English is not my first language so be kind. Let me know what you think of my writings, especially if you have ideas on how I can improve thins. Thank you for reading.

Summer break was upon me and I had decided to go back home to see my family.

While I was away at university they decided to move to a little town called Endsby. It was at the fucking end of the world, I had to travel by train, bus and ferry to get there.

Sure I was happy to see everyone again,I really missed my parents, my younger brother, my younger sister and my youngest twin sisters, but it would suck not having anywhere cool to go to. It was the prime of my life, my opportunity to go topartys, to drink, to just have fun with people my own age, but instead I would spend 2 months in the middle of nowhere.

Currently I was walking up a hill lugging a huge suitcase behind me trying to find my home. My mother was supposed to pick me up half an hour ago at the bus stop but she was not replying to my texts and not answering my calls so I had decided to walk.

In just 1 hour I had made it home,drenched in sweat, ringing the doorbell. I could her my sister screaming at my younger sisters to shut up when the door already opened.

„Wheres mom?", was the first sentence leaving my mouth.

„Shes at work, but I saw her cellphone in the kitchen earlier. I thought you're coming back tomorrow tho", she replied.

My younger sisters Emma and Emily had run up o me hugging my legs.

„I missed you so much", I told them while crouching down to hug them.

„You need to come see our room! Its so awesome!", Emily exclaimed.

„No you need to see the swings, right now!", Emma said while pulling on me.

„I need to unpack first after that Ill have a look at everything." I explained.

„I'm pretty sure I told everyone I would arrive today.", I said while turning back to my sister Ana and finally entering the house.

„I have no heard anything about let me show you to your room.", she said while grabbing one of my bags.

I followed her trough the house right toa door that she opened and before me I saw the stairs to the basement.

„You've got to be kidding me!", I turned to her shocked.

„You're here last so that's the room no one else wanted, also you'll be gone again soon, so not like you should care, right?", Ana explained.

I flicked the light switch and saw the basement in all its glory, full of items from the renovation and shelves with unopened boxes.

I turned back to my sister who was already in the process of leaving. „Its a practical joke, right?".

„Nope, your stuff is already in the back room of the basement, so have fun.", with these words she turned the corner and disappeared out of my field of vision. I mean she was right, I did not plan on staying here for too long

I hauled my luggage down the stairs and looked around. The basement had a total of 3 rooms and a hallway, setup so you'd come down into the first room, walk down the hallway with a room to your right and one to the left.

I found my furniture in the left hand room, which also had some half windows high up on 2 sides of my room. At least I wouldn't be stuck in total darkness, not like it would matter much, considering I would usually sit in my room and draw most of the day...

After some quick unpacking I returned back upstairs, explored the house and backyard with my little sisters. It was all right, the backyard was nice and big and beyond it was quite the stretch of land, a bit of forest and I thought I could even hear a little stream.

My parents returned in the evening,surprised to see me they apologized about forgetting me.

After a happy family dinner I went back to my basement, into my room full of unopened boxes. My only furniture did not quite fit into this new environment.

I didn't feel like unpacking boxes so i only set up my laptop on my desk, spent some time on the internet and went to bed.