Once upon a time, before man and fae alike existed, Earth had two moons. The world was nothing but water until one of the moons exploded. Thousands of dragons fell from the sky, into the deep oceans. Volcanoes erupted, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes ensued - the world was in chaos.

Gifted with magic, the dragons protected themselves from the elements of the oceans. Some gave themselves gills and fins to be able to breathe and swim. Others gave themselves wings and the ability to spit out fire. Together, they were able to control the elements around them, thus, created land.

For their world to become more inhabitable, they produced vegetation, like grass and trees. The fae folk came soon after, gifted with wings. Then the humans came not too long after that and creatures of many shapes and sizes after that. Every living soul had an important role. The dwarves mined the mountains while the giants built bridges. The humans understood science, but the fae had magic.

Envious and fearful of what the fae folk would do to humanity, the humans murdered most of the fae and the mystical creatures, which caused them to become endangered. The dragons punished humans for their wrongdoings with floods, famine, and disease. Humans denounced themselves from dragons and nature to create new religions and ideas.

From afar, the dragons watched and protected it's most precious creatures in hopes that the humans learned their lesson. As the decades grew, humans became more bitter, angry at the dragons for punishing them. Once they declared war, the humans burned meadows to forests, killing anything in sight. The fae took as many creatures as they could and hid away to different parts of the world, while dragons found comfort beneath the depths of volcanoes or seas. For centuries the humans forgot them all, believed that history was pure myth. It wasn't until humans built ships to sail around the world, eventually discovering the fae and creatures again. Many sought out these beings for themselves to prove the myths to be true.

A king of Aragon searched for these creatures to use to his advantage during battle. Upon his adventures, the king met and fell in love with a female fae. Soon they had a son named Arturo.

Because of the war between humans and fae, they hoped he would be the one to unite the world again. However, what they didn't know was that if you mix two different species, a beast is born.

When the dragons attempted to kill the child, the humans and fae united together and petrified the dragons into a deep sleep, never to waken again.