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Releasing his head completely, Ramose laid next to Caleb on the bed, his head coming to the brunette teen's long covered legs. His hunger growing dangerously needy, he could hear his crazed heartbeat, his blood racing around throughout his body, his wanton desire to have the prince.

After a quick reprieve, and before Caleb was able to fully recover from the prince's assault of him, he was back on top of the boy again. Forcing his tongue into Caleb's mouth, tasting the remnants of his essence in the trapped youth's mouth. While Ramose kept the kiss slow and passionate, to allow Caleb to regain his breath, he began removing Caleb's jeans with a slight touch. The need to enter him again becoming overly obsessive.

Finding his hair covered crotch in his briefs quickly, Ramose could feel how hard Caleb was, almost ready for him.

Entering him with two fingers, the prince could feel the boy wasn't untouched, yet he was still a tight virgin. A few quick pumps of his fingers and Caleb was moaning, begging for his living flesh to enter him once more.

Manipulating his body, Ramose flipped Caleb to his front, forcing him onto all fours. He was once a man who loved slow, passionate missionary style sex, but now yearned to enjoy the pleasures of this new foreign world.

Entering him quickly, Caleb let out a gasp of shock and pain. He has never had a girl or boyfriend-let alone a lover as well-endowed as him, nor as powerful.

Ramose didn't give Caleb a chance to adapt to his length, or his sudden fearsome intrusion. He was enjoying the feel of the boy's throbbing ass swallow his manhood, even if he wasn't fully standing to attention, each thrust into Caleb was causing him to grow harder and harder.

Caleb has never been treated so harshly before, his few imaginary lovers treating him like a harem concubine rather than an anonymous lay. He was loving his treatment Ramose was giving him, yes his cock was throbbing through lust and pain, and his throat felt raw from having it abused, but he was in completely consumed with ecstasy.

His moans grew to an embarrassingly high volume, he would've been self-conscious about it, if it hadn't been for his new lover seeming to love the pleasured sounds he made.

In this position Ramose took advantage of his current posture. Bending over the boy's back, he was able to attack his peaking nipples with his fingers, pulling and twisting with each hard, grating thrust. Switching between his nipples and squeezing his penis, Ramose was loving Caleb's supple and openly responsive body.

Picking up his pace, his dark skin connecting with Caleb's in a harsh clash, he loved seeing the pert globes of his ass bounce and shake. The bottom boy's moans were making him more eager with his treatment of the wrecked youth, loving the lion-spirited ferocity of their fucking.

He could feel Caleb's ass throb his cock more with every movement, he was on the verge of orgasm, giving Ramose the perfect opportunity to grip his hips, bounce off him a few more times before lowering his face to one of Caleb's lovely cheeks. Skimming his teeth over the sweaty boy's sweet flesh, he bit down fully, the rush of his very being flowing into his mouth.

Caleb's ass painfully squeezing his member, trying to milk it until depletion. Ramose's bite pushing him over the edge to complete bliss.

As he was coming down from his high, Ramose licked the little droplets off blood up, before speeding his thrusts up. He could tell Caleb was tired from their fucking and slightly from being overcome, and he was going to quickly get his fill before the boy passed out. An unconscious person is not attractive to him.

"Oh. ... oh my... fuck!"

Caleb couldn't believe he was shouting such profanities, especially in front of a boy he had only just met. He's never done anything sexually inappropriate in a public area before, usually the thought made him feel dirty, but right now he felt nothing but amazing. He was loving the way the prince was fucking him, the barely detectable love bites making Caleb explode harder than he ever had in his adolescent sexual life.

He was struggling to stay up on all fours, his energy from their session completely depleted, his mysterious prince had sped up, the sound of slapping skin and contrived breaths the only sound filling Caleb's ears, but he couldn't hold himself up any longer.

His arms giving way, face lay against the soft bed sheet, he had just felt the prince still and finish inside him as he gave up the fight to keep his eyes open. A small, satisfied grin on his face. Caleb didn't know what would happen with his lover when he woke up, but for now he was pleased.

Ramose watched him fall into a state of self-consciousness as he was donning his robe again. He could see his fluids slowly leak out of Caleb's abused hole onto the bed, the boy's tiny arsehole calling to him to open. He would have the boy again, Caleb was his now, the resurrected prince had claimed him. Now Ramose promised himself he would wait, wait until Caleb will come back here, begging him to take his body again. When he does so, their love making would be more otherworldly than what had just occurred.

He promised to himself, before dressing and disappearing back to his ornate coffin where his mummified body resided.

Caleb didn't know how long he'd slept for, but when he'd awoken he felt painfully happy, but cold. Opening his eyes, letting the post nap haze drop from his eyes, he awoke with a start. The luxurious room he'd entered was now gone. He was lying with his fly open on the carpet floor, the artifacts he'd seen vanished. The strange furnishings, gone, the windows hit by a sudden gust of wind, the only eyes on him were from the exhibited statues, hiding secrets. This wasn't the room he'd been taken into.

His lover was nowhere to be found, after zipping hi jeans up quickly, buttoning his half ruined shirt as best he could, using his jacket to try and protect his violated dignity. He tried to search for him. But a sense of shame drilled into the teen. He didn't know what had happened to him, but he no longer felt scared.

Caleb would've convinced himself that it was all a freaky dream, if it hadn't been for the white liquid slowly oozing down his pant legs.

It wasn't until he entered the final room of the exhibit and spotted the royal family portrait did he stop in his tracks. A feeling of cold dread filling his entire body.

He couldn't stop looking at the man in the carved relief, the handsome young man who would've been a Pharaoh, with his family. The man who had spent his afterlife all alone. The youth who had just took his mind and body to new and eerie heights.