A man named Robert walks into a restaurant, orders a milkshake from an employee, and pays him with some money.

Then he heads over to the table to drink it, until some person came in to the restaurant and sat next to him.

That person's name was Bob Jim, and he wanted to know how Robert's milkshake tasted.

"How does that milkshake taste?" asks Bob Jim.

"Oh, it's delicious. Wonderful." says Robert.

"Can I take it?" Bob Jim asks again.

"Uh...no, why?" Robert asks.

Bob Jim ended up snatching the milkshake from Robert's hand.

"I'll drink your milkshake! I'll drink it all!" Bob says in an evil way, and drank all of Robert's milkshake with a straw, which wasn't a kind thing to do. Bob then threw it in a trash.

"Thank you very much." said Bob Jim to Robert, as he walked off.

Now Robert is angry and he was left with nothing. He walks out of the restaurant, leaving the employee confused.

"What happened?" the employee. He either thought of Robert's milkshake being taken, or Bob Jim walking into the restaurant.

It was probably both.