Many years did, it happen for

I don't usual-

-ly remember

and my mood goes so I go under

I can't stop counting

under thunder.


Oh so soft are

the voices near

more so touching

to my senses

this was never normal or right

learn from our will to become us.


And I didn't think

much at all of it

I have been proud

as I'm poured off wits

and everyone knew it how it was

if they say it's it then must be it.


How can I weep

when I'm voiceless

and they see tears

as a mercy call

crocodile eyes when my eyelids fall

but I see nothing I'm as blind as any

person recounting it's all a dream.


Who would I tell

if not writing told

"but saw you ghosts?"

many just by force

every second passes, the hate grows

I should've but knew I? I don't know.