A/N: This story is inspired by an actual haunting case. Of course, I have changed certain details, names, places and dates yet the events at the heart of the tale remains with an erotic twist. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. Reviews are gladly appreciated. This story contains supernatural references, sexual themes, adult references and sensitive subject matter. Reader discretion is advised!

In front of 14-year-old Caleb Lauer loomed the columned lined entrance, imposing a sight to any visitors to the North Winter History Museum and whatever its halls held secret. He could see from the white marble columns, display banners blowing back and forth delicately between each pillar, before his class began moving towards the impressive Egyptian exhibit which had a somewhat curvature design. Twin stone sphinxes were decorating the entrance of the exhibit. Nearly invisible cases and laser triggers securing the artifacts put up for view, trying to ensure nobody dared touch them. If that wasn't enough of a Turn Off Your Mobile sign, the blue, concise and hashtag included warning standing outside to the exhibit, was obvious enough.


Of course Caleb was going to ignore that sign, and the choreographed tour. He was going to enter, as had many other high school classmates had before him. Before he continued his own private gallery walk, he took his camera phone out of his backpack, and started snapping away. The muted clicking of each photo taken drew him closer to the artifacts. There wasn't even any breeze. Man Caleb thought, the breeze would've added to the mystery of the foreign art on his phone.

Before he got too carried away and filled his memory card up with thousands of captures from the first half of the exhibit, he continued on his adventure. His Film teacher had set them the assignment of showing intrigue where there appeared to be none. As soon as it was announced, Caleb knew he would go on the field trip to the local museum. A local culture hub for his small town, he knew that he'd be able to capture so many perfect shots for his portfolio, especially from the new Egyptian artifacts alone.

Walking slowly and around the artifacts was an easy task, Caleb being slim and fit coming in handy. He had pre-prepared before making it to the bus stop earlier. Ensuring his short brunette hair was unlikely to bump into anything, his clothes were average enough to not snag on any possible priceless objects, but slack enough to give him nimble room. Matched with his lucky blue sneakers. He was prepared to make a quick move if anyone else came into the exhibit.

The museum is a known scene for the curious, many of his art-loving classmates came there and told him all the unusual stories. Of course he'd been invited along to most of them, but Caleb had never been a museum goer, declining the invites in favor of spending time with his band playing bass, or chilling out looking over his favorite snaps of the day.

He could see bejeweled objects and statues within the confines of the quiet room, it isn't the most awesome of sights, but still Caleb stopped to take a few snaps. They are the reminder of the magic this place has held. Which is cool in its own distinct way. Caleb was always good at seeing the power in things, deciding a long time ago he'd rather be positive, than glum.

Walking closer to the deserted large room, he kept him camera phone glued to his palm. Taking shot after shot all around him. Even in the bright gallery light, he can see the remainder of the golden treasures glowing. The few statues still intact, how large and awe-inspiring they no doubt once were. It sucked that a lot of these treasures were unappreciated and misunderstood, while still being cared for and preserved.

Caleb didn't know a lot about the exhibit's history, according to the initial tour guide, most of the artifacts were from the tomb of an Ancient Egyptian prince who lived around 2000 BC. There was a great tragedy where the Prince and his Blood Brother had perished or died of illness, Caleb wasn't sure, and the Prince was left to roam the Theban necropolis on his own. He had shut himself away, no longer driving chariots, showing little interest in state affairs, and kept himself in isolation until one day, he apparently disappeared from public record. Everyone had just assumed he died. Even the history behind the treasures is depressingly interesting.

The large open door stood in front of Caleb. Still clicking away on his camera, trying to ensure he got the perfect angled shots. The door is slightly inviting, unsurprising with the number of visitors this place gets. Plus with the state of some of the exhibits, it's unlikely the janitors had brains enough to think to shut it to preserve the contents inside.

Pulling his mobile camera away from his face slightly, he gives himself a quick pep talk of not to wuss out, and it's just an empty room with a mummy case inside, before he builds up the courage to walk the couple of steps inside.

There hasn't been any reports of any hauntings, and for that Caleb is relieved. If there had been, he certainly wouldn't have come on this trip, well not alone anyway. The scope of the room lived up to the theme, in size only. The walls were decorated in jaw-dropping paintings, the staircase somewhat weak. An odd smell lingered heavily in the air, the room has been completely cleared out, no other soul had entered the space. The cartouche-shaped red sandstone sarcophagus that Caleb could picture had still laid entrancing and proud, is still alluring, but there is no lid shielding what laid within.

Turning his mobile flashlight on, parts of the room light up with each turn of his head. Even with the decorated walls, Caleb could feel there was something unworldly in the room. The short staircase, the star-studded ceiling, the hieroglyphs on the walls. He could only imagine what it would have looked like in the golden age of the Pharaohs.

Caleb was too busy taking photo after photo, that he missed the eyes watching him intently in the corner of the darkened room. Normally the usual intruders were kids like himself, looking for a place to party and explore more of the expanding museum, but not the boy currently being watched.

He had eyes full of wonder, every new corner he took more and more photos. The owner of the eyes has watched and seen the world change over the many years they have breathed on the Earth. Some things have changed for the better, but in their mind, most have grown beyond corrupt. People have lost respect for the sacred powers that govern life and death. In their day people showed reverence, honor for their gods, country, hierarchy. Values all but ignored. Yet something tells them that this mysterious boy isn't like all the others that has entered the room unassumingly.

Caleb slowly moved from the west wall to what he assumed to be the prince's personal effects. There were a few pieces of gilded furniture, clothes and amulets lining the whole expanse of the display case.

Paintings on the wall have been ripped apart or have been spray painted. A lone gilded wooden statue of the prince stood in the corner, armed with a mace, as well as a staff in its left hand. The large windows, or in fact just window, as the other two were barely cleaned, was surrounded by black curtains. Caleb couldn't tell for certain, but he'd imagine they had a hypnotic feel and were absorbing. The rest of the room was filled with the prince's most personal belongings. The aura of this room far removed from the atmosphere as the museum lobby.

Still able to see the transcendence in the strange, Caleb continued to take as many snaps as he could. Once finished he made his way out and back into the main room, following his light through to the rest of the exhibit. The room is as grand as the preceding ones, he was shocked to find that time stood still, if not a brief minute being inside the other room. No one else was around except him, and all the other exits appeared to have switched. The room is colder than the previous ones he'd passed through, he wasn't sure if that were because of the temperature, or the lack of air. There is a feeling of loneliness in the rooms, and this room stands out the most.

Unlike the other rooms, this one had a painted relief portrait intact and on the wall. Caleb presumed it to be the young prince, stood facing his handsome warrior of a Blood Brother, and their two pet cats at their feet.

"They looked really close."

Caleb's voice echoed around the almost empty museum room, sympathy tinged within its gravity. Although he didn't know the true history of what happened, all he came up with was whatever happened, the prince was left to die alone. In the relief painting he has been painted with love embracing his dark black eye, as he directly looks at his lover. It's a contrast to his erect pose, curly diadem crowned hair and linen robes. But Caleb could see it, they were happy, well they were whenever this relief was made.

After taking a few shots of the ancient relief, he continued his walk around the exhibit. Ensuring he didn't stray too far as to not get lost.

He was still being watched, as soon as the softly spoken words left his lips, their interest aroused. They weren't going to let him leave. He was the first person who ever saw the love in the relief, everyone else who had gazed upon its silent beauty had called the prince ruthless, or terrifying from his stance. Even went as far as stating they felt sorry for any unfortunate souls to have ever crossed a man like him. It infuriated the royal son, they know nothing, yet here they were gazing on his sacred possessions, making claims about things they knew nothing of. Calming his anger at the memories, he continued watching the creamy white youth on his walk the exhibit, marveling at his treasures.

The weapons, cosmetic box and what he guessed were the intestine jars of sorts, were in the same condition as the rest of the artifacts he'd seen thus far. All personal items or portraits, all pristine and most items captivating. Caleb was beginning to get the feeling of great sadness on his tour, sure he could still see the beauty in the stuff, but the power is so strong that it shocked him no-one has a real idea how these items grab interest.

Soon both his memory cards were almost full, so he started to make his way back through the bottom floor towards the exhibit's exit. He didn't notice it at first, but the door was no longer slightly ajar, it was completely shut. Thinking nothing off it, he went to touch his hand on the knob when he was forcefully spun around, with his back banging off the solid wall. His breath escapes him, and his mind is in total shock.

No time to react, run or scream, there is a boy his age standing in front of him, pinning both his arms at his side. He looks familiar to Caleb, but he can't place him where. Once his mind catches up with the situation, he opens his mouth about to let out a blood-curling scream. The exhibit walls didn't echo and bounce his vibrations through the empty halls, adding to the sudden terror thriller feel.

"Shh my handsome prince. Do not be afraid."

Instantly a feeling of calm flows over his fear, his scream silenced, and his body relaxed. He is to spell-bound by the handsome stranger that he doesn't remind himself that he should be afraid and running away right now, instead of standing there, staring wide eyed at a possible thug.

"Ah this is more preferable. Forgive me if I frightened you. I did not want you to leave before I introduced myself to you."

His voice is like an oriental storyteller's; Caleb can't help but feel himself attracted to him even more. His stomach performing flips and his heart pacing, originally from fear, but now he isn't sure what from.

"Who... Who are you?"

"You may call me Ramose, and might who you be, my handsome blonde beauty?"


"A handsome name for a handsome youth."

The compliment spread through him in a heartfelt bliss, all feelings of fear or doom vanished completely. Stating into his dark-brown eyes, he was mesmerized.

The feeling of familiarity was continually growing. Where do I know him from? The question repeated continuously inside his mind, as the strange boy watched the emotions flickering through his expressive face. His groin quickly coming to life.

"I did not want you to leave before we had come to know each other. Please, follow me. You have not seen the best part of the display yet."

With those his parting words, his hands slipped behind Caleb and landed on the small of his back. Applying slight pressure, he guided Caleb towards the staircase. Caleb was in a trance of relaxation and bewitched excitement. He couldn't think, the only thing he wanted was to find out what this handsome and sexy stranger would want with him.

Hand firmly on the small of his back, he led Caleb to the end of the long , darkened corridor and paused in front of a solid dark metal door. Turning the doorknob, the metal swung with a sharp inducing creek. A bed of sorts befell Caleb's eyes, one completely out of place for the building keeping it.

Brightly painted walls, motionless golden statues framing each corner. Paintings decorated every walled surface, the floor barely visible. Intricate brightly painted vessels dotted around the walls and side tables. Deep cedar wood furnishings. A golden lion-shaped bed sat in the center of the room, sheer linen drapes flowing from each corner. Breathtaking and intricate scene beyond description.

"Oh my -."

The only words Caleb was able to pass his lips as he stood in awe looking at the exotic scene in front of him. He wondered if he was dreaming, the room could have passed as part of a theme park attraction, not a museum exhibit.

Without any words passing between them, he guided Caleb inside the luxurious albeit uncanny room straight to the bed.

Caleb was still under the trance his mysterious stranger had induced him under, but slowly the blissful haze was starting to clear from his eyes, mind and body. Something was telling him to shake himself out of it, this isn't right. Something is terribly wrong. The pull of this stranger was so strong, yet this irritating recognizable voice telling him to give himself a shake was starting to interrupt him.

As his mouth descended on Caleb's, his eyes closed of their own accord, the irritating voice instantly dissipating. Heat started to pool within Caleb, his body never having this reaction to a simple kiss before.

Ramose licked and nipped all along his lips until one slightly too tight nip had Caleb gasping, giving him the access to inside his mouth that he had wanted. He wasn't very pleased that he had to fight for the access, but he will forgive Caleb, this time anyway.

His tongue thrusted into Caleb's mouth, stroking his tongue repeatedly until he was finally coaxed into mirroring the stranger's movements. Their lips moved in sync, their breaths becoming increasingly ragged. Caleb could feel the heat increasing, almost painfully. He knew what he needed to douse the fire he had started within the brunette boy, but he felt the dominance through the kiss, if he thought he was in control here, he was completely mistaken.

The sound of clothes falling filled the room, as his fingers trailed Caleb's clear skin. It took him a second to realize he bad removed his blue shirt and white tee, leaving his entire top half exposed. He expected the cold from the heatless building to assault him, yet he was comfortably surprised to feel pleasing warmth.

Ramose took one of Caleb's sensitive nipples into his hand, squeezing and tugging as his fingers played, at the same time as his mouth broke their connected lips and started to lick, nip and bite his exposed nipple. The rosy bud grew in his mouth, feeling impossibly hard. Caleb's moans filling the otherwise silent room, as Ramose continually got more spirited with his ministrations. He was not a gentle person, and he had no intention to start being one now.

Swapping his mouth over to the other nipple, he ensured Caleb was in pure lustful bliss before he embedded his teeth into the stupefied boy's soft skin, letting the blood droplets seep into his mouth. The puncture wounds were small, not deep, and Caleb was lost in the heat taking over his body to feel the true pain of his love bites. Ramose was sucking hungrily, Caleb's blood adding to his growing erection, the need to ravenously feed from him becoming second in his concerns with every breath. He wanted to fuck Caleb. To possess him. Then fuck him some more.

Grabbing Caleb's body, he moved the boy to his knees, his ripped upper garments falling almost completely away. Caleb's eyes were glazed over in lust, he didn't mind the sudden position movement, he didn't mind the fact he'd just met him less than an hour ago and already he was half naked in this ornate strange bed. He didn't even feel the slightly wetness from his groin trickling down Caleb's creamy white skin. All he felt was the need for Ramose.

He wasn't sure how he wanted this guy to take him, usually only ever having masturbated, but he didn't care how he wanted him, just as long as he had this hottie.

Ramose removed his white robe, his traditional pleated skirt showing through the slight gap. Unsheathing his almost hard black cock from its hold, he grabbed the back of his lover's head, guided Caleb's lips to his long member and started rubbing his cock head against the pink lips. The little bead of precum spreading over Caleb's slightly swollen needy lips.

Guiding himself in Caleb's hot warmth, the sensation of the perplexed boy's tongue and mouth wrapped around his cock was causing him to throb. He wanted much more.

Without warning, he pushed the back of Caleb's head with force, forcing his cock down the boy's throat. Caleb's throat closed around the guy's shaft when his gag reflex wanted him to pull away or throw up, but Ramose was in paradise. Releasing Caleb's throat, he let him come up for air, long strings of drool coating his cock and Caleb's chin.

At this angle, on his knees, chest exposed, red coating his skin, his eyes watering from the stranger's powerful thrust in his throat, Caleb looked gorgeous to him. He could only imagine what the boy will soon look like once he has had his fill off him.

Grabbing his hair tightly, the dark-skinned teen began to rock into Caleb's mouth, his tongue struggling to lick all the way down before he is gagging. He was going to get what he wants from Caleb, even if it means defying divine will.

Caleb was struggling to breath, the feeling of his bodily functions being cut off repeatedly by the large dick invading his mouth. The grip in his hair to tight for him to even be able to move his head away. Tears were streaming down his eyes, his throat sore from gagging, coughing and being fucked. But he still wasn't really wanting to resist or tell him to slow down. This treatment of him was new, and he is honestly beginning to enjoy it, feeling his briefs soaking.

His pace into Caleb's mouth, and further into his throat was becoming quicker, Ramose's thrusts longer. Caleb could feel every inch sliding down him and pulling back out. A few times he managed to scrape his teeth against the skin of Ramose's shaft as he went to leave Caleb's mouth, which delivered an eroticized moan from his current lover. The noise causing him to want to let Ramose do more to him to satisfy his desire.

Before he could react, Ramose flipped him back onto the bed, spinning Caleb so his head was dangling from the bottom. Squatting into his mouth, Ramose was able to fill the dazed boy's throat completely, his balls resting against Caleb's nose. He could feel his length inside Caleb when he felt the outside of his throat. Caleb's gagging has started to quieten slightly, but not enough for Ramose's liking. He wanted his mouth to be inviting to him willingly, without issues.

Starting off slow, Caleb was becoming used to this potion, the shock wearing off quickly. But before long his ministrations quickened. He couldn't think or focus on anything other than the feeling in his throat and the need to gasp for breath. Sometimes Ramose went so deep, he cut off Caleb's air supply completely, it felt like he was going to choke.

Caleb felt his hair get tugged again, Ramose beginning to force his lover's head even closer to his body. Caleb felt Ramose fuck his throat completely, he wondered for a second how he was able to stay conscious through the rousing assault. Instead he felt himself undeniably wet through his briefs, the need to be touched intimately becoming stronger with every thrust.

Ramose was not being gentle, he could tell Caleb has never had his mouth and throat abused in this manner before, but he was too immersed in lust to care. He was going to have Caleb as he wanted, as long as he didn't attempt stop him.

He could feel the need for him to release his seed growing fast, instead of slowing down and letting him enjoy the feel of Caleb's mouth for longer, he sped up his movements. His balls slapping the modern teen's nose with force with every trust, Caleb's breath no longer as he cut off her air supply completely. Ramose was using the boy's head as a cock worshipping object and he reveled in it.

The shock of Ramose spurting hot sperm into his throat surprised them both. It had been such a long time since the Egyptian prince has had this sort of release, and Caleb has never had a guy finish in his mouth before, instinct telling him to swallow it all.