[Only Soul Elementals are allowed to defy death, both Osiris and Anubis have acknowledged you]

[Osiris and Anubis have allowed only you to use the power of Undead]

[You will not be hostile towards any religious faction]

[Holy Necromancer- Unique(Growth) 0.0% (You can rank up by absorbing souls]

*The Undead raised by you will never disobey your command.

*The Undead raised by you will rank up quickly.

*The Undead raised by you won't be weak to holy magic and divine powers.

*The Undead will have both holy and undead traits. After death, they will explode, dealing damage according to their rank.

*The Undead will have raised morale and power compared to other Undeads.

*You can create up to permanent Undeads(3/3)

*All religious factions will suspect your allegiance.

*All Advanced and above Necromancers NPCs will acknowledge you.

[Death Aura(Advanced)]

Summons an area where death doesn't exist.

When active, if one dies, the body will turn into an undead. Undead, under its effect, will continually regenerate.

Consumption: Half of the total resource. Resources that can be used are Mana, Sword Energy, ?

Cooldown: None

[Create Undead(Advanced)]

After defeating an opponent, you can make it a permanent undead.

It will be able to react and feel emotions.

After dying, they wouldn't be able to be summoned before 12 hours.

You can create up to 3/3 permanent undead. The number will increase once the class ranks up.

Consumption: !

[Undead Rise(Advanced)]

The Fallen souls are revived using Thoth's power.

The Undead will contain both holy and unholy traits, and after death will do additional explosion damage. They will start as skeletons and will grow steadily in battle.

Consumption: 5% of the user's Mana

Cooldown: 5 minutes.

[Mana Drain(Passive)(Advanced)]

Additional Mana will be provided by the Undead.

Consumption: None

Cooldown: None

[Undead Strenghting(Advanced)]

Make your Undead stronger by giving them your Mana.

Consumption: 20-60% of Mana

Cooldown: 10 minutes.

[Become Undead(Passive)(Master)]

Allows to you turn into an Undead, which won't be weak towards divine powers.

Type of Undead will depend on the resource.

All resources will be replenished, and some skills and resources may fail to work.

Consumption: 70% of the remaining resource

Cooldown: 24 hours

[Soul Absorbtion(Master)]

Allows absorbing souls after the battle. You can either take them or give them to your Soul Elementals.

Consumption: 30% of remaining Mana

Cooldown: 2 hours

[Purification of the Dead(Master)]

Allows you to purify Undead in a ten-meter radius.

The souls of Undead purified would be absorbed by you.

Consumption: 20% of remaining Mana

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Glitch didn't have any memory of what happened earlier.

'Agnus, did you do this?'

Why would I more balance breaking, you F*ck*r?

'I never planned of making this class and its neither a secret class. How come?'

It was made when Miss. Perfect became an elemental. Many linked class of Soul Elementals were made. It is one of them. To become one, the soul elemental should have both divine traits and knowledge of necromancing.

'So, it was because of you?'

I shouldn't have helped you.

'Thank you for the meal.'

I will destroy you, you F*ck*r. I will screw you in last.

'May you succeed.'

Tch, what are you going to do next?

'I first want to learn more about magic. I feel like something is missing. I can't let it go.'

The reason Miss. Perfect became such a maniac is you. You a**h*le. What do you want to check?

'Nothing much, only Magic formulas and incantations.'

Go on, have fun.

'Are you leaving?'

Yes, it's tedious. I will post on the forums something. Don't disturb me.

'Okay, I never knew you joined the forum.'

It's my way to kill time. Don't f*ck up anymore.

'I will make sure not to follow it.'

F*ck you, you c*c*s*ck*er.

Glitch slightly smiled, utterly unaware of the future.

Oasis had no support for the users. Users had to make guides, find solutions, and post new findings. Oasis rarely announced anything on the forums.

On the forum, a new post appeared.

"The First Unique (Growth Type) Class has appeared"

A player in the Forgotten Land got a Unique (Growth Type) Class. The class name is "Holy Necromancer" It is a class that isn't hostile to any religious factions and is greatly respected by Necromancer NPCs. It can grow at least to Legendary, and maybe to Mythical too.

The player wants to keep his name hidden. But he soon will be creating a guild. He is my brother, so hook me up if you are interested.


*Must be less than level 20, but have high skill proficiency.

*Must be classless.

*Can either belong of Land of Light or Dark.

*Support classes are not required

*Must not be hostile against Forgotten Land.

*Must have enough gold to sustain.

Don't worry, I will personally send you an invitation if you are an exception. And any rare class users don't spam me, I would contact you myself if you are eligible.

~Young Bastard.

Young Bastard was the name used by Agnus in the forum. He was one of the most trusted sources of information.

There was another post by him, which had a much larger impression on the user base.

"Explanation for the disappearance of Eve and Lilith from the rankings."

Today, Eve and Lilith suddenly disappeared from their respective rankings. I am here to give a possible explanation.

Recently, there was a notification about a meeting, maybe they both lost their rights. We all know about the recent events like the third guardian, sudden maintenance, and world-wide announcements.

I think it is likely a user-triggered event or the beginning of something great. From what I heard from my sources that both have gone missing, and their underlings aren't even searching.

Maybe it is a quest if you can find them, I am sure their worlds will reward you handsomely. I also found something striking.

Deep Lover, former second ranker in the Land of Light, got his hands on multiple hidden classes. In a matter of a few days, he received an unknown ranked class Eve's Apostle whose rarity is "Secret" and, one is legendary, Prince of Light.

Both classes seem to have a massive impact on the Land of Light. His whereabouts are unknown, maybe he is the one who caused this.

Deep Lover, if you are present, then reply to this post.

~Young Bastard

It was Agnus's idea to twist the truth as he wanted. He had great fame when it came to digging info. No one ever questioned him, he has already mentioned that he had joined a secret faction.

When Deep Lover saw this, he replied.

"Yes, I have received a legendary class. I was currently doing a quest to find Lilith, but it got canceled in between. I have no idea about the disappearance. Maybe it is because of another player. I can't tell much about him, but I got the classes because of him.

My quest was to find him and report to Eve. I thought him to be a noob and gave him a loaf of bread. He didn't even know the basics. When Eve learned his name, she gave me the class. This happened just before the appearance of the third guardian."

Although Agnus didn't have a body, he could still materialize in Oasis. He smirked, "Just as I expected." He looked into the comment sections.

DarkWail~ Hey, tell me his name. I want a hidden class too.

Slayer~ No way. You got two hidden classes back to back. Name, please.

Weeb!~ Eve talked with you, dream on.

FishingInSand~ Yes, Goddess Eve will never talk with anyone.

Reaper69~ Let's admit that we all are jealous. Deep Lover, can you please send me the name?

ToothpasteEater!~ I saw him with Eve's underlings.

Reaper69~ No way. Did he actually meet Eve in person?

FishingInSand~ Why am I still alive? Deep Lover, you are removed from the fan club.

Weeb!~ Dude's leader.

FishingInSand~ Let's leave the club. We don't need traitors.

Weeb!~ I am making a new one. Let's kill Deep Lover the moment we see him. Maybe, he will lose something related to Eve.

FishingInSand~ I like your idea, maybe we can meet Goddess too.

Reaper69~ I will stay at the beginner's village. Maybe, I can talk with Goddess too.

GoodBoi~ Deep Lover, you should die, because of you, our Goddess Lilith has gone missing.

PerversionMasteryAcquired~ What Goddess has gone missing.

FishingInSand~ Which faction do you belong to?

PerversionMasteryAcquired~ Goddess Lilith.

Weeb!~ It hates to say, but can we make a truce.

PerversionMasteryAcquired~ Continue

Weeb!~ We both have a common enemy. Why don't we share info and kill him on-site?

GoodBoi~ I agree. Let's kill him till he reaches level 1

PerversionMasteryAcquired~ I will say that to the whole club.

LightSlayer~ I am feeling sad for Deep Lover. We shouldn't harass him.

PerversionMasteryAcquired~ I will kill you, you traitor.

GoodBoi~ You are out of the club.

Weeb!~ He is our enemy too. Let's add him to the list.

PerversionMasteryAcquired~ I have no objection. Traitors should burn in hell.

GoodBoi~ I agree. Let us go back.

PerversionMasteryAcquired~ We will share info with Eve's Fanclub regarding both Deep Lover and LightSlayer.

GoodBoi~ What's his in-game name?

PerversionMasteryAcquired~ Lucifer, he was my friend.

FishingInSand~ Okay, I will tell the other members too. We will also share info.

"This is too damn interesting." Agnus laughed while reading the comments. Both his posts were at the top trending.

"I should play further."

He created a chat, with both Deep Lover and LightSlayer.

LightSlayer: Why are we here?

Deep Lover: I don't know.

Young Bastard: Do you want to be with Eve and Lilith

LightSlayer: Deep Lover, I am very sorry for you.

Deep Lover: Thanks, bro. I am sad for you too.

Young Bastard: So, do you want to help them?

LightSlayer: How can we help them?

Deep Lover: If it is fake then, I will kill you. I am already angry.

Young Bastard: Will you help them, even if it means going against the whole user base?

Deep Lover: Yes

LightSlayer: Of course

Young Bastard: If you are doing for gaining their affection, then leave it. They already have someone and will hardly look to you. But you can be friends.

LightSlayer: Lover? You kidding? I would not even imagine that in my dreams.

Deep Lover: Same here. They are way out of our leagues. We are just hardcore fans.

Young Bastard: I see. Then good luck. You both will go to the opposite worlds.

LightSlayer: Why?

Young Bastard: Both of them are in the opposite worlds. Lilith is now a noob in the Land of Light, the same is with Eve too.

Deep Lover: Why?

Young Bastard: Don't ask too much. Go to the beginner village and look for Eve and Lilith. If they don't say anything, then say Agnus has sent you.

LightSlayer: Who is Agnus?

Young Bastard: The one who did this and the one for whom I work for.

Deep Lover: Why is he doing this?

Young Bastard: They both were fighting over Glitch.

LightSlayer: A bug?

Deep Lover: No, it's the same player. But how did you know it?

Young Bastard: I know everything that happens in Oasis.

LightSlayer: You are saying that both Eve and Lilith are fighting over a man.

Deep Lover: There are three

Young Bastard: Oh, I forgot that you had read that diary. It was pretty good and creepy.

LightSlayer: Guys enlighten me.

Young Bastard: There's another rival. The third guardian, her name is Mercy. She is fighting the others for Glitch.

LightSlayer: My brain cells are almost fried.

Deep Lover: I will tell you the whole story later on.

Young Bastard: Remember not to join any guild or reveal your identity. You have to first meet them safely.

LightSlayer: Why?

Deep Lover: We are both hunted. I am sure that we would lose plenty of levels and items.

Young Bastard: Hehe, I know. Agnus wants to teach them not to make him sad.

Deep Lover: Why is Agnus so interested in them?

Young Bastard: They all are very noisy.

LightSlayer: So, did he plan someone to help this Mercy too.

Young Bastard: Nope.

Deep Lover: Why?

Young Bastard: She never had any hostile relations to begin with. Plus, she isn't very used as a player. It will be fun.

Deep Lover: Who is Glitch?

LightSlayer: That man has my respect.

Young Bastard: He is just an ordinary player.

"Young Bastard has left the chat."

Agnus closed the chat, "It felt awesome."

Agnus wasn't anything like the rest. He was almost human. His personality was wicked, but he was kind too. The one he loved and cared for was Glitch, but he wanted his happiness, not to possess him. He desired to kick others out of Glitch's life, so he could just chill out with him alone. But he also understood how Glitch felt and never did that.

But this time was different.

He could remove them from the equation and let them fight amongst themselves. To him, they were nothing but old hags. He wanted someone else to be with Glitch, not them.

He was just like him of the past, which was lost in time.

[You have created a new method of using Mana]

[Reputation throughout Oasis has increased by 10000]

[Intelligence has increased by 100 points]

[Your Mana Core has evolved to rank 2]

I left you for a while, and you created some weird shit again.


What did you do now?

'I combined both their methods into one.'

F*ck*r. Why would you even do that?

'To make it efficient.'

So you combined the two techniques for greater efficiency?

'I guess.'

Just tell me what happened.

'I was reading books, and I kept deciphering the formulas. I realized that no matter how well the formula is, it will never be efficient.'


'Formulas can guide Mana, but they cannot give directions or the subtle difference in the process.'


'So, if you imagine the formula and at the same time the result. Mana will follow both, making the spell more accurate, powerful, and efficient.'

It's because of those girls, they could never accept the others. Did you see it?


You should die, pesky bug.

'Thank you.'

[Please name the new method]

"Dual Image," He said.

[Do you want to name his method as "Dual Incantation"?]


[Contratulations, you have developed a new method of using Mana, Dual Image]

[Dual Image method will be used to cast spells]

[Dual Image(Master)]

Both the formula and results are imaged at the same time, guiding the Mana flawlessly.

The damage of spells will increase by 40% while the cost will be reduced by 20%.

The critical hit rate will increase by 5%, and damage will increase by 60%.

Magical spells will ignore 30% of opponent's resistance.

[Title 'Master of Mana' has been acquired]

You have developed a new way of using Mana. You will be able to learn Mana-related skills quickly. Understanding of Mana will increase significantly.

*The regeneration of Mana will increase by 50%.

*Magical resistance will increase by 30%, and there's a very low probability of completely nullifying a magic spell.

Great Magicians will respect you. Legendary Magician and above will show interest in you. Dragons will show a little interest in you.

You are worthy of my blessings.

[Thoth has upgraded the Blessing of Wisdom]

[Blessing of Wisdom (Advanced)]

Allows you to collect more information from NPCs. If NPCs know hidden clues, they will tell you. NPCs will even give you the details of the things required for it.

Magic and Skill Mastery will increase faster.

Insight for magic will increase drastically. You will be able to understand Magic spells quickly.

When understanding for a magic spell is at 100%, resistance towards it will increase by 90%, and damage will increase by 75%

[Fusion of Mana and Sword Energy is possible]

[You can fuse them once you have developed a method to combine them both]

"I should thank them." Glitch smiled.

'Agnus, what if I create new energy.'

Dream on. It won't be easy. It will take you a hell lot of time.

'I have enough time.'

Yes. Now, where are we going?

'Training hall.'

I feel pity for the instructor.


Glitch got up and kept the books back into the place. Moon saw him, he asked, "Did you find anything?"

Glitch smiled, "Yes." waving his hand, left the library.