Your mouth devours lies with thirsty lips

And when all the world's winds Are a breath awaiting at the gate of your lungs

Burn in the grease that lines your throat.

Goddesses in blood sit Cross-legged at the altar of your heart

Another truth for their ravenous stomachs

Sacrificed in your attempt at living.

There's a feast spread at their feet

Come, join

The choicest meat is your own after all.

Consume to the last morsel

And then wonder,

What were you before this cannibalistic ritual began?

When there are no remains,

Will you beg for a bit of immortal bone?

Or cut a thigh open and steal from watchful eyes

Either way, they are ready to give,

They did gulp your heart down for dessert.

Will you build another universe from that heat?

And condemn it to ruins or glory?

Same difference, girl.

Thunder tears trees asunder

It's your omen

Let the suns spill from the prison of your thoughts

Build or bury

Life is a ring switching fingers

In the hands of Death

But you are a thief

And sleight of hand is your livelihood

Feed different, this time

Oil stains need a universe change to disappear

Dine well, woman.