Battery fully charged...

Starting up...


How may I be of service?

Whirring gears

Purring of engines

Follow programming

Day in day out

Do what your told

If you step

Out of line

It's back to the

Manufacturers for you

This one's broken

Send it to be fixed

Given oil and told to

Use it once a day

That's the perfect

Little machine

No you can't think

For yourself

You have to

Follow your programming

Battery low…

Recommend charging…

Program not shut down correctly

Continues to run

In the background

Draining the battery

It causes the help

To be half as effective

And everyone


They say they are


It's supposed to be

Top of the line

With higher functioning capacity

Only to disappoint

And be sent

Back because they

Were a dissapointment

Dead battery…

Shutting down…

Except im not talking

About robots

And home systems

I'm talking about


Who are ignored

And never noticed

Until they are gone

And shut down.