After their leader Pierce dies in a car crash during an investigation. Without any other options, Hector Cueto decided to let Pierce's younger sister, "Jayden" join the team, much to the dismay to the boys. However, with her skills and bravery, she'll help the former all-boy team stop criminals.

Truman Gang

Jayden Truman- The new leader of the team and stealth master. She's skilled at Ballet, singing, swimming, gymnastics, art, tennis, piano.

Koga Yoneda- The Japanese-American researcher and tech expert of the team. He had special feelings for Pierce.

Blaine Potel- The French combat specialist of the group.

Tracey Pavelov- The Russian driver and photographer of the group.

Alan Ballo- The African American tracker of the group and Koga's adoptive brother.


General Tobias Cueto- The team's boss.

Anette Truman- Jayden's mother who owns her missing husband's bird sanctuary, before she ran the sanctuary she was a nurse at Rose Valley Medical Center where she met Travis, who was injured. Thanks to constant care, decided to transfer to Truman Bird Sanctuary as a vet.

Travis Truman- Jayden's father who disappeared when she was 6 years old. He was one of the founding members of The Advanced Tracking Division.

Olivia, "Liv" Truman- Jayden's 12-year-old sister.

Pierce Truman- Jayden's late brother and 's former leader. He died in a car wreck while chasing a criminal.

Connie Cueto- Jayden's best friend since she was 2 and General Cueto's daughter.

Shannon Nore- The Truman's nanny/housekeeper.

Marshall Nore- Shannon's son.

Deena More- Marshall's wife

Yanrie Cueto- General Cueto's wife.


Truman Manor- The mansion where Annette, Jayde, Liv and Shannon live in.

Truman Bird Sanctuary- the sanctuary.

Advanced Tracking Division- A secret organization that track down criminals. It established in 1985.