Fiona -HRGH- began to change -HNNG- DO I HAVE TO NARRATE THIS?

****I should have warned you that people change their clothes in the morning…and no, gross!****

Okayyyy, so we're fast forwarding, does that work?

****Notice how once you stopped narrating, time stopped? Just start the next scene by saying something like "at school, Fiona-" something something. Then you can narrate what you see.****


Fiona arrived at the high school in her black truck. She could have just walked, but she preferred to save her energy.

She stepped out and scoped the area.

{Tyler is usually at the entrance by now...oh there he is!}

He saw her and gave a barely-attentive wave.

"Tyeeee!" Fiona strided toward him and wrapped her arms around his torso.

Fiona put her arm around his neck loosely, and he leaned on it.

"Tye sweetie, what's going on? You haven't texted me for the past few days over the break," she said concernedly.

She looked directly into his eyes and put her other hand on his cheek. "Do you need to tell me something?"

Tyler suddenly looked panicked and (less suddenly) used his hand to push her away.

He shook his head with a small frown on his face, but he motioned for her to walk the rest of the way to the entrance.

You need to stop doing that!

{Doing what? I'm just being friendly and he knows that!}

But you still managed to flirt with him just now!

{So? I always manage to do that with everyone!}

Aaah! Just stop messing around with him!

{Okay, I won't anymore. I'm just trying to help you get with him, Fel!}

But he'll fall in love with you, not me!

{Ohhhh. Okay!}

They sat down at the bleachers in the crowded gymnasium (i am very smart) and chilled for a while until their other friend came in.

Ello came in with shades on and a bejeweled headband, and Fiona giggled.

"What?" Ello asked somewhat insecurely. "Too much?"

"Bow down to the bleached queen of the bleachers!" Fiona announced, dramatically getting on one knee, and leading her by the hand to sit down.

Ello blushed, "Hey, it's not that interesting-"

"Yes it is! You are royalty with that crown!" Fiona exaggerated happily, "You're a princess~"

She kissed Ello's hand at that.

Ello's face seemed to burn, and her smile was very small. Pulling her hand away from Fiona's, she covered her cheek.

"You need to stop that, you...ah, stop!" Ello said, embarrassed.

"What's the matter honey?" Fiona cooed, "I'm just saying what comes to mind when I look at you~"

Ello squealed into her yellow, floppy turtle neck.

Tyler just tried to ignore their shenanigans.

He didn't know if he should laugh at Ello or groan at Fiona.

The bell rang, and they mixed into the crowd of students going into the hallways.