Addled Thoughts: Acatalepsy

What am I, but a speck?
A leaf in the sea of time.
A metaphor many have said,
But yet none truly understand.

If we cannot determine why we are here,
We will suggest many things to fill the grave
Tales of powerful deity's and ancient wars
Theories of other universes, huge explosions

But what if it is just a dream?
What if we are not even the pawns
The dust that gathers on the board instead
Insignificant, amid tiny things, of no worth

I admit to being terrified
I admit to longing for answers
For human nature is always curious
It has brought many things to us

Wars and famines and great illness
Discoveries and shared knowledge
Of cuisine, of stories, of skills
There is no true evil, but no true good

Someone will always stand against others
Someone will always think themselves smarter
Someone will always cause too much pain for others
Someone will always heal more than they are required

Peace and War
Yin and Yang
Moon and Sun
Imagination and Logic