Humans believe that Angels are humans that died and were given wings and a halo by god for living a good life. This isn't true. Angels are workers for God. We fall under different classifications and ranks. Depending on that classification and rank we have various levels of interaction with humans. I am a guardian angel; I get assigned a human to watch over and keep safe from harm. Those instructions are straightforward. I watch and act if my human's life or well-being are put at risk. There is a third instruction that isn't always so easy to follow. I am to never become emotionally attached to a human. I keep a healthy distance and never let my presence be known for more than a few seconds. Normally that keeps me detached from my humans until I am dismissed from them. Clara, however, was a problem from the moment I was given her name.

I arrived to begin guarding Clara on a Monday morning in early September. I arrived just in time to catch her school bus with her. The first thing I noticed about her was that she was tall. She was at least five foot nine and skinny. She looks like a runner I thought to myself. With her almond colored skin and shoulder length, black hair she was more attractive from behind than any of the other girls boarding the bus. I also noticed that she was wearing a fruit scented fragrance, peach, or some other pitted fruit. It was the first time I had ever noticed the scent a human was wearing.

I walked onto the crowded bus behind her. The kids were sitting two to a seat for the most part. There was an occasional person sitting with their foot up in the seat so no one could join them or the opposite three kids trying to squeeze into one of the ugly, brown rows. Clara sat at the rear of the bus with a girl named peg. Peg was a short, chubby, white girl, with hair the color of flames. She had so many freckles on her face that I wanted to take a marker and just fill the white parts in red.

When Clara sat is when I saw her face for the first time. She looked up at me as I walked toward the empty seat next to her. I stopped moving. Everything around me vanished and there was only her and I. I couldn't move, I couldn't blink. Whatever this moment was I never wanted it to pass. I'm not sure how much human time passed, but it felt like I was looking into her light brown eyes for hours. I had a thought suddenly, any creature that tried to harm her would meet a fate worse than death at my hands.

I sat in the seat next to her and listened to her and Peg talk about how their summers had gone. My assignment started on her first day of the twelfth grade.

"I'm gonna be the star of the team this year now that Melissa Range graduated" Clara said with confidence. It made her face even more attractive somehow.

"I felt like you were the star last year, I mean Melissa was good, but you carried the team." Peg said.

"Maybe, but this year there won't be any room for speculation. I'm gonna lead the team in points and rebounds, maybe even assists too." Clara said.

"Well, I just want to finally get to kiss Russel Jacobs." Peg said getting redder somehow.

"Are you still all gaga for him? I thought you would have moved on by now."

"Have you moved on from Dylan Matthews?" Peg asked.

"I plead the fifth" Clara said and the girls both laughed as the bus stopped in front of the school.

I looked at the School and was instantly glad none of these kids could see me. There were dozens of kids standing outside of the school. Some of them were sitting in the grassy area that went around the left side of the building. Some of them were standing on the stone steps that lead to the front doors. All of them were in some sort of group. For a quick second, I wondered where I would be standing if I were human. The kids on the bus started exiting and I fell in behind Clara again.

In the past when I had to guard a student I sat outside of the class and waited for the bell to send them to the next class. I would walk with them between classes and escort them home. This time though I didn't leave Clara's side. When the bell rang I walked her to social studies and sat in the back of the room while she learned about the Sahara Desert, I was in math when she was introduced to polynomials, I was also in her science class when she found out the animals they would be dissecting this year. It was in her English class that I was introduced to someone however. Mr. Dylan Matthews was a giant of a seventeen-year-old. He was at least 6'2 and was as wide as a bus. His blue eyes and brown, curly hair were probably what Clara liked about him.

"Hi Dylan" she said grinning as she sat next to him.

"Hey C lo" He answered.

Something about him didn't sit right with me. I wasn't sure what it was or even if it really was anything. I just knew I needed to keep an eye on him. It was usually the people that humans trusted that hurt them the most and that wasn't going to happen with Clara. I sat through the rest of the class watching both Clara and Dylan. They didn't do anything to each other, or even speak for that matter so I was beginning to feel bad for suspecting Dylan of being a problem. Once the teacher released the class however Dylan grabbed Clara by the arm as she was walking past him.

"What's up?" Clara asked surprised.

"I was just wondering if I could have your number maybe" Dylan said with his head down as if he was afraid of her.

"Sure" Clara said a little too eager for my liking.

"Cool" Dylan said and let out a breath.

It suddenly occurred to me that even though this kid was gigantic, he was still a kid. This was a major moment in his life. I felt some of my suspicion ease. I still followed him to his locker after they exchanged numbers though. I had to be sure he wasn't a threat. His locker was on the same floor as Clara's but on the opposite end of the hallway. I could still see Clara from Dylan's locker. I stood with him and his football teammates as they talked about how their season would go this year. I caught at least three looks exchanged between Clara and him as I stood and waited.

After the conversation ended and his friends had rushed off Dylan finally opened his locker. The locker itself was basic for a teenage boy. There was a picture of some football player taped to the inside of the door. The top shelf was empty except for the pair of giant headphones he pulled down and plugged into his phone. On the middle shelf were three textbooks. He picked the English and science books up and threw them in his backpack without much thought. The math book though he opened. The pages of the book had been cut so that they fit the shape of the dagger that sat in between them.

The Dagger had a blade that was curved, serrated, and made of gold if I was correct. The handle was wooden and the Omega symbol was carved into it. I could feel death radiating off it. I had never seen the blade before but any weapon as distinct as that one could only mean one thing…. Trouble. I ran through the hall trying to catch up to Clara who had walked out of the school. I needed to stay close to her now that I had proof of a potential problem. I made a tough choice as I ran up behind her.

"Hello, I'm Joshua" I said as I stepped in line behind Clara.

Both she and Peg turned around and spoke to me just before we boarded the bus.