In honor of her recently deceased Grandma, Kiya joined the Tennessee Turbo Prix. Thanks to the surprises from her grandfather's car, she won the competition fair and square. Now she and her friends, her little sister, and her pets are on a cross country tour for the US Titanium Prix. Little did they know, is that a mysterious rider named, "Rider Black" warns them about the Badee Organization of Cheaters and Desception.

Kamala "Kiya" Abbasi- a biracial Indian-American girl who's the grand daughter of one of the first Indian race car drivers, "Sanjay Abassi". She was born and raised Nashville, Tennessee.

Trayi "Trixie" Abbasi- Kiya's younger sister and president of the Kartkiya Fan Club.

Nicole Ibarra- Kiya's Venezuelan American best friend and co-partners with Dwayne.

Dwayne LaPointe- Kiya's blond best friend and co-partners with Nicole.

Brodie "Eleman" Kay- African-American vlogger of Riders of Race and Kiya's boyfriend. He has a birthmark shaped like an elephant on his head, which he often gets teased for.

Morris- pet peacock who accompanies her during races.

Baaghania- Trixie's pet kitten that looks like a tiger.


Urja Abassi- Kiya's maternal grandmother who was the wife of one of the the first ever racers of India

Rider Black- A mysterious driver who wants to out challenge Kartkiya. Sometimes, Rider Black warns her and her teammates about

Nabhitha, "Nat" Abassi- Kiya's single mother. After her American father left her for another female racer.

Fabian Lazzari- CEO of Larazzi Automobiles and host of the US Titanium Prix.

Anika Lazzari- Fabian's gothic daughter and Nicole's love rival for Dwayne's affection.


Badee Gaildee-A mysterious villain who would do anything to win by cheating and is the leader of the Badee Organization of Cheaters and Desception, BOCD for short. Her name means, "Big Cart" in Hindu.

Dhoka- Badee Gaildee's pet panther who accompanies her. His name means, "Cheat" in Hindu.

Balia- Badee Gaildee's bat henchwoman who rides a motorcycle. Her name means, "Bat" in Hindu.

Jhooth- Badee Gaildee's weasel henchman who rigs vehicles and adds tricks up his partners' rides. His name means, "Lie" in Hindu.

Ghaat Lagaana- Dhoka's bear henchman who rides a car. His name means, "Ambush" in Hindu.