The walls you built,
Frozen and sturdy,
Were meant to stand the test of time.

Meeting her threw that all away.

An entity of ice meets one of fire,
And you feel yourself melting away.
But you let it happen.
No one has made you feel that way,
And for the first time in your life,
You savor the heat.
Your walls dissolve into water vapor,
Rising into the air
As you give into the one thing
You never wanted to expose:

You want her to burn herself into you.
You want to know her,
You crave her love like a drug.

And God, you want it.
She wants it too.

The chill of your touch,
Of your words,
Stops her right in her tracks.
Nobody has been able to put her out,
The flames being much too strong,
But the second she saw you,
She fizzled out almost immediately.

Her fiery presence
Gave you the warmth
To let her into you.
Your cold touch
Let her give into a calm sensation
She's never gotten before.

And it created the perfect spark.