Of all days for a tragedy to occur,
Could it happen on another day?
Time knows no bounds of pain.

One glimpse of a tarnished human.
One calamity I was left to deal with.

Early in the morning,
a scream echoed
In my ears and in my head.
I was used to shrieks where I live,
But this was different.

I opened the door to a man,
A man I once recognized as family,
Bleeding onto the porch.
His hands were ruined,
His face was warped,
And his screams opened scars in me.

Time kept passing,
Smoke billowed out
And the home next door,
The home that belonged to my aunt,
Was burning from the inside out.

More time passed, more help arrived,
And eventually my aunt was rescued
But didn't make it in the end.

I should have spoken up sooner,
I should have done more,
But in the end,
I'm left with with a tragedy
That's burned away
In the palms of my hands.