I walked into the crowded cafeteria and got in line. It was Wednesday, also known as fried chicken day. There were normally 2 different lines to choose from. Hot or cold food, I always avoided the hot food line especially on fried chicken day. Today though, the cold food line was closed. So here I was standing in the endless line. The person standing in front of me smelled horrible. He was gigantic. He was at least a foot taller than me. I'm only five foot three so being taller than me is easy, but he was genuinely tall. His back was so wide that standing directly behind him I could only see him. His straight, black hair was slicked down with sweat. The collar of his yellow polo shirt was dark, drenched in sweat, as were his armpits. He smelled like the green juice that dripped from the bottom of trash trucks.

I stood behind him and waited patiently as the line inched forward. I had been in the line for 10 minutes and only moved two steps. I looked around the cafeteria to occupy my time. The people I normally sat with were all at our table skipping lunch. If I hadn't missed breakfast I would've done so as well. The guy in front of me decided to stretch and I gagged as the stench hit me. There was no way he didn't smell it as well. He turned side to side as if he was limbering up to work out. When he raised his arms, I noticed that his pants sagged. His butt crack was on full display until he dropped them again. I wanted to say something to him but the thought of him hitting me stopped me. His hands were definitely large enough to lock around my neck. The chicken was not worth it.

My stomach growled as the 20-minute mark came and went. the line had moved several yards and now there were only 5 people left ahead of me. I was angry that I had spent so long in line, but I was too hungry to get out of it.

"This is takin forever" The guy in front of me said impatiently. I wanted to say, "at least you're not stuck behind the landfill," but I held my tongue. I was so close that his nonsense, or even his odor couldn't break me. I was going to get my food, eat it and put this day behind me forever. I did know that I was never missing breakfast again on Wednesday.

A girl walked up to the boy in front of me. She was cute, she was my height, and petite. Her hair was hundreds of black, micro braids pulled back into a ponytail.

"Let me get in front of you" She said and smiled seductively at him. That was it for me. I snapped.

"Just take my spot, and you take a bath you stink" I yelled at them and walked away.