Clyti flinches, as the nurses pumps the proper drugs into her breasts, via syringe. Subtly, they all shake their heads, wondering why Clyte would need her breasts to be bigger...besides the fact that she makes her living pole-dancing at strip clubs.

She lies back, into a coffin. She's clad in white...quite revealing, but very comfy. The coffin is sealed, via a half-cylindrical glass wall. She's sedated, and prepared for procedure.

Outside the wall, many things happen. In sleep, and in half-sleep otherwise, Clyti loses all track of time.

Much later, the city outside the clinic walls is in ruins...long-razed by missiles and crashing warplanes. Some of the warplanes' chasses are still wedged in the sides of towers...where they crashed, many centuries ago.

Across the skies, androids fly, on patrol. There are many others staying in barracks in orbit. For them, barracks is merely a recharge station. Fire guard is automatic; alarms, attached to sensors, would go off if there were ever a power emergency aboard the space-borne barracks.

In remote areas, there are hatchways in the ground. They're in concealed locations. Most are lucky the ruling androids haven't found them yet. They'd want to. Only global fugitive traffic goes through them.

Back in the city, a lot of power lines have fallen. No one's bothered to fix them in centuries.

In space, the atomic clock's been hijacked by the ruling androids. Now they, rather than humanity, guard it.

Below the surface, human rebels are on patrol. They've got supersoldier serums and exosuits to spare, and more being proliferated.

In a lab, a mini-freezer is hard at work. The meter reads a very cold temperature; cryo-stasis temperature, perhaps.

From far below, an earthquake rattles. It shakes the tunnels. Throughout them, alarms blare. Files of warriors and mercs scurry down into the quake-proof cellars, double-time...

In the lab, the freezer door works its way open. Inside, there's a half-cylindrical shaped object, made of glass. It wiggles its way out. It falls off its shelf, and onto the floor.

In the tunnels, the quake slows. The earth soon stabilizes, as it was.

On the floor, beneath the freezer, Clyti wakes. Sometime since she was put down for surgery, her casket had been re-sized. On the upside, she got the surgery. On the downside, and android apocalypse got to the surgeon before he could release her.

Now, Clyti's boobs are bigger. Alas, that's virtually ALL that's bigger about her, this century. She's now a ten thousandth her old size. As she looks around, for the first time in 750 years, she slowly begins to perceive her new reality.

She's...pretty sure this isn't a breast-enhancement clinic. She's also pretty sure that she's lost her job at the strip club...if it even exists anymore.