Creative. Artistic. Imaginative.

I see life as a series of events, leading to other events. And so on.

And I always look back and wonder.

What would have happened if a different choice was made? If another path was taken?

Where would we be at now?

The past, present and future are important to me.

What if times were different?

Inspiration comes when least expected.

I will always be blown away when I get struck with a lightning of ideas, scenarios and options.

The words we say, the things we do. It all influences the happenings in our lives. Who we are as people shapes our stories.

Then of course, the things we cannot control. I wonder how we deal with them after they occur.

Sometimes, we ask why life is unfair. Other times, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

What if I had been? What if I hadn't?

Could I have done something to change all of this?

Regretful thoughts plague our minds, and our souls get crushed.

It all boils down to the little things that we tend to dismiss, only for them to come bite us long after. Just when we think everything is okay.

Here's an example of an interesting scenario you might get reading this:

What if we had control over our lives by just writing?