Camping had always been fun for Thomas when he was a young boy his father would take them camping several times a year. Now that he was nineteen years old and he was going camping for the first time without his family. Just his two best friends and Matt was bringing his girlfriend Shelly too. Thomas didn't care he was so excited on the drive up he barely said a word. His mind was on the campsite he had picked that was close to the water, and he hopes that everything would be the way he remembered.

Once they arrive at the state park and pick up their camp pass almost immediately Thomas notices something was different. The lake looks like it had moved, but that made no sense. When they made it to site 36 and we're setting up camp, a camp ranger stop by to make sure that they were not having any problems.

"No, we are alright, why does the lake look so much different?"

"Young man two years ago we had a major flood up here and everything got moved around. Once the water rescinded the lake was bigger, some geologists were trying to explain it but it didn't matter. Who would be upset about a bigger lake?"

After the ranger left, they the finish setting up camp Thomas went walking by the lake by himself and notice there was a section that was almost all swampland. The bridge to the beach went right over this section, it was an eyesore to be sure. But Thomas ignore it and kept going until he made it to the beach. It was sandy and clear water just like he remembers it. He runs back to tell the others about the beach.

Everyone was excited about the beach, but the group decided that they would eat and get some drinking in today and start early tomorrow on the beach. The lit a fire and had hot dogs with hamburgers as the sun went down the drinking began. Thomas was having fun with his friends, but he did wonder where were the people. Normally this place was packed, but he figures the flooding that they ranger told them about was keeping everyone away.

As Thomas and Larry went inside the tent, Matt and Shelly said they were going to walk down by the beach. They were gone just like that as they walk the trail to the beach they stop when they arrive at the swamping area. Shelly wondered why they would have left something this ugly and smelling on the way to paradise. Matt lit up and throws the match in the swamp, they both turn to walk away.

The lights were dim on the bridge but they felt something heavy on the opposite side just out of their sight. They both laugh thinking it must have been some animal. They both made noises for it to get off the bridge. It just stood there staring at them. Matt walks over swinging his hands and making loud noises. Behind him, Shelly was laughing thinking how silly he looks. She receives a text and when she looks back up, Matt had stopped making noises.

"Thanks, honey for scaring that thing off. Do you what it was?"

There was no response from Matt. She walks toward him calling his name.

"Matt stop playing games you know that I can see you right there. Now stop playing and let's get to the beach so we can play the game we talk about earlier."

When she reaches Matt and turns him around she screams at the sight before here. Matt's face was gone like it had been melted like a candlestick. Her scream is cut short as she feels something hit her in the side and pulls her into the depths of the swamp.

Larry and Thomas were still drinking and playing Uno. They had played five hands and were having a good time.

"Do you think they will be back anytime soon?"

"Who knows with those two, they always have a habit of wandering off. Remember them on our senior trip?"

Both boys laugh thinking about their high school memories before long both of them passed out. When Larry wakes up he sees that his friends are still not back, he decides to play a trip on them. He wakes up Thomas and explains what he wants to do but Thomas doesn't want any part of it and goes back to sleep.

Larry grabs some fireworks and walks toward the beach, already seeing in his mind how his friends are going to be so scared when he lights the firecrackers. As he walks over the bridge he is unaware of the glowing yellow eyes staring at him from below the swamp's surface.