voice like this.

「V-verification C-Co-Complete」

「R-Retrieving Information from Local Database」

「Error: Local Database not found」

「Unknown Personnel: Do you accept Hayasaka Kiyoshi's memory chip?」

Glenn barely understood what the voice meant. In fact, Glenn's mind was only filled with questions, and his heart filled with fear and curiosity. The only thing that kept him from giving away was the adrenaline coursing through his body and the odd sensation that the contraption left on his hands.

"If I accept, w-what's gonna happen? I-I'm not gonna turn into a beetle am I?" He asks, possibly in vain.


「Key word: Recognized」

「Activating: Protocol」

Suddenly, he hears a sudden shift and grinding as if the room came alive once more. He hears a pop and feels something crawling on his neck for a split second.

"AAAA! WHAT THE FU-" He screams out-loud, scared out of his mind, before he felt a tiny prick on the back of his neck. He felt incredibly drowsy. He tried to stay awake but found it useless as he eventually fell on the floor, and slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

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