To Have Shared this Sunset with You

I have always thought of

sunsets to be a beautiful sight,

but something about it

seems rather sad.

That exquisite orange circle

shining in the sky

with all its glory,

is destined to set each day

bringing with it

what beauty and feeling

it emanates.

Isn't it natural

to want something beautiful

to never end?

To have it continue giving

what happiness and magic

it brings?

But as it is with life,

everything is ephemeral.

Moments are fleeting

and as much as I want

to hold on to it,

it still and always will

come to an end.

But that day was different.

For all that I have

thought and believed

sunsets to be,

everything just ceased.

I stood there

looking at the same sunset

I have seen a thousand

times in my lifetime,

but instead of melancholic feelings,

my heart was light…

thumping and smiling

as it merrily danced like a pixie.

It might have been the happy day

or perhaps the lovely place…

or maybe, just maybe

it was because you were there

standing beside me

looking at the same exquisite

orange circle

shining in the sky with all its glory,

destined to set as it does each day.

But it didn't bring with it

the beauty that was epitomized

by the smile on your face

nor this feeling that was awakened

by the look in your eyes.

The vision before me stayed

even when the sun's last rays

have gone down

and the yellow orange sky

had turned a pinkish purple,

beckoning the night that is to come.

I turned to look at you

a mere breath away from me

your face still tilted towards the sky

eyes now closed with a gentle smile

on your lips,

and all I could think was

how perfect each day's end would be

when it is a beautiful sunset

shared with you.