(Poolside. A woman is lying in a lounge chair. A man is kneeling at her bare feet. He is carefully picking at her left foot. Both of them are wearing bathing suits. At one point, she pulls are foot away from him.)


Man—Sorry about that! I almost got the blister out.

(She brings her foot back over towards him, and he continues his work. A few seconds later, he pulls out the blister.)

There, I'm all done!

(He suddenly brings her foot to his lips and kisses it—and she kicks him away! He gets up and looks at her in shock.)

What'ja do that for?

Woman—You took a little too much liberty, buster!

"Cut!" shouts the director. "Great! I think we'll use that!

A few minutes later, the actors and crew took a lunch break. The man and woman put on robes and slippers. She sat at a table. He joined her.

"Hi, Barbara."

"Hi, Burt. Hope I didn't kick you too hard!"

He smiled. "No problem! I knew it was coming, so I prepared myself. By the way, there's a question I wanted to ask you."


"How would you react if a guy really kissed your foot?"

His question surprised her. She didn't answer right away.

"I'm sorry I asked you that."

"It's OK. But it's not a question I get asked very much."

"I guess that's true!"

"Well, I suppose it would depend on the guy. If a stranger did it, I would probably do to him what I did to you!"

"Yes, I'm sure you would!"

"But if one of my lovers did it…I guess I would enjoy it."

"I see."

"Have you ever kissed a girl's foot?"

"Once, when I was very drunk."

"And how did she react?"

"Too be honest, I don't remember much of that evening!"

"You remember that part of it!"

"True. She didn't kick me, at least!"

"That's good!"

"Well, hope you didn't mind me asking you that."



"Let's try a little experiment." She took her left slipper off and crossed the leg. "Kiss my foot!"

"Promise you won't kick me?"

"I promise!"

He knelt down, grabbed the foot, and kissed it! She smiled. "That was rather nice, actually!"

"Thank you!"

There were cheers; the other crew members had watched him do that!" The two of them smiled. Burt stood up and bowed toward them!