The Reaper's Epoch

The gelid zephyr of pestilence smitten his raven black robes with heed. He always questioned the list especially the last day when he reaped a young soul of seven . The haggard girl laid motionless on the deleterious ICU bed waiting to be waken. Her bald head shone in the luminous hospital lights .Plastic tubes ran through her nostrils like Rivers producing Manna. The singing of the nightingales were overshadowed by the odious and rumpus sound of the heart monitor .He heard the doctors telling her parents that she had very limited time on Earth. Reaper knew better. He went near the little girl and brushed his icy cold hands over her .She opened her little brown eyes to see him.


" Are you the Aviation Master?"said the little girl with her limpid eyes wide open.

"Aviation Master?"asked a confused Grimm .Since Genesis he has been following the acrimonious mankind but never was referred to as Aviation Master.

" Aviation master .The man who mummy said will teach me to fly."

The Reaper didn't have the heart to break her expectation."Yes. I am the Aviation you want to fly,my little girl?".She nodded with great happiness.

"Where are we going ,Sir?"

"We are going to a place where we can see the hale wings of the angels fly in the sky .We are going to a paradise where you cannot feel this extant pain .A place where you can see the whole world."Each word pierced the reaper's heart deeper and deeper.

"The whole world ?"Her face lit with glee.

"The whole world. Just take my hand."Rose took his hand .The ghastly touch of death always leaves a pandemonium .Grimm never stayed around to see what happened next.

The burning ember of death was put out for the night .He despised every inch of his soul for doing his job. He gave deliverance to everyone but himself. Reaper laid on his bed,staring at his ceilings slowly slipping into the endless abyss .It was the same cycle the next day .Again,Again and Again.