Do Away With

Say, have you lost faith in me?

I have lost faith in you.

Do you know who I am anymore?

I do not know who you are anymore.

Maybe you were not who you made me believe you were.

You are hateful.

You are mean.

I think you have lost your mind.

I do not think you have any sanity left.

You may think the same of me.

I think it more true about you than it is about me.

When you feel all is lost,

When you feel yourself at the end of your ropeā€¦

Well, I just do not think you understand what I mean.

I know.

Why do you not just do away with yourself.

You are ungrateful.

You take everything for granted.

It was you who I wanted.

I wanted your arms around me.

I wanted your lips on mine.

I do not care how taboo this is.

You are the only one I wanted.

You are the only one I needed.

Now you can just do away with yourself.

To place your lips on mine,

It must disgust you.

My heart would always skip a beat whenever I saw you.

I am sure you had the same feeling just once.

Just once in your life,

Why can you not go along with it?

I wanted to sink into you.

You were so warm.

You welcomed me for a while at least.

Are you afraid of me?

Are you afraid of this little taboo of ours?

Our hearts were once connected as one.

We evolved.

What is so evil about that?

You did not love me,

Did you?

You are constantly trying to avoid me,

Are you not?

Who is who now?

What is what now?

I know this love of ours is taboo.

I know this love of ours is forbidden.

Society can stuff a sock in it.

Society is going to burn in Hell anyway.

Why not give up?

Why not give in?

Your heart grows colder by the moment,

I am sure.

You get harder by the moment as well,

I am sure.

If you cannot accept yourself,

Why do you not do away with yourself?

What is the point of living?

To accept yourself is our freedom.

I wanted to be with you forever.

You are as beautiful as they come.

Your attitude about this is what makes you ugly.

You have grown ugly enough for me to want to shatter you.

I want to throw shards of glass at you.

I want to slice you open.

I want to see your blood.

I do not care who comes looking for you.

I do not care who comes looking for me.

I shall avenge your death by taking my own life.

Am I being too serious?

You have broken me in many ways.

I do not think even you realize.

I bear my heart to you.

All you do is give up on me.

This is a weird fantasy poem.

Of course, this is a weird fantasy poem.

Why would you think otherwise?

I know it is not real.

Do you not know it is not real?

This poem I write about you has emotion behind it.

Does that make it real?

Perhaps to some.

It depends on the imagination of one person.

You are the one who does not think.

You spew words regardless of what another feels.

Are you going to do away with yourself now?

Are you a coward?

If you are a coward,

You need to claim yourself and your label.

Are you brave?

If you are brave,

You need to stand up.

You need to stand up for what is right.

You need to do away with this ugly attitude of yours instead.

Instead of doing away with yourself,

You need to stick by my side like a real lifeline.