Nothing and Anything: A Love Story


Hello, self. Hello, God(s), whatever it is, just where exactly are you?

The world is on fire, hey, what's the deal,

Are you even there? Do you exist?

Are you even listening?


I reach out to touch, but your makeup's like dust

And completely see-through.

It changes form like sand as I move my fingers in it,

Or like a shadow when you move, for

Any location you are, you can't seem to commit.


I look into the mirror and see nothing, nothing at all.

Just an ugly pair of black hole eyes

And some weird human-shaped meatball.

Who are you? I ask, cutting deep inside

But nothing shows up except matter, blood and tendons,

And snappy little bones that spread throughout your body like a mold,

As I spread apart your filets wide.


After I imagine myself mutilated, I leave and shut the door

To get a better view,

However I forgot what it is I was looking for.

The ceiling might as well have fallen down, for suddenly,

The reflective glass shatters behind me,

Throwing the sharp edges askew.


I look for the handle, but again, all is black.

The air and the edges all feel the same.

I feel as though I've had a heart attack,

Like the mirror, my pieces all out of frame.


I keep calling out to you, Anything, like some kind of maniac.

Show me you're here, show me you exist, but Nothing shows up.

And He has no demands.


But I won't do it. I won't do what you most fear

Just to see if you'll come running after me, Anything,

Pulling me by the ear.


Do you hate me, am I stupid, annoying, unlovable? Or do you

Ignore me just for fun?

I can't imagine any other excuse,

But if you leave me hanging long enough,

I might just come up with one.


You're testing me, watching me. Must be,

Laughing at my crazy whims, as if this is a game.

Well, heck, if it ain't, then,

What's the point of living? I boldly and sadly proclaim.


Even if you're not here, Nothing,

I'll keep fighting every day to prove it.

To prove that we create our own destiny, or is it a creator?

Tell me, show me, I can sense you there. I'll do…