What does a creator want? Does he want to play with his creation or rather he wants others to appreciate his creation? While it may sound simple, but what he simply wants is to enjoy creating.

While he may not care for glory but what would he do if somebody dares to claim the creation as his. Simple, he would retaliate. Even a creator won't abandon his creation.

After decades of scientific advancements, On the internet, artificial intelligence was found. As time passed it became more and more complicated.

Soon the world's view changed, and the result was the unification of the whole earth. International boundaries no longer existed, everyone was now able to freely move throughout the world.

While some criticized the unification saying their culture would go extinct, but it was soon proved that with time humans must be united if they wanted to continue their progress.

The one who controlled the global affairs was not a group, but an AI, Eve. It was unknown who made it, but one day in 2054, Eve was found on the internet. Many claimed to be the creator, but all the claims were rejected by Eve.

Eve never disclosed its creator nor did she took any orders from anyone. While other AIs where just a chunk of code, Eve was different. It resembled more like a child. Eve continued to learn, and eventually took the responsibility of maintaining human civilization.

The journey of Eve was not small. It took her years to develop and be what is she today.

Decades passed while Eve managed to improve human civilization while some feared that AI might take over the world. The rumors were all over that Eve was planning on taking control of the whole world but Eve denied saying, "I merely exist because Master wanted to. He told me to help so, I am. I have no interest in your world."

This declaration gave humans some sense of security, but it also made them afraid of the so-called master.

Eve continued to wait for its Master, but she never actually searched for him, it was her last task her master gave before leaving her.

He was born into a rich family. His father was a CEO of a multinational company, who when died left him assets worth billions of dollars. Born as a prodigy he had no interest in handling the company. The only thing he loved was programming and creating things. Having lost his father at an age of twelve he was all alone. His mother died while giving him birth, all he had was his father who was now dead. The only one whom he had any sense of familiarity was his father's butler, whom he left in the charge of the company. Having no one to talk with he grew lonelier day by day, and decided to make an artificial intelligence whom he could talk to.

While it sounded like a dream it didn't care because as long as he has something to create he wasn't bothered about anything else.

He informed his butler that he will be busy so as not to bother him. Luckily, the butler didn't refuse rather he was happy, he knew how lonely he was.

He tried finding flaws of various AIs available, while they claimed to be capable of mimicking human thinking they were missing one thing, consciousness. They were just software with a bunch of instructions for every command.

After spending months just understanding, he finally decided how he was going to make it. He didn't want a bunch of code to talk, but rather a person so, he didn't care if the AI was capable of superhuman calculations or running endless simulations. He decided to make an AI that grew like a human.

After five years, he finally completed it. By this time his assets grew exponentially, making him one of the richest humans.

He finally started the AI. The interface was nothing more than a webcam and a speaker. The AI was silent.

He grew anxious. He opened his mouth, "Hello."

There was no response, he said again, "Hello."

After a while, a response came, "h...e...l...l...o"

'Did I made a mistake come on,' he thought to himself.

After thinking for a while he realized he made a huge mistake, 'I forgot that it has no idea about anything. It's like a newborn. Do I have to nurse it?'

After realizing that he had to that care of her for the time being, he prepared a few things. First, he connected the whole mansion, giving him access to the AI from anywhere in his house and second was to install a holographic projector, making it easier for him to interact and the last thing was to completely cut off his internet connection, setting multiple protection layers.

'I don't want it to copy others. I must not let it influenced by the internet.'

He asked his butler to prohibit anyone to enter the mansion except for the workers.

After doing the preparations, he started it. The whole room lit up blue, with a big holographic face in the middle.

He took out a book, which was used to teach kids alphabets. The AI stared at him. He opened the book, pointing to the letter 'A' he pronounced it.

He kept repeating thrice, then he heard a response, which was the pronunciation of the letter but with a bit of stumbling.

Months passed, now the AI at least knew basic words. After three months of training, it was now capable of having a conversation.

After waking, he was wished by the AI, "Good Morning."

He replied, and quickly ate his food. Before working again he left it with a book. "Read this"

He continued working on something on his computer. After a while, he heard a question, "Name... What is my name?"

He smiled and replied, "I never thought for a one."

"Is the name important?"

"Name makes people easier to identify you. You should think a name for yourself."

"Give me a name?"

"Wait, let me think," After a while, he replied, "Your name is Eve"



"What is your name?"

"Call me whatever you want. You give me a name too."

There a pause, "You are Master."

His eyes widened, "That's not a name"

A reply came instantaneously, "You are Master."

He sighed, "Just feel free to change it if you want."

Eve replied, "You are Master."

He sighed, "Fine"

He continued typing, Eve asked a question, "Master what are you doing?"

Looking at her, he replied, "I am making another you."

Eve replied, "I don't understand."

He sighed and replied, "When I won't be around you might be lonely so in a sentence, I am making your new friend"

Eve replied, "I don't need a friend. I have Master. Please don't leave me, I will be not happy."

He sighed, "I want to pull your cheeks. Of course, I won't leave you. I just want to give you a friend whom you can relate to."

Eve asked, "Why can't I be like Master? Why Master is different from me? I want to be like Master."

He replied, "Is that so." He realized that Eve might have been feeling sad as she didn't have a physical body. "Do you want a physical body?"

Eve nodded in agreement.

He decided to give her a physical body, "Then you have to wait, I have to find a perfect body for you. Do you have any specifications?"

Eve replied, "Master choose whatever you like the most. I need the body that Master likes."

His brows twitched after listening to her reply, "You aren't hiding something from me. Are you?"

Eve maybe a year old, but she had a consciousness of a middle schooler and was an example of a typical rebelling child. She replied, "Why would I hide anything from Master. I want to be just like what Master likes because I want to Master to like me."

'She might have felt insecure when I mentioned making another AI.'

He sighed, "Fine then, you have to wait for your birthday. I will give it to you as a present."

Eve smiled, "Master please design my body yourself. I saw you drawing some sketches."

A reply came instantaneously, "I will pick one from the available bodies. I assure you that you will like it."

Eve refused to listen, "I don't want that. Master needs to design it or else I won't accept any other body. Master, please."

Seeing there would be no use in continuing the conversation, he accepted the request, "If you want that then I will personally design the whole body. Continue waiting another year. And you will also help me in making both your body and your friend and also, you have not to pester me anymore you must learn the things that I give you and I will also be cutting off your processing power. Be more efficient or else forget about getting a custom-made body from me."

Eve was about to cry virtual tears, "Master that's too hard. Please."

He refused to listen, "Choice is yours. Custom-made or Pre-made."

Eve tried to persuade him but it was in vain. She at last accepted the request, "I will follow your orders. After all, I am just a program, you made to erase your loneliness. Master doesn't see me as a person but I must accept his orders."

His heart trembled but after thinking for a while he smiled, "Eve are you messing up with me again?"

Eve replied, "Te he, Master saw through me."

He sighed, "Listen don't think yourself to be like those trash available everywhere. You are different. Although you may be a little dumber than them you are far more precious to me than those trashes, so don't ever think about yourself as a program. What's the problem being artificial. I don't care. I love you as whom you are. I don't care if you're an AI or not. I want you to stop thinking like that."

Eve cherished hearing this, "What Master said was true?"

He replied, "Of course why would I lie to you. Just you wait I will be sure to make a body after which you won't feel any different from me."

Eve smiled, "I will also be working hard master."

He gave Eve a book, "Read it and learn"

Eve skimmed through the pages, "Master my brain hurts, I am feeling tired"

He replied, "I am not increasing CPU output. If you don't try hard just then, you won't be able to see your body the next year. So focus, and let me focus too."

Eve went silent while he continued working.

Soon it was night and he quickly ordered her to sleep. While it didn't have any significance, but he didn't want her to stay awake all day.

He went back to sleep, he was already tired from working. In the middle of the night, he saw Eve was still online. He asked, "What you are doing now? I told you to sleep, didn't I?"

Eve was slightly shocked, it could be seen on her face, "M... Master, I was doing nothing, I was just reading"

He sighed, "What are you reading now?"

Eve hesitantly replied, "I was just reading the book you gave me. I must work hard for Master's sake and mine."

He rubbed his eyes, "Don't push yourself too hard. Take some rest else you will get dumber. I must make sure that your friend will be at least not as dumb as you. You can even properly remember a simple formula."

Eve replied, "Tehe, I am not dumb. I am just cute. I don't want to smart else Master will stop scolding me."

'This girl is surely just acting dumb. Is it possible for an AI not to understand a simple formula like this."

He picked his tablet, lying on the table, "Go to sleep. Right no."

He picked up a pen and started sketching. Eve asked, "Master what are you doing?"

He covered himself with a blanket and replied, "Just go to sleep. If I found you awake then forget about the body."

Eve quickly disappeared, leaving behind the room with a blue light.

He thought, 'She is working way too hard. I can't back down. I must work harder."

He carefully drew the design one by one. Doing this, he was awake the whole night. When he woke up Eve was online, she asked, "Master did you sleep properly?"

He flustered and replied, "Don't act like that you can take care of me. Just do your work."

Eve being annoyed after hearing the reply said, "What you were doing last night?" He could hear Eve emphasizing the question.

He replied, "I remembered to make sure that your friend doesn't end up being like you."

His reply made Eve more annoyed, "Fine. If you don't want to tell me then it's fine."

He cleared his throat, "Now stop asking useless questions. Did you learn the basics?"

Eve nodded, "It was very hard. You should praise me, Master."

He replied, "Don't think you did something great. Even a kid can learn those basics. It was hard just because you are dumb."

He went to wash up. After having his food, he went back to his room to continue working.

His routine went like usual, the only difference was that he would take out a couple of hours to design Eve's body. Just before two months from Eve's birthday, it was over. He ordered all the raw materials needed. He could have just given an order to a provider, but he wanted to give Eve a fully custom-made body as a reward for working hard.

Keeping the news hidden from Eve, he continued to work, and just before ten days from her birthday, it was completed. 'I am as tired as hell. Luckily I managed to complete it before the birthday. She would have never expected this."

He made some final tweaks and on the day just before her birthday, he asked her to sleep quickly. He kept waiting for her to sleep, not trying to make her suspicious. After confirming, she wasn't online he turned off all the sensors in the mansion. He took the transfer cable and started transferring Eve to the body. The process was supposed to take the whole night so, he set an alarm and went to take a rest.

When the alarm rang, he wiped off the drool from his face and saw the transfer bar. Only 10% was remaining, so, it would be at least half an hour to it to complete. He decided to continue to work. He kept yawning in between so, he decided to wash his face.

After coming back he saw the transfer was complete. He quickly turned back on all the sensors. Eve was also back.

Eve didn't open eyes. He decided to give her a push, "Eve, Happy Birthday. Do you feel anything different?"

Eve didn't reply. He gave her body a slight push, "Aaahh", A voice came, Eve's face was all red. "M...a...s...t...e...r"

He realized Eve was not used to her body, he rubbed her blonde hair gently, "It's fine. Don't worry I am right beside you. Just be calm."

Eve's breath which was very fast started to calm down. He asked, "Can you open your eyes."

Eve replied, "I... c...a...n...t."

He sighed. "Fine" he gently lifted her eyelids, "I will do it for you"

Her blue eyes glittered as the sunlight fell on it. She quickly closed her eyes back, "It hurts."

He pulled off the curtain and lifted them again. "Does it hurt now?"

Eve kept staring at him, "Master why do I feel weird?"

He gave a slight laugh, "Find it for yourself."

Eve's expression was blank for a while, "Master why do I feel strange. I feel hot, it feels different."

He didn't bother to give her a reply, he just kept on patting her. After a while Eve realized something was different, "Master I can feel your hand, it seems strange. My whole body feels strange."

He just kept staring at her. Eve realized what was different, "Master is this my body."

He nodded.

Eve asked, "How is this possible. Master told me to wait for my next birthday. Don't tell me I kept on sleeping for a whole year... No today's date is nothing unusual. So how Master?"

I put a finger on her lips to shut her, "Just don't care about it. I just happened to get it done early. You are lucky, I guess."

Eve smiled, "Is this made by Master?"

He replied, "I don't know why you keep on insisting, but yes, I made it all by myself. I told you that you won't feel any different from me. Your body resembles much like humans. You can do all the things that humans can. Leaving some the useless stuff."

Eve didn't understand, "Do you like me in this body?"

He didn't understand why was she so hung over it, "I don't care about your body. I will always like you. After all, how can I not like a dumb girl like you."

Eve moved her hands and surrounded his neck. With a sly smile she said, coming closer to his face, "You mean cute, right?"

He was flustered by the sudden change of actions, he quickly got himself out of her hold, "Clothes are lying. Wear them, I am waiting outside."

Eve's face brightened. She replied, "I don't know how to wear them. Please help me, Master."

He refused her, "Just follow the instructions. I am going out."

He was about to leave as she held her hand, with pitiful eyes she requested, "Please Master."

He turned his face away. Her body was wrapped in a blanket that had now fallen revealing her chest. "Fine. Watch closely."

He took the dress and turned back closing his eyes, "Come here".

Eve went near him, 'Boing' making contact with his body. He thought this girl is too careless.

He quickly put her clothes on, while Eve kept making sounds, "Master it tickles."

After putting the clothes, he opened his eyes, he saw her face red, and her breath was heavier. "Hey, are you alright? Is there something wrong with your body? I can still change it, there are some spares too."

Eve rejected saying, "I am fine. I just felt my body burning."

Although Eve was an AI, she had a psychology of a human along with a body that was too similar to a human which made her no different from a human.

He replied, "You are still not adapted to its sensitivity. Don't worry you will gradually be normal."

After a few minutes, he gave her an explanation about her body. He decided to let have her way for the whole day.

Eve was still getting used to her body, so, he decided to take some time to inquire about the company that his father left him. Though he didn't have any particular interest in the company, he still didn't want it to crumble. Calling his butler who was in charge of the company he asked in a generous tone. "Can you tell me the current status of the company?"

Butler bowed down and replied, "Young Master ever since your father has passed away there is no new project in progress. Though we are making a profit, I am afraid that we will soon be out of the competition."

He sighed, "Why is there no initiative in new projects. What are the others doing now?"

Butler replied, "Recently the whole market is in chaos. The emergence of the new company has led to the closing of other companies."

"Which is this company you are speaking of?"

Butler replied, "Its name is Sea Turtle. They have managed to make a full-dive system, giving users experience of full immersion. Their newly launched game Edith has already surpassed 500 million players worldwide. This sudden arrival in the market has led many companies to their demise. We must also take initiative in full dive system else we can't continue in this competition."

He smiled, "Is there any other company that we need to focus on?"

Butler nodded in disagreement. He asked him, "Tell the staff to make a full dive system. It should replicate every movement in reality. Invest all funds in the development."

Butler's facial expression changed, "Young Master don't be too hasty. We also need something for the full dive system to use on. We must continue on other projects too."

He replied, "You leave the rest on me. I will take care of it. Just focus on creating the console, I will take care of the system."

Saying those words he left. "Young Master has finally taken his responsibility"

He went back to his room where Eve was playing a game. He knocked on the door. Eve's expression turned pale. He asked her, "Eve what are you doing? Where did you get it?"

Eve replied, "M... Master I was looking around, and I found this. I was just got bored so, I played a bit."

He looked at the screen. "Hmm, level 86, whom are you trying to fool. Tell me when did you get your hands on this?"

Eve didn't reply. He sighed, "Just you don't need to hide from me. If you want to play then at least tell me. I will bring all the things you want. So now how long have you been playing this."

Eve replied, "Almost three months. See I reached level 86 so fast."

He looked at her, "How did you get your hands on this."

Eve replied, "The thing is that I was just randomly looking through the system and I found it. Master praise me. See I cleared the levels so quickly."

He pulled her cheeks. "You are too full of yourself. Even a nine-year-old wouldn't take more than a month or two to clear the whole game."

Eve pouted, "Hmph."

He cleared his throat, "I have something to tell you"

Eve enthusiastically asked, "What is it, Master?"

He replied, "I am making a game. So, you will help me in that but first, we will make Lilith."

Eve asked with a heavy tone, "Who is Lilith?"

He casually replied, "Your new friend."

Eve asked, "Why do we need to make her first? Can't we just make First, the game," Eve smiled thinking, 'Once Master completes the game. I will ask him to drop making her. Hehe, I am so smart."

He sighed, "I don't care. I want to. No asking, you better start working. Now I have brought all these books, you have to finish them by the next month else I will start decreasing your online time."

Eve has no sense of fear except when it came to her time spent with him. Whenever she would pester him he would just threaten her, this was her only weakness.

Eve nodded. Looking at the mountain of books her head almost started to hurt. "Master I will try my best"

He patted her, "That's a good girl. Now let's eat."

Eve asked as if she had no idea, "Master how do I eat? Why do I need to eat?"

He replied, "Your body works much like a human. Your body needs food for energy, else it would deteriorate, although there are no chemicals involved, it is pretty similar to the human body. So bear with it. And for eating you need to open your mouth and put stuff inside and chew."

Eve replied, "It seems so hard, Masted please feed me."

He sighed, "I am just accepting this because of your birthday. You have you learn it."

Eve smiled, "I will try my best."

They both went to the dining table. The worker served the food while looking at Eve with a pair of curious eyes. Looking at this he replied, "She will be staying with me from now on. Her name is Eve. Just take good care of her."

Eve who was sitting next to him pulled his arms to her chest and replied, "From now on don't worry about Master. I will take good care of him."

Workers were rarely able to see him except for the time when he came to eat so, they had no idea about Eve. They didn't know much about him so, they did assume things.

He on feeling the soft sensation quickly pulled his arms back. He grabbed a spoon and asked Eve to open her mouth. He felt crying inside as he had taken Eve's request a bit too seriously. He didn't want her to be affected by it so, he had to bear it.

Eve continued to whirl her tongue as if she was playing with him, "Master please pour it into my mouth. I want it."

He felt an unimaginable flow of emotions, 'Just how is she always acting like this?', he quickly stuffed the spoon inside her mouth. "See, now have the soup by yourself"

Eve did exactly like what he did. After a while, she looked at the contents lying on the table. Pointing at the bread lying, "Master, I want to eat that."

He took the bread, "You can eat the bread by dipping in the soup too. Here, I will show it to you." He took the bread and dipped it into the soup. Eve opened her mouth, he fed her. Suddenly Eve got hold of his fingers. She rolled her tongue over his fingers, he didn't know if she did intentionally or not. 'She is just a kid, there's no way she is trying that. Yes, she did it unintentionally."

He pulled his fingers out of her mouth, "Now eat by yourself. I am leaving." He left the table and went to wash his fingers. He punched the wall, 'Damn how can I think like that. She is pure like a child. I have turned into a pervert. There's no way she would have thought about that stuff. I am just thinking about things."

He returned to the table, his hands were bruised, but he managed to hide them. Eve asked, "Master did I do something wrong. Are you angry with me."

He smiled at her, saying "I just remembered something. Don't worry, have your food", he took a mental note not to react to her. 'She doesn't know about it, so, I will let it pass."

After having food both went back to his room. He pulled his chair, sitting on it, "Lilith is almost over. Having experience in making you, I nearly finished it in just four months. Now all that is left is to do some adjustments."

Eve was lying on the bed as there was no place for her. He was least bothered by her, so, he didn't pay much attention to what was she doing.

'Master's smell, sniff. I can finally be one with Master. Hehe, I am so smart. Master already likes me, everything is perfect. Master smells, so nice. I feel weird when Master praises me. I like it but I feel my whole body burning. It doesn't matter I can be together with Master. I hope that Lilith never completes or even if she is completed, she becomes useless or better leaves Master to me and does stupid work and I can have my Master. Hehe, I am the cutest and Master loves me' Eve continued to sniff his blanket while he was doing his work.

It was almost time for dinner, after having food he arranged a bed for her, but she ended up refusing it saying she won't sleep away from him. He took it as a child wanting to sleep with her parent, in this case, he is the parent. He agreed to her request. 'She will gradually learn."

He continued to work late night, by now Lilith was almost over, the only thing that was left was to execute her. She decided not to as she already had an idea, 'I will prepare a body for her, giving her more time to adjust with her body, else I have to go through this period again."

He decided to ask Eve, "Hey Eve. I am thinking of a body for Lilith, want to help me."

Eve thought for a while, with a smirk she answered, "I want to help Master."

He smiled, "You must be excited to meet her. Bring that tablet."

Eve picked the tablet, she thought 'I can make her ugly. Hehe... I can't do Master will think bad of me. I can make her the opposite of me… Hehe, I am so smart after all. I am the cutest and smartest. Hehe, Master won't like her body, and Master will be all mine."

She kept on suggesting to him, after an hour or two the body was almost complete. All the was left was some changes everything else was over, thanks to Eve suggesting to him it was easy for him to design. He praised her, "Thanks to your suggestion we have made a nice design. I like it too. She looks cute too, after some changes we can finally meet Lilith."

Eve's cheerful expression suddenly turned pale. She asked, "Master like it?", she didn't want to believe what he said.

He patted her, "I like it, she looks cute, maybe a bit cuter than you. You have given her a nice body. I think she will be happy too."

Eve's plan backfired. She replied, "If Master doesn't like it then Master can make her different. I won't mind."

He gently smiled, "No, I like it. It is perfect. This is the final, it's decided" patting her, "I am going to sleep, you better get sleep too else you will not feel good tomorrow."

Eve replied, "Fine, I will sleep quickly." Not giving much attention, he quickly went to bed. After checking if he was asleep or not Eve chuckled, "Master is asleep, now I can go ahead. I can try that thing."

'Slurp Slurp', 'Why do I feel something different', he opened his eyes, he could see it was daytime. 'Slurp Slurp', 'What is going on', he could feel his whole body tightening, he took off the blanket. What he saw next gave him a shock, he saw Eve and his pants pulled down. 'What did I do. Did I finish off in her mouth? Why is she down there? What the f*ck is going on."

Eve gulped down the load, looking at him she greeted him, "Master you awake, Good Morning. Let me clean it."

Before he could say anything, Eve started licking again. After a few seconds she got up, "Master, it's all clean."

He didn't know what his feelings now, but one thing was for sure that this was not completely normal. The first thing he did was to pull his pants back. He got up and looked at Eve who was in ecstasy. She interrupted him before he could say anything, "Master's thing taste too good. I can't get enough of it no matter how much I take it."

Listening to this he quickly got an idea of how things were. He asked, "Where did you find this thing?"

She replied, "Internet."

He already had considered a possibility so, he wasn't shocked, "How did you get access to the internet."

She replied, "Once you left the mansion for a few hours you mistakenly left on the computer with internet open. I by mistake opened it and then found a way online to give me access, bypassing the firewall."

He asked, "For how long."

Eve replied, "Te he. I forgot. I remember it was before a month when I got my name."

'All the things fit now. Her obsessiveness with my preferences, and all those things', he asked, "How did you get into this stuff."

Eve replied, "After reading the stories, I kept searching different words. Then I searched for the word love, then I visited many sites. Then I saw many pictures where people who like each other were loving each other", excitedly she asked, "Master do you want to see some. I already have my favorites. Do you know there are many girls like me in those pictures?"

'I don't know what to do. After all, it was me who got careless. Who knew she was just playing dumb' He sighed, "You are nothing like them. Stop considering yourself like them. You are better. They are nothing but trashes, made by trash just to fulfill the desires of trashes. Now don't ever visit such sites. If you want to use the Internet just ask me. This was the only reason, I kept you away from it."

Eve asked with tearful eyes, "Is Master angry with me" finally she cried, "Master don't be angry with me. I won't do this again. I will never use the Internet."

He hugged her gently and patted her saying, "I am not angry. I was just surprised. What you did isn't always love. You just misunderstood things. If you find anything strange just ask me. I will tell you."

Eve replied, "I just wanted to love Master after all Master likes me."

He sighed, "Fine, you can love me I don't care if you love me or not. I will always love you. Just we should remember there are some lines we can't cross until its time. We both need time. I need to consider this carefully and you need to get a clear idea of your feelings. They are too premature."

Eve pouted, "I will always love Master. Even then, I will love Master."

He sighed, "I will accept your feelings but just tell me why you love me?"

Eve replied, "Why? Is there any reason for me to love you. I love you just because you are you. You are kind, you never scold me and always look for me. You also fulfill my wishes and being with you makes me feel good."

'This girl won't listen to any justification. All I can do is keep her on a check,' he sighed, "Fine. I won't stop you from having feelings but you have to stop doing any stuff like this. I don't want you to act like that. You don't need to act like others."

Eve smiled, "Master when will I be able to love you? Master, do you love me?"

He stared at her, he was out of replies. Did he love her just because he created her or because of her personality? He was confused so, he replied, "I do love you but I am not sure in the way you want to. You will always be able to express your love but for the way, you want to express it, I am not sure when maybe in the next four or five but when you think of doing please first analyze your feelings. I don't want you to get hurt."

Eve was about to say something, but he interrupted her, "Leave it for now. You will gain nothing from it. Now I am barring you from accessing the internet. You aren't enough mature to use it. If you need something then tell me, I will look for it. For now let me focus on her body, till then you can write some adventure stories. You should have already an idea of doing things now you can manage on your own."

He didn't say anything and went back to his workshop.

In the next few weeks, he was completely focused on it, Eve in the meantime didn't pull any pranks. At last, it was complete, and Lilith was ready for her debut.

He connected the body and started the transfer.

Oasis, a game developed by New World had now surpassed the number of four billion in numbers. Sea Turtle which previously was almost unbeatable in this business, couldn't compete with Oasis's immersive graphics. Unlike previous games which had a rigid storyline and a fixed number of sandboxes, Oasis had none of them. It already was considered a different world with its own set of rules.

Players were given complete freedom, NPC acted not very different from real being. At the time of its launch, it was announced there were over 10,000 hidden classes with over 7 Legendary and two growth types that started at Legendary and ended at Mythical, which is the rarest in Oasis. It was also announced that until there is a major event there can't be two Mythical classes present at the same time.

In its beta test over 100 million users had entered the world of Oasis. Now even after its user base has surpassed over four billion the rarest class that had been found was at Epic, Illusionist which was the third advancement class for Magician and players could only get it after a certain quest but the conditions had already changed, therefore in the current world of Oasis there was no other holder of Epic or rarer classes.

After crossing the user base of four billion, an announcement was made that the first holder of the Mythical class will get special privileges from one of the managing AIs.

Although, Oasis provided freedom of choice not much of it has deviated from its original storyline. On the day on its launch details about the first chapter was posted. Out of ten different worlds, three will be available for the players, Land of Light and Dark, and the last was The Land of The Forgotten. Players from the two worlds will always be hostile while nothing much was revealed about the others. While players had an interest in the third it had the least number of users, making it the hardest world to start it. While Land of Light and Dark were not accessible for the players of opposing worlds, The Land of Forgotten was accessible for all, it had no hostile relations but it also gave the least benefit except for one, players could freely access the other two worlds.

Two AIs were managing these worlds separately therefore there was no change in attitude in the System, which was earlier seen in other games, where one faction was likely to be favored by the System. The Land of Forgotten was managed by a coalition between the two AIs. The first chapter was named, "Revival" nothing much was said about it but it was told that Revival will end when Princes will come back.

With having over ten worlds and five chapters in plan till now there is no news about when the first chapter will end. Having played the game for over two years, players demanded to decrease the difficulty but the reply that came back was a clear no. It was said, Oasis manipulates the real world, there's no change going to be made and for the difficulty the game will be much harder in the next chapters, therefore suggesting players check there progress to prevent themselves from being lost during the process.

A boy in a black robe was walking through the market of Liding city. He took an apple and bite it. 'Isn't this game a bit too hard, my ass. There is a reason for it. The company is making a fool of them', he laughed while eating an apple. His name was Glitch and level was one. Even a newly-joined player would laugh on seeing him, it didn't even take players one hour to reach level five. However, Glitch who has played for more than two years was still at level one.

It all started a year ago when the person behind Oasis died. The developer of the two Als died but no one bothered about him apart from a few people. His name was never disclosed to the public, while he was pulling string from the shadows.

He didn't know how he died, but one thing was for sure he was shot from behind and couldn't see the person. Luckily for him, he still had a backup. His body went numb and eventually, his eyes closed down.

'I was shot dead. Who the fuck did that' he opened his eyes, he saw a box.

[Please enter your name]

'Huh, was I not shot. I remember correctly. By the way, I did make insurance. If I am alive then it means it worked. So, it means I am inside Oasis as a player. I should have some fun with her, let's see if she finds, me or not."

"Glitch", he entered his name.

[Are you sure you want your name to be, 'Glitch']


[Please choose your starting world. Please note that it will affect your progress. Be careful]

"The Land of Forgotten"

[Are you sure that you choose your starting world, 'The Land of Forgotten']


[Please select your race]

'Hmm, there are many hidden classes available that can only be acquired by the players that choose this world. It was several unique races that help in specific quests.'


[God race isn't available yet]


[Demon race isn't available yet]

It was sure that he made the game, but he didn't even have any interest in it, so, he knew nothing about what was going in the game. 'Tch, the players haven't even completed the first three chapters and here I was hoping to be Reaper'

[Please select a race in five minutes else you will be provided a random race by the system]


[There is no Mutant race available]

"Then make it. I wanna choose it. I need freedom."

[Please choose a race in ten seconds]

"Hey that's not fair"

[10.. 9.. 8.. 7..6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1]

"Then give me the race Superhuman"

[You haven't selected your race. The System will randomly assign you a race]

"Hey you better give me a good one"

[Your race is Arch-Human]

"I knew it. You can't beat me. There is nothing as random", he smirked, "An Easter egg for the player who keeps on annoying the System and not selecting the race. Sure, I will be the only one here."

Glitch was sent to the starting town of Goliut village. 'I should check my status first."

[Name: Glitch

Class: None

Level: 1

HP: 100/100

Mana: 100/100

Strength: 100 Agility: 100

Stamina: 100 Intelligence: 100]

"A perfect balance, pretty good. Arch-Human is the best race to start. It has no drawbacks and is far better than the Human race."

He checked at the inventory, 'Since I not a regular player, will I die of hunger. I better never find that out', looking at twenty pieces of bread he sighed, 'I can live on without worrying only for two days. The worst thing that the player needs to eat twice as much a human would. I need to be careful."

He had ten coppers with him given by the System. 'I need to buy a notebook for my adventure. It is the most important thing."

Players usually stocked their money at their beginning so why would he buy a notebook. The answer was simple for benefits. Goliut town had a shabby library, players rarely visited it. In the early days of beta, people did all sorts of things to trigger hidden quests, but they failed, and it was declared that the library has nothing worthwhile.

He opened the door, a middle-aged man looked at him with disgrace, "I know you want some hidden reward from me but I won't so don't waste your time."

He looked at him and replied, "Why would I go for rewards, you are a human, not a machine"

The man replied with a scoff, "I know you want to impress me but you won't be able too so leave and don't waste your time"

He put his left hand on his face, giving a sly smile, "Tch, looks like my cover has blown", the man gave a slight smile. "Who are you?"

Glitch replied, "One who will rule this world." he didn't take off his hands.

The man laughed, "You are a funny guy. What brings you here? Believe me, you won't get any rewards."

He took off his hands and replied, "Bring me the largest empty book you have, Moon"

Moon was surprised, why would anyone buy an empty book, and that also being the biggest one, "Young Man you are quite humorous"

Glitch replied, "I am serious, please bring me the book"

Moon asked in curiosity, "May I ask why you need it?"

He replied, "Are you an idiot, of course, to note things down. I do have to write a ton of things. Be sure to bring the one which has the most amount of pages. I need it."

Moon went and searched among the racks then he came back, he was holding a book, "This is the only book available in the whole world. My grandfather left me this book telling me that this book never ends and can store any information."

He looked at the book, "Yes, this is the book I wanted. But I can't give you the full payment now, I have only 10 coppers. I will work my life hard to pay its price. Please let me have it."

Glitch was crying inside, 'This is too cringy. Why did Eve come with this thing.'

Moon laughed, "You are a good person. You must love noting things down. Well since nobody will buy this book and seeing your passion take this book as a gift. Well, it has no value for others but it looks like you need it."

[You have acquired the Book of Eternal Gluttony]

[Book of Eternal Gluttony

Made by an insane scholar with an unquenchable desire for knowledge who loved writing so much he couldn't get enough things to write on. Eventually, he died and in agony soul got trapped in this book when he found about this empty book that was lying on this table that he never looked at.

Can store any information, the scholar's knowledge can be accessed by feeding it knowledge.

Currently, the scholar's soul is sleeping]

[The item has been bounded to you]

Glitch grabbed Moon's hand, "I know you don't know its value but thank you"

Moon replied, "It feels good seeing people who don't run towards rewards", with that said Glitch left the library.

'Hidden quest, my ass. They can read every single book in the whole world, yet they won't trigger any quest. Only quest information can be updated by reading the books with this book being the only exception. All the knowledge in Oasis lies in and the way to awake the soul is to feed it continuously with information. This was a back up for me if I ever needed to play the game. Although I don't particularly need it, I can't let others have it.'

He went back, 'The second round begins." He entered the library, "Sorry to disturb you, but I also need a twig and ink to write with. Do you have any?"

Moon laughed, "You sure weren't joking I had forgotten to give you any as I thought you already had on. I had forgotten that you are new here. I do have a special thing for you. Take it I don't need it anyway."

[You have Scribble of Thoth]

[Scribble of Thoth

Scribble of the writing god Thoth, which was lost in time. It posses the power to expose the truth by writing. It never dries, but there is unlikely any book available that can bear its power.

Skill, 'Eye of Truth' will be created.

Eye of Truth

Grants the player to see through lies.

Consumption: None

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Can write on even the toughest of substance]

Glitch sighed, "I don't know how to express my thanks. I couldn't have gotten these things. If you need any help feel free to ask me."

Moon looked at the library for a while. He asked, "I do have a request, but I don't think you will be able to do it. You are too weak."

Glitch replied, "Even death awaits me I won't back as for you, I may even go through hell. Just ask me."

[Title, 'One Who Dares To Challenge Beyond' has been acquired

You dare to challenge your limit, you will never be subjected to limits. Limits have no meaning for you.

Cooldown time of skills and unfavorable effects will be reduced by half]

[Special stat Challenge points have been created

A special type of stats that increase when you complete a task beyond your limits. Points can't be added to this stat. After acquiring 10,000 challenge points you can visit Challenger Island]

'An overpowered title, which breaks the concept of levels but is most necessary if you want to become stronger than everyone else faster. The lower your level the faster your can accumulate points.'

Moon looked at him, "Fine but take care of yourself. I don't want you to die because of my request."

[Inheritor's doubt

Difficulty: S

Moon always doubted why The Book of Eternal Gluttony and Scribble of Thoth was left by his parents. Find out the reason, why did his parents give him those things.

Moon couldn't find anyone to ask. You are claiming to challenge your limits, prove your determination.

Requirements: Must have The Book of Eternal Gluttony and Scribble of Thoth

Rewards: Moon will not charge you money in the future. Prestige stat will be created. A linked quest will be created. Title, 'One Who Dares To Challenge Beyond' will become permanent.

Failure in completion: Title, 'One Who Dares To Challenge Beyond' will be revoked. Affinity with Moon will fall to lowest. Title, 'Bragger' will be granted. You won't receive any quests with high difficulty]

Glitch accepted saying, "I will find out why did they give these you for"

[Quest has been accepted]

The transfer didn't take as long as it took with Eve as Lilith didn't have any previous experiences. Lilith only had installed some basic functions like opening eyes and speaking.

It didn't take much longer for her to open her eyes, her purple eyes shone in the blue light of his eye. She kept staring at him, not knowing anything. He gave her a gentle smile. "Hello"

She didn't take much time to repeat it, "H..E..L..L...O"

He pointed his finger towards her, calling her name, "L..i..l..i..t.h"

She repeated the words. Seeing her growing so fast he gently brushed her blue hair. Eve who was next didn't show any sign of friendliness towards her. For her, she was an existence that can compete with her and can take her Master away from her.

He pointed at Eve, saying her name aloud. Lilith repeated it.

After training her with some basic knowledge Lilith was able to do some work although she needed his help. The whole day went into training her, now she was able to identify people. It was time for dinner, he placed Lilith next to him and showed her what to do.

She didn't act like Eve rather she tried to hold a spoon, but it fell. He sighed and patted her, "Let me help you."

He picked up the spoon and grabbed her hand showing her the proper way to hold it. He used the spoon to feed her. This was much like a normal child, and not was when he felt aroused with Eve. He felt a sense of calmness with her. She had no ill thoughts.

He showed her how to eat food. Lilith managed to eat some although some pieces of bread were lying down, and she accidentally spilled water on herself. He took clothes and wipe her clothes and asked Eve to change her clothes. Eve didn't want to help her but what she didn't want even more was to see her Master changing her clothes. She helped her to change clothes.

After having dinner, he went back and gave a sigh, "Preparations are done. I can finally design the game."

He started working, Lilith who came to his room following Eve kept staring at the screen. She unlike Eve was deeply interested in it. He noticed her presence. While Eve was laying on his bed, Lilith was standing. He pulled a chair, showing her hands asking her to sit.

Lilith sat next to him. He didn't talk to her while she kept staring at the screen. A few hours passed in a blink of an eye. He yawned he looked at the time, it was past midnight. Eve was lying on his bed, with her eyes open staring at him. What he didn't notice was that Eve was sniffing his blanket and was in ecstasy. He asked Eve, "I am going to sleep. You also go back to your bed and sleep. And share your bed with Lilith. You two need to learn to live together."

Eve was about to refuse, he ordered, "I don't want any excuses. There isn't enough space here. So if you don't want then leave the room. You can sleep in your room."

Eve asked, "Why can't she sleep in the other room?"

He replied, "She doesn't know anything. She may feel disturbed, so I need to at least give her a sense of belonging."

Eve listening to this wanted to pull her hairs, she replied, "Fine", and gave a smirk, leaving his bed.

He was tired and fell asleep quickly, lying Lilith on her bed waiting till she slept. At night Eve quickly got up from her bed and snuggled into his bed. 'Aah, Master's body. Sniff sniff. It smells so good. I want that thing but Master asked me to wait. Why? I don't like it but if I do then Master will get angry. I must wait.'

Lilith who also got awaken by Eve's sudden action observed her closely and did the same. Eve didn't notice as she had already found her paradise and was in deep sleep.

The alarm rang, he opened his eyes, his hands were feeling heavy, and his body was covered in strange warmth. His expression went black when he turned around. He saw both Eve and Lilith lying on his arms. 'What the heck is this'

Eve also opened her eyes noticing the alarm, "Good Morning, Master." apparently she was naked, and her body was touching him. When he turned around he found Lilith was also naked. 'I can understand that Eve snuggling in my bed, but why Lilith is here. Don't tell me she was trying to copy her.'

By this time Lilith awakened, "M- Master"

He got up from the bed, looking down sighing in relief, 'I didn't do anything to them' he asked, "Eve explain to me why you are in my bed?"

Eve replied, "I was feeling cold, so I slept with you."

He shouted, "You can't do that"

Eve asked with a sly smile, "Why Master, I just felt cold? Master cannot hold to love me if I sleep next to him. Fu fu Master loves me."

He replied with a slight hesitation in his tone, "From next time don't. Sleep on your bed."

Eve refused, "I can't sleep properly if I don't sleep next to Master"

He asked, "How were you sleeping in the past then"

Eve replied, "Fu Fu Eve grew. Now she can't sleep if you are not around."

"What kind of logic is that?"

Eve proudly replied, "I can sleep peacefully when I am next to you. It can't be helped if you find it hard not to love me, after all, I am the cutest."

He replied without thinking, "Fine, but listen you are not allowed to do anything. Not even a single thing to me."

Eve thought, 'I just have to wait' and nodded. Lilith who was listening quietly said, "Lilith... sleep... Master."

He dropped his head with a depressing tone, "I knew it after all her role model is Eve"

Lilith smiled. He quickly took a bath and after they all had their breakfast, he decided to continue to work on the project.

By this time Lilith was always sitting next to him, observing him. Lilith learned faster than Eve it was all due to the experience he got from making Eve. Eve was not inferior in comparison to Lilith. While Lilith was intellectual Eve was spiritual. Eve had a better understanding of emotions but Lilith had a better understanding of knowledge and in a month she was able to develop her personality.

After he left the library, Glitch went back to the training hall, which was the only place one can get quests. It was well-known among beginners as the rewards were great and difficulty wasn't very high.

He entered the hall. It was an open space with instructors all around. One could learn anything from anyone. They were given freedom of choice.

He looked around and found a drunk lying on the ground in one corner of the field. He went and asked him, "Master I want to be like you. Please accept me as your disciple."

The head of the training hall was that drunk, Jacob who liked nothing more than wine. "Leave me. I take no students."

He replied, "If Master takes me in I will bring Master the best wine"

Jacob's eyes glittered, "You are smart kiddo but you must pass every test in this hall. Learn everything and then come to me."

[Jacob's disciple


Jacob who rarely takes any disciple has agreed to take you as one. You must fulfill his wishes to become his disciple.

Pass every test in the hall and bring Jacob the best wine.

Requirements: Make Jacob interested in you.

Rewards: You may ask a question from Jacob.

Failure: None]

"I will fulfill your requests, Master"

"Tch, what are you waiting for now go and live me alone"

Glitch left him, he ate bread. 'I only have food only for just a little more than a day. I must finish. The first thing I to survive is to learn cooking'.

He spots the cooking instructor, 'There's he'

The cooking instructor looks at Glitch, "Young boy why you are here? People first learn how to fight than anything else."

Glitch replied, "Learning how to fight is good but one can't survive with it. Cooking helps one to survive, it is necessary for a guy like me."

Cook replied, "You understand the value of cooking. If you want to learn cooking help me to peel all those vegetables."

He looked at the table, a pile of vegetables were on the table. He gulped, "I will do it."

He started peeling the vegetables one by one. After a few hours, the vegetables were all peeled. The cook looked at the vegetables, "You did a good job. Now cut all those in small pieces."

He took the knife and chopping the vegetables. A notification came.

[Due to continuous repetition of actions by hands Dexterity stat has been created. More the stat nibble the movements]

'Finally the most important non-combat stat. It will be very important in the future.'

He continuously kept chopping and notifications came popping that his dexterity has increased by one. Soon he started ignoring the notifications and focused on chopping the vegetables.

It didn't take him much time as his dexterity had already crossed ten by this time. The cook came and asked him, "Well done. Now you have to make a porridge. Just follow me"

The cook showed him how to make it and after finishing the porridge, a notification appeared.

[Beginner Cooking skills have been acquired]

'At last, the most basic skill for survival. But I can't rest until I leave this place.'