Prologue: The Briefing Process I doing here?

Am I in the ER!?

***Nah, man.***

Where am I…? Who are you!?

***I can't say! I don't know where you are…but you can call me Writer!***

Writer? Wow, REAL creative. Tell me your actual name.

***I can't! Not yet, at least. I need to know if you'll be a good narrator…***


I just went through something HORRIBLE, and you want me to NARRATE!?

***Hey, calm down. You'll like it!**

How would you even know?

Why would I even trust you!?

I don't even KNOW you!

***That's understandable.

So maybe to build some trust between us, I can give YOU a nickname, too!***

Oh, what, is it going to be "Narrator" or some shit?

***Yep! Matching nicknames!***

Ughhhh. Alright, I'm tired of panicking.

What do you want me to narrate?

Is there a script?