Summary: A young sorcerer who struggled with his love and he was not sure what to do. But later, he discovered more than he could imagine and made his own choice as he thought it was the best for the girl he loved, who was his childhood friend. Later, he came and experienced a whole new world. The story takes place before and after the side story: When the star falls, from Epic Seven, a mobile game from SmileGate.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Epic Seven except my original characters.

In a big library of Constella, the city of starlight where people worshiped the stars instead of the goddess Diche in Ritania, two persons, one in his middle-aged and one teenager were working on re-arranged the books. The older man had short silver hair with a pair of glasses, wearing full white clothes. Meanwhile, the teenager who held a bunch of books, had short black-blue hair, with an average look, wearing full red clothes with a hoodie lay down on his back. The young man seemed worrying for some reason.

"Are you worried about Elena?" the middle-aged man asked.

"I'll be a liar if I say no," the teenager answered as he sighed.

"She'll be back soon," the man took a book on the teenager's hands and placed it on a bookshelf.

"Yeah…" the teenager responded lifelessly.

"Don't you need to worry. Even though you are not her guardian anymore, she's still able to protect herself, not to mention she had two high-class sorcerers who came along with her," Elena's father reassured him.

"I still feel strange, though," the teenager struggled. "I'm aware of her position, and her job is to help the people. However, is it that much necessary for her appearance?"

"I know what you are thinking, but don't forget that the order came from the Elders. Even the High Priestess like her has to take orders from them," Elena's father said, then he asked to change the subject. "Is there any news about your parents?"

"Blank as it is." the teenagers answered sadly. "It's been six months and yet, no one has any ideas of where they are and the cause of their disappearance. It's like they vanished completely from this world."

"I'm sorry to hear that," the older man comforted him. "Until your parents come back, there is nothing we can't do to recover your position. You know the law. If a high-class priest or priestess disappears without a proper reason, their family and blood relatives will be put in a trial. And if they don't return after a while, they will be placed at the lowest class."

"I know," From the high class to the lowest class, it was a tough time for this teenager to keep his feet on the ground.

"You really like her, do you?" suddenly, from nowhere, Elena's father asked with curiosity.

"What makes you think so?" startled but calmly, the teenager asked back.

"Come on, I know you two too well. Your parents were good friends of ours before I and Elena's mom got marriage. And you both grew up together," He teased and smiled at the young man.

"Even if I do, I don't think I'm worth it, considering my place right now," the teenager responded disappointingly. "She deserves more and as a father, you think I'm worthy enough? Not to mention her thoughts on me. Your thoughts are one thing but hers are even more important. The choice belongs to her, not me or you, or anyone."

"Sometimes I wonder what your real age is. Your thought is always more mature than your look," Elena's father answered. He seemed to be interested in the young man.

"I'll take that as a compliment," the teenager looked away. "But based on what I research, there are more reasons that I don't suit her."

"And what is it?" – Elena's father asked doubtfully.

"Well… let's say. Women often like men who are… strong, both physic and mind. Or… smart, intelligent, like you. Or someone they can wholeheartedly trust their whole life. Someone they can walk together until the end of their life," the teenager answered. – "Compare to them, what do I have? And most of the time, women don't like men who are shorter or have equal height than them. At least their eyes should be equal as their partner's shoulder. Also, they look handsome and charming. Me? I'm just taller than her a little, an ordinary man, no more no less."

"I won't say I disagree with you, but I think you should believe in yourself more. Sometimes, I think your parents were right about your pessimism. You are more capable than you think," Elena's father tried to persuade the young man. "Also, things you just said are only a small part of human thoughts and feelings. Appearance often doesn't play a big role in terms of life relationships."

"Whatever you say, but I think you should consider her feelings more, and her mother's, too," the teenager responded.


"Al, are you there?" suddenly, the door's library slammed strong, a woman with long silver hair and wearing the white clothes rushed in. When she saw Elena's father and the teenager were together. She felt relief but not enough to keep her worrying at bay. "Thank the stars, you both here."

"What's wrong?" Elena's father asked.

"There's no time to explained," then she turned to the teenager. – "Al, listen, I need you to leave, go find Elena and protect her."

"What do you mean?" Elena's father asked worryingly.

"Do you know where I can find her?" the young man named Al seemed to understand the situation, he asked back.

"Aakhen Exile Colony. Hurry, we don't have much ti…"

"Apprentice Sorcerers Al, the Elders summoned you," suddenly, before Elena's mother was able to finish her sentence, a dozen of sorcerers and soldiers stormed in the library and tried to stop Al as he was ready to move.

Not to waste any seconds, Al turned back and ran away. He rushed to a window, before drawing a gun, shot the glass and jumped out the window, broke the glasses before landing safely on the ground. As he landed, another group of sorcerers was alerted of his escape and began pursuing him. As Al ran, he dodged their magical attacks and parkoured all the way out.

"When did he learn to use that type of weapon?" despite all the odds, Elena's father stayed calm.

"Honey, now not the time…" meanwhile, Elena's mother was anxious and worried.

"You two will have to answer it in front of the Elders," the leader of the sorcerers and soldiers were not happy with things that happened.

"Relax, we will go with you," as he said, Elena's father willed to follow their order with no resistance. Meanwhile, Elena's mother was hoping that the young man would escape Constella safely.

"Stop right there."

As the sorcerers screamed while chasing Al, he didn't show any intention to do as they said. He kept running and tried not to fight anyone. When he had no option left, he had to shoot their arms and legs to neutralize them. He didn't pack any supply so he had to conserve ammo. The gun held 20 bullets but he lost count of how many he had shot, so he always checked the magazine when he stopped and caught his breath. As he ran outside near the forest, suddenly, a large rock golem and a few smaller size ones appeared to stop him. At this moment, he knew he was in real trouble. The golem was never allowed to activate unless the Elders wanted someone dead. Looking back, the sorcerers and soldiers were nearly closed to him and he had no doubt that they wanted him killed. Suddenly, the golem attacked him. Despite the overwhelming size, the golem was really fast and Al had only a little time to casted a magic seal to defend. But it was useless against the powerful punch of the golem. When Al was hit on the air, the golem caught him and threw him to a tree. As his back slammed on the tree, he could hear his broken bones. When he landed, Al had to keep his head up. Thanks to the attack, Al was able to run into the forest despite the pain. It was a smart strategy since the golems would have a hard time pursuing him due to the thick forest, but the sorcerers and the soldiers were not about to give up that easily.

Holding his breath to sustain the pain, Al kept moving as fast as he could, while the sorcerers cast magic to attack him. A lot of trees were broken and the bushes were on fire. He understood that they wanted him dead no matter what. Suddenly, a soldier caught up with him and used his sword to slash his back. Suffering the pain, Al turned back and shot his leg, before he grabbed the soldier and shot three times right to his face, which was the last bullets. Drawing back the gun and grabbed the sword, Al kept running until he saw a waterfall, which was the end of the road. The waterfall was not high but at his condition, he was not sure if he could survive the jump. But he had no choice left. He took a deep breath and jumped down without hesitation.

"Stop," the commander of the sorcerers and soldiers gave an order. Then they looked down the waterfall. They didn't see anything.

On a corner that far away from the sight of them, Al was able to pull himself up and stayed hidden. Then, he lost his consciousness.