Bodies twirling around me.

I feel more alone that I've ever felt.

Skin pressing against me.

Unsolicited touch.

Uncalled for kiss.

Not safe for work rubbing.

How dare you?

I was raped, you know.

Do not touch me.

Do not massage me.

Yes I'm a slut.

When I say so.

I don't sing.

I don't dance.

Leave me be.

I'm having fun.

I want to cry.

I can't get out of myself.

I don't drink.

I don't drug.

I haven't unlocked the box.

I like seeing you all.

Yes I'm a voyeur.

You are heroes to me.

I do move.

I do shake.

Alone in my room.

In high heels.

Baby steps.

I'm learning to walk.

Don't make me run.

I'll trip and resent you.

Yes I am crazy.

Just wait for me.

I'm on my way.

The train will come.

I'll hop on it.


The day will come.

Not today.

Just wait for me.

I'm on my way.