Saturday, September. 16, 2012.

Today when I woke up, my hair was mussed up from the Couch. Recently, We have all been going to couch again. I should've geussed this would happen. We sleep on the couch more then in the bed, usually. Hey, atleast we aren't as bad as Mom! She ALWAYS falls asleep, sitting up, mouth-open, on the couch!

I wanted to do my Saturday walk, even though it would be harder with Alyssa. She angrily let me go, and Mom made me another map. When I opened up my Purse, though, The old map fell out! whatever. I used the new one. The sky was cloudy, but that was all that was predicted. Although I like schneiders, I went on Bridge street. That was too bad, because I was really curious about the Old mill. But Bridge street has it's thrills, too! There is this giant, concrete bridge that Alyssa and I used to call, "The crackly bridge." I was shocked about how much quicker the walk was. I didn't ask anyone for directions - Last Saturday I asked two teenagers, one Tim Hortons girl, 1 Drive-Thru man, 2 tween girls, and 1 couple! I reached Tim Horton's pretty quickly, but this time, I went over to the lines of shops. I passed the Dry cleaners. Mom takes our winter coat's there, and is friends with the manager. I passed Sobeys, and came to, "Rexalls: Pharmacy!" I went down one row, looking at bronzing kits and lipglosses in shades of cherry pink, purple pizzaz, and Ruby red! I also saw lipsticks and hair-dying kits. In the next row, there were a bunch of Sunglasses. I goofed off and tried them on! I put on a pair of gold-rimmed aviators, and funky white-rimmed shades. Then, I searched for Magazines. In the Magazine Rack, I saw the, "Seventeen" issue Mom had bought. I took a "yum for kids" cooking magazine, because we all like it, but don't buy it often. I also bought a pack of, "Angry Birds" gummies for Tommy. As I walked home, I realized I had forgotten the map. But that was ok, I knew the way back. I was wondering how I could make up with Alyssa. "give her all the gummies?" Soon I was home, but Alyssa completely ignored me. I sent her a sticky note along with the magazine and some of the gummies to make it up to her.


Ugh! I got the worst luck in the world!

Today I was feeling awfully curious about the mysterious Old mill. (afterall, it's 150 years old, and you know I'm a history bluff!) So, I took out my Dsi to do some research. Luckily, I was already on the web, because I was looking at, "Gone with the wind," photos from earlier. But, because the Internet is SO specific, it took a long time for me to find something. When I finnally did find something, It took to much memory for my Dsi. So I found our Playbook, but ofcourse, with my luck, The recharger was gone, and it was out of power. I geuss I'll just give this a crack later.