In a small, decrepit house, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the night, nearby the Mexican-Texas border, stood a mother and her baby son Juan. Maria had successfully cradled Juan to sleep with a lullaby her mother had told her when she was her son's age. Once that was over, she leaned into her son's cradle and kissed him on the forehead.

Maria's house was about as tiny as it could be. It was about the size of a shack, with the living room and kitchen in the same room, with their bedroom and bathroom located in separate, small rooms. The living room had all the essentials of a standard living room: a regular sized couch, a television set, framed landscape pictures covering the walls, and a coffee table with some framed photos and a bowl of plastic fruit on it. Flowery wallpaper engulfed the walls, some of which was starting to peel off.

Maria lied down on the couch and breathed a sigh of relief. She played with her long, flowing hair, thinking of her newborn child, feeling relaxed in her comfy cotton tank top and sweatpants. She began looking at the family photos beside her as she started to slowly doze off.

But as she peeked a quick look at a family photo, she began to realize something. Where was her husband, Hector? He should've been back by now. Sure, he often worked late-he was a dishwasher after all-but he always arrived home before midnight. Maria looked at the wall clock to find that it was 12:37 AM.

Maria got off the couch and grabbed her charging cellphone beside the TV set. As soon as she began texting her husband his location, she heard the front door behind her getting violently kicked open.

It was Hector. Her slightly stout, plaid shirt wearing husband had a black eye, with cuts and bruises scattered across his arms and face.

"Honey, what's wrong?" said a justifiably nervous Maria.

"No time to explain." replied Hector, his tone of voice attempting to dissuade the situation, "But we have to leave. Immediately." Hector took out his suitcase from beneath the couch. He clicked it open and began stuffing numerous shirts and pants inside of it.

"What did you do?" said an infuriated Maria. "Who did you infuriate?"

"It's a long story, I'll tell you while we leave."

"Leave for where? We're not in the proper position to leave. What about your job? The people you've met here? We can't just leave everything behind because of something you've done." Hector turned off all the lights in the house.

"I'm sorry, Maria. But it's hard to explain."

"Then explain it to me then. Me and Juan are not leaving until you tell us what is going on."

Right before Hector could open his mouth, bright lights shone through the living room windows. Hector walked over to the windows and placed a hand above his eyes.

Outside his house, Hector, saw two large vans, their headlights the source of the bright lights. Four people got out of the vans and crowded around at the front of the house. Once Hector opened up his window blinds to get a better view, he noticed that the four strangers all had assault weapons. And they were all pointed at him.

Hector lunged out of the way just as the strangers opened fire. Maria ducked immediately afterwards, but not before grabbing her little Juan from his crib with her. The shower of bullets destroyed their walls, smashed up their picture frames, and turned their couch into a feathery mess. After a few minutes of pure lead, the noise stopped.

Hector realized after the commotion that he had been hit in the right arm. Just around his deltoid area. He clenched his wound in pain, but he dared not to make another peep, in fear that the people outside will hear him. He instead crawled over to where his wife and son had hidden, which was up against the wall behind the couch, right next to Juan's crib.

Juan began crying, so Maria had to slowly rock him in her arms while shushing him.

"It's going to be okay, mijo." Maria told her son as she eyed an injured Hector. "Everything's…" she nervously gulped, "Everything's going to be okay."

The lights from the vans suddenly shut off, leaving only the moon to serve as the house's light source. From the floor, both Hector and Maria saw one of the strangers face two of their comrades and point at the ground. The figure faced another member and nodded his head. Both men walked toward the front door. Maria clutched the slightly quieter Juan as hard as she could. Hector gripped Maria's arm with his good hand.

The front door opened very slowly. Maria and Hector froze. Despite it being dark inside, Hector and Maria were barely able to identify the two intruders.

One was a tall man draped in a dark, leathery trench coat, his hands placed firmly in his pockets as he casually sauntered in. Beside him was a man only slightly shorter than his master, lacking any sort of hair, and was dressed in a black leather vest with a white t-shirt underneath it, his hands placed on his hips as he swaggered towards the couple. Both men stopped in front of their prey.

"Hello, Hector." said the tall man. His voice was dry and slightly raspy, while his face was concealed in shadow, "Lovely family." He eyed the interior, all the damage he and his mates have caused. "Nice house. Shame you couldn't tidy it up before your guests of honor arrived."

"Who are you people?" squeaked an infuriated Maria.

"It doesn't matter to you." Said the tall man, "You three are just a bunch of illegals who snuck their way past border patrol."

"But… but, we're legal." said a desperate, injured Hector, "We worked so hard to get past the border. It took forever. We even have proof and everything." Hector reached into his wallet and pulled out his residence card. The tall man looked closely at the card, eyeing Hector's profile picture and the words beside it. His eyes squinted once he read that he was in fact an approved citizen.

"Nice job. For a fake." The tall man slapped the card out of Hector's hand.

"It's not fake, it's real, I swear it is!" yelled Hector.

"I don't want to hear it." said the tall man, "You people are all the same. What you just showed me was all fabricated. Just another liar who thought he could sneak his way inside. How typical."

Juan suddenly began to cry. A very loud cry. Both of the baby's parents looked at their child with concern in their eyes. The man began to sneer at the little Juan, who was just reacting to his surroundings like any baby would. The man reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a large colt python revolver. He aimed it square at the crying Juan's head. He pulled the trigger.

Everybody went silent. Hector and Maria both stared, eyes wide in shock at the aftermath, the damage done to their once healthy baby boy.

"Too much noise." said the tall man, his voice cold as a winter's night.

Maria's hands started to shake. Tears formed from her eyes. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"You bastards!" she yelled as she got up to attack the two intruders. The tall man grabbed one of Maria's arm and whacked her across the face with his revolver. The tall man passed over the dazed Maria to his bald cohort.

"Don't worry, honey." The bald man said with a nasty, high pitched southern drawl. "You're safe in my hands." Maria briefly looked into his eyes. They were bright blue, but they had a certain sharpness in them, and combined with the crooked smile he was giving made her believe she was being held by a demon.

The bald man tightly gripped Maria's hair with his left hand, using his other hand to tear off Maria's soft tank top, which exposed her breasts. Maria tried to fight back, but the bald man kept smacking her around. He began digging his face into her chest, enjoying the scenario so much, he started to lick them and suck on the tips.

"Stop!" screamed Hector. The tall man shot both of Hector's legs in response before he could get off the floor. Hector gripped his two leg wounds.

The bald man knocked Maria on the dirty, blood stained floor. He slammed her head on the wooden pavement while he continued to lick her body and grope her breasts. Both Maria and Hector kept screaming. The tall man stared at Hector's heartbroken face with a slight grin. After about a minute or two, the tall man used his revolver to shoot Maria in the head.

"No!" cried Hector, tears in his eyes. As one final coup de grace, the tall man shot Hector in the face. The only sound that could be heard were the crickets chirping outside at the full moon.

"The fuck'd you do that for?!" yelled the bald man, "I was just starting to get into it!"

"We're done here." said the tall man, who looked around the house examining the damage he and his mates had done. "Nothing too bad. Rest up, cause tomorrow, we're heading up north, got it? And don't feel so down, you'll get another chance tomorrow. There are so many women in this part of the country, you'll have all the time to do whatever you want with them."

The bald man's eyes grew bright as he smiled and nodded his head in excitement, like some kind of obedient canine. He hurried outside, excited for what was to come the next day.

The tall man stood in place for a few minutes, checking his surroundings. The once decent-looking house interior now a dilapidated crime scene, everything scattered around the floor, and three dead bodies lying beneath him. He took a deep breath and calmly let it all out with a relaxed sigh, before following his bald companion out the door, slamming it shut for good measure.