Larry made it to the beach and look for his two friends but could not find them. He wonders where they were hiding. He searches down by the beach and up around the park benches, he could not find them. The fireworks he had were getting heavy and he thought that his fun was going to be ruin. He wanders around where they could have been. He was in no hurry to return to the camp with the fireworks only to hear Thomas say "I told you so". He decides where he could set off the fireworks. He would set them up on the path, they had to cross the bridge to get back to their camp. He would scare them then.

Thomas was waiting and worrying where ever body was it. He thought that this was turning into a horror camp movie where the killer picks off everyone one by one. He knew that was just in his mind but he was sure that Larry would have been back by now. He decided to grab a flashlight and go look for his friends. He check and there still was not a signal on his phone, so he had to do it the old fashion way.

Back at the bridge, Larry had set up the fireworks out of sight from prying eyes he wanted to surprise them and make sure that they would never forget his trick. He looks at his watch and saw that they had been gone almost two hours he wonders if they were planning to stay out all night. He hopes that was not the case. He heard some noise on the other side of the bridge he hid out of sight and waited. He knew this late it had to be his friends coming back.

He waited but did not see anyone. He looks over the bridge and it was empty, he climbs back up out of his hiding place. He walked across it and just as he got to the end of the bridge where he heard the noise he saw massive wet footprints. He wonders where did they come from, but he did not want to wait to find out.

He started to walk back across the bridge and that is when he heard the same noise as earlier. He looks behind him and this time he sees a large figure standing on the bridge with glowing yellow eyes, growling with rage. Larry did not stand around and wait, he runs across the bridge and before he could reach the end he feels a wet vine wrap around his waist and pulls him backward. He screams out in fear not before able to free himself. Just as he was pull back face to face with something out of his nightmares he grabs his lighter and flicks it on, the flame causes the creature to let him go. He dives on the ground and lights the first set of fireworks with were just noise bangers firecrackers. The sounds went off the creature cries out in pain from the loud noise. He didn't wait but runs to escape it.

Thomas was almost at the bridge when the fireworks went off he heard the loud noise and thought that Larry's plan had work to scare their friends. As the smoke clears he sees Larry's face and he stops in his tracks. He was screaming in panic. Thomas rushes to his friend aide just as Larry step off the bridge something grabs him from behind, Larry reaches out for Thomas's hand but was pulled back out of his friend's reach.

When Thomas reaches the bridge he sees a creature from his nightmares it was green with two glowing yellow eyes. It had vine-like arms and there was a long green tail and it looks like the tail had a spike on the end of it. Blood was dripping from Larry's mouth, as he looks at Thomas to help him. He could not say a word because the creatures' vines were crushing him. Thomas attempted to grab at the creature's arm, but they were hot to the touch. He pulls his hands back, and the creature disappears into the swamp taking Larry with him into the dark depths of the swamp.

Thomas looks on and wonders what it was that he just saw. He had to go get help, but he wanted to wait just in case Larry somehow was able to escape. But after a few moments there was no movement in the water below, Thomas stands and runs away going toward the Park Ranger's office and hoping that he could get help for his friend.