Taylor was just about to leave when from the crowd there came a boy. Not just any boy, a boy that made her heart flutter. A boy that took her breath away, he was tall for his age. He wore straight cut Levi jeans, a red and black flannel shirt, brown leather books in a cowboy style, his brown would be considered long in Benton as it reached down and touched the collar of his shirt and covered his ears. The boy rushed toward the booth and slapped his hands down upon the counter.

"Hey! Lily!" He said blushing. "Your mom told me to come find you. It's almost time for the fireworks and they're about to crown that girl. Ginger also told me, to tell you, that she wants you guys to close down this little attraction too. She was looking mighty hard at that weather map, you know on her phone. And there was a bad line of storms pushing in across from Vicksburg . Last update they went and crossed the Mississippi River and are headed this way. Ginger trying to get the mayor to postpone the crowning and firework show. But he's being a real donkey about.." He voice trailed off a little as he shifted his eyes toward Taylor.

Taylor blinked and offered the boy a little smile as she waved to him.

"Soiree monsieur." She said blushing a little. "Desolee, but my turn has ended. I think though if you wish. You could try to slime the girl here. Sitting in the chair. She has already taken her place." She said in a teasing tone of voice. "Unless, the monsieur would like to slime me." She said with a wink. She honestly expected the girl sitting in the chair would put up a fight. But the girl quickly rose from the chair and motioned for Taylor to take a seat. A deep blush came crashing over Taylor's cheeks as she walked over and took the offered chair.

Lily blinked and blinked again. For a minute she felt her blood starting to boil. She then quickly took a deep breath and started to count backwards, starting at the number ten and working her way down to one. Once she reached one she was much calmer than before.

"Okay, Caspar, you get like three throws and if you can't slime her in three throws. You can go ahead and push the button. But after that, we gotta start packing up okay?" Lily said. She then turned toward Taylor. She could feel a headache coming on, "And we need to get you down to 'Soap and Suds' before they close down." Her headache was starting to grow now. "So what you're size anyway?"

"My size?" Taylor said, her eyes becoming as wide as saucer plates, "How rude la mademoiselle is clearly, how would you tue say it in English? Overstepping her boundaries, oui?"

Lily blinked and blinked again as she peered toward Taylor. The girl was getting into the act. But something bothered her, slowly she leaned toward the girl and in a low growling tone of voice. A growl that came from being both teased and because she felt the girl was playing with her, like she was some short of house kitten. Yes, in a growling tone of voice she said.

"I thought la mademoiselle did not speak french?" She said, pitching her voice the mimic the same, flirty, and almost condescending tone of voice Taylor had been using all night.

Not skipping a beat, Taylor responded with.

"Je parle un petit peu de francais.'' A rough translation from French to English was 'I speak a little bit of French' and with that the strawberry blonde sat straight up as a confused and flustered look crossed Lily's face.

"Okay! Whatever! Just going to pop over here to 'Max-Value' their still open, I guess they're hoping to catch a few sales from people flooding downtown. Anyway, You look like Jamie's size, and I know her sizes, I'll just buy a one up from her normal size." Lily said, sighing. Part of her wanted to let her wear the gunge covered dress through the whole firework show. And let her wear it home, but part of her had started to warm up to the girl.

And so Lily left allowing Caspar and Taylor to be along.

Caspar took a deep breath as he reached down and picked up one of the softe, yellow tennis balls. He wrapped his fingers around the ball, he then drew the ball back and smiled a little smile.

"You new in town girl? Never quite seen you around. I heard stories about a new girl coming into town, rumors said she was supposed to have real pretty hair. Might you be her?" He said as he tossed the ball toward the trigger. The ball sailed through the air and smashed into the trigger, but bounced off and rolled on the ground.

"Put a little too much pepper on that." He said blushing. "Figure for sure I'll smash that trigger, I did smash that trigger, but that ball bounced right off. A little too much pepper."

"La Monsieur, You put much pepper into it. A little too much, but it is good, for you only hit the target, but the bucket above did not move! A little softer next time maybe? Not so rough, cowboys need to be gentle."

"Ma'an," Caspar said, taking a deep breath as he tipped his hat and reached down for his second ball. "I did not understand a thing you just said. But I could tell you something, we cowboys like it a little rough. Nothing like breaking a buckling bull down on the first try. Plenty of time to be gentle after that you know." He said winking a little, though his ears were blushing a deep, dark red as he drew back and tossed the ball toward the trigger again. The ball smashed into the trigger again and this time the bucket did fall over, sending a fresh wave of slime pouring down upon Taylor. The gunge was colder this time than the last few times and it took her breath away as she felt it come pouring down and smacking into her head.

"Tous mes!" Exclaimed Taylor as she took a deep breath as she felt the coldness pour down and coat her shoulders, her arms and the front of her dress. "That is! So very cold!" She said blushing deeply as she looked down at her dress that was coated with slime.

Caspar smirked and then slowly walked behind the line. The bucket was starting to get refilled right now and was soon in place. Caspar swallowed hard as he gathered up his courage, reached over and placed his hand down upon the trigger. "After this, I gotta go. But I'll tell you something. You are something special, and I'm afraid I've been really rude. Name is Caspar Edward Potter, I hope you'll tell me your name."

Taylor took a deep breath. Now he was standing a little closer and she could tell how cute the boy really was. His oval face was framed with a little peach fuzz and his eyes were like two deep pools of water that she wanted to get lost in. Her heart started to flutter a little as she slowly opened her mouth.

"Taylor Anna Croft." Taylor said before pausing. "Monsieur, my name is Taylor Anna Croft. I am new to your town and very pleased to be here." She said blushing. "May I be so bold as to ask what trade the monsieur is employed in? For you look like a cowboy, or I should say, you look like a cowboy if there were still cowboys around?" It was clear to every one that Taylor was starting to get tired of her little act. Her fake accent that had started out pretty strong was starting to slip. The scattering of random french words through out her quips and comebacks were starting to become more and more random as the night dragged on. And they had gone from slightly amusing and even comical to a point, to well now they were annoying. The record had played out if you would.

"I do some odd and end chores around my paws ranch and from time to time, I help the Brewers out with their farm. I know plenty of ropen tricks. I could show you some, sometimes if you wish." He said blushing. "I'm pretty handy with a rope and I know a lot of knots." He added.

Taylor blinked and blinked again as she peered toward Caspar. There were so many ways one could take that statement. So many hidden messages, so many implied hints and winks. Her mind quickly went into overdrive. As her mind raced to decode his words, her cheeks started to glow and her ears started to burn. Her tongue felt like it was glued to the roof of her mouth and her heart had jumped up into her throat.

"You okay down there?" Caspar asked as he shifted his gaze from Taylor to the button. "You not looking too good. Lord girl, y'all face has gone and matched the color of your hair. You thinking you need to go see the doctor or something? We can take you down to King's Daughters Hospital if you need some medical attention."

His accent, his manners, his tone of voice, they all drove her crazy. Her breathing increased, her heart started to race, all of the blood seemed to rush to her cheeks and to her ears. Finally after a while of battling her emotions she mustered enough control to say a few words

"Would the monsieur please push la trigger! Please, I mean, how do you Americans say it, pretty please, with all the sugar and sprinkles on top?" Did that sound childness yes, but at this moment Taylor did not care.

"Only if the pretty lady will give me the privilege of being her date for the summer dance." He said grinning ear to ear.

"Oui!" Exclaimed Taylor. And with that, Caspar pushed the button and the last six gallons of slime came tumbling down. Soaking her to the bone. And with that, the first night of the Fourth of July celebration came to a stunning conclusion. With Lily's help, Taylor managed to get her costume dry cleaned and get changed into a new set of clothing. She also exchanged numbers with Caspar and the two started to talk, they talked more and more as the date of the dance drew closer and closer, and before she could stop herself, Taylor felt herself crushing harder and harder on the boy.

End of Story.