A Sorjourn's end

It was a brisky sunday morning unlike any other that year. The amusing hilarity in the air was hard for the people to take in .Su Lee felt happy that day as she got the chance to go out after being forced to sit inside her house all weekend .

"Su Lee don't go outside." ,"It's not safe" ,"You could get yourself hurt". Schools conducted once a week because of the raging war fell into disrepair .People christened the slaughtering enmity as World War 2. The war gave the Lee family a hard time but they believed all was going to metamorphosize into paradoxical land of milk and honey . Su Lee and her mother were planning to move into her grandparents at Kyoto as her mother's due date was approaching.

"Su Leeee! Don't forget your lunch "

"Ahh Ama ! I won't forget it " Mrs Lee's kimono was ragged and torn but it was the only one that could fit her rotund pregnant belly. The 10 year old didn't know what was going on around her. She knew her father never returned home after his fleets were destroyed at sea. She knew her baby brother or sister will be born fatherless and life won't be great to him or her. The soil broke the faith of the destitute farmer and the labours were paid meagerly. Since the war, no one has slept peacefully. The mortals controverted everyday with the vain soldiers roaming around in the village .All they did was waste the scarce morsels of food that was meant for the starved villagers. The alacrity was absent from the people's lives of Hiroshima.

Su lee left that evening to her grandparents along with her Aunt while her Uncle and Mother were planning to leave the next morning. The widowed pregnant mother needed her space. Before Su Lee left, for some reason she was sentimental. She knew it would be some time before she returned home. She took a deep breath and captured her house in her head .She reached Kyoto before nightfall. She was troubled that night. She was not able to sleep. She kept turning left and right on her bed. She even started counting backwards from hundred. She fell asleep for a few hours but she woke up after she had a nightmare about the war. The war was really rendering her brain. It was dawn by the time she lost her got out of the house and started staring at the stars ,something she hasn't done in a was the most beautiful scene she has ever seen . It was the time of the day where the sun,moon ,clouds and stars were visible in the orange sun was rapidly taking over the vicious night but Su Lee noticed something else in the sky. She wasn't familiar with the foriegn was expeditiously approaching Hiroshima. A brilliant flash of the object osculated the ground,the earth threw up her dirty back into sky and she dispatched ripples of her anger towards her temper of mother earth compelled Su lee to fall on her back. She collapsed. That day in 1945, at 8:16 a.m, an American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, dropped the world's first atom bomb, over the city of Hiroshima. Approximately 80,000 people were killed as a direct result of the blast, and another 35,000 were injured.

Su lee woke up to hear her grandma say "We lost them..they were too close to the bomb ".

Su Lee's limbs froze .She was old enough to know what it meant .Her mother died . The country murdered her mother .Su lee embraced her grandma and broke down. She lost everything in and was turned into an orphan overnight . She was a victim of the war . She was alive but she knew she wasn't living . She was surviving for her father who she lost at sea, for her mother,her unborn sibling and uncle who she lost to 'the little boy '.

After a few years into her twenties , she finally had the courage to visit her once home .It was a barren land . All was gone .All was burnt . It was a wasteland . Su Lee did not allow this picture to go inside her chamber of memories. She had to move on. She had to move on for her family.

85 year old Su Lee was laying on her deathbed. She was happy.

"Why are you so happy Grandmama?" asked her Grandson Yu Lee named after her father.

"I see my parents.I see my home .I am getting back my home .I am going home my grandson" replied Su Lee with glee and took her last indeed was home at last