Chapter 1: Everyone goes missing...

It was a stormy night... And a family was having a great time having game night at their house. But there was always one family member left behind. Her name was Alisa. She lived in the woods with her family. And she mostly hated game night. She always lost every game her family ever wanted to play. But this stormy night was different. She was so bored waiting for her whole family, so she decided to take a nice walk outside in the woods at night. She didn't even care to tell her parents. She took a flashlight from her side table and went out into the woods.

Alisa flicked her flashlight on and took a relaxed walk outside. ALONE... Each stone she took made a creaky sound. Until she was lost... Alisa looked down to see no stone steps. And when she looked back, she saw the stones disappearing.

"Ugh, why can I never have a nice walk!" She groaned. And as she was looking down to see the stones. One sound and her entire life disappeared.

Weeks had passed. And no one had noticed that Alisa was gone. Until one day. Everyone was sitting near the TV. Getting comfy. They were about to watch a movie when... The news started forming on the TV screen. Glitching so much. The house was near the woods, so the family didn't get enough electricity; the TV person was having a crackling sound and paused a million times.

"Ugh what is going on with the TV!"I told Mom that we should have just bought a house in the city!" one of the five daughters said. And she went back onto her phone texting people.

"Don't argue with me, Elisabeth! At least we try keeping a roof over your head!" The mom hysterically said.

Then the TV started working for once. The whole family moved their heads in a 360 and stared at the TV. The News guy started talking.

"Attention, all families!" Then the news guy stopped and the TV turned off.

"AHHHH" yelled Elisabeth! She dropped her phone in terror and blanked out.

"Elisabeth? Elisabeth?" yelled one of the 5 daughters. Elisabeth kept chanting, "She is coming, she is coming..." Elisabeth kept saying it again and again.

"Who's coming?!" yelled the mother. Everyone was trembling in terror. In a few minutes, Elisabeth was getting up. She looked like a person who just woke up but in a creepy way. It was like she was hypnotized. The way of her walking leaned side by side and she walked straight as anyone in the family. Everyone kept yelling at Elisabeth and telling her to come back. But the more the family yelled the less Elisabeth could hear them. And soon enough Elisabeth disappeared.

One week had passed and everyone was getting ready to sit down comfortably when... Elisabeth came on the screen yelling, "she is coming! She is coming-" and then a shadow hand took her by the mouth.

"Elisabeth! Everyone saw Elisabeth, right? She's got to be here! I miss Elisabeth so much!" Bixin said. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. And so, everyone tried to figure out how to get Elisabeth out.

"There's no way that Elisabeth got in there!" said Bixin! And as they kept on searching, the room slowly got darker and darker... and eventually it was completely dark. Then everyone in the family heard a scream from Bixin, and then the lights turned back on. Now there were 3 daughters… They all gasped collectively.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DAUGHTERS!" cried the mom. "Something must have taken her somewhere... Let's start searching!" the dad cried. And so, the 3 daughters and the father and mother. Searched every to see any hole or transporters or something a thing could come in and come out. But they saw... nothing.

And as one of the youngest daughter was searching all around, then she found a strange cable behind the tv and called everybody before doing anything. "Mamma dadda! Looky wat I found!" The little girl was only 2 years old.

"What did you find sweetie?" The mom asked. "A cable!" "Ooh! Can I see I, sweetie?"

"Sure!" As the little girl stopped talking. The mom lifted her and made smiley faces at the little girl and put her on the couch. And then the mom took the cable out of the tv slowly and gentle. And placed it on a nearby table.

"Now what do we do?" The mom asked the girls.

"I must try to do something to-" "Where is Mia?"

"What do you mean Mia is just on the couch?" As the mom said that she turned her head at the left side of her to see Mia gone...

"MIA! NOO!" The mom cried as loud as her vocal cords could take it. "Everyone goes to bed. NOW! I DON'T WANT ANOTHER PERSON GO MISSING IN THIS HOUSE! NOT ONE MORE TIME! LOCK YOUR BEDROOM DOORS AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT OR SLEEP! I DON'T CARE AT THIS POINT!" the mom yelled at the top of her lungs. Everyone slowly walked away and closed their door and locked it. So, did the parents. And soon enough somehow the 3 daughters slowly went missing. Except for one.

"My life is pointless," whispered Gabriella. "I have no sisters except for me, and I will eventually slowly disappear too. I must figure out what is going on," Gabriella whispered.

A few weeks had passed and it's November the 30th, 2010. A month before this chaos ever happened... I always wondered why all my sisters just started to go missing... And why Alisa- I stopped. I had something in mind that my body wouldn't move.

"I remember Alisa telling me at 1st grade, that if she would go missing, she would probably be somewhere near the forest or nature. And when Elisabeth went missing, the last word she said was...

"She is coming she is coming" But also "This is why I told Mom that we shouldn't have just bought a house in the city!" And then weird stuff started happening after that... It's Alisa... I uncovered the mystery! It's Alisa, it has gotta be her! All of this happened because for some reason I was circling her things that she likes or hates. Like Mia! Alisa is so jealous of her! And Elisabeth! Alisa hates people who hate nature like Elisabeth! And Bixie! They are super-duper enemies! Bixie never gave Alisa's doll back after 12 years! It all makes sense! Alisa is behind all of this. I can feel it! I must go into the forest at the same time as Alisa did! She was always one of my favorite sisters! And she told me everything!" And I stopped thinking, and I was so happy to see Alisa and all my sisters again! I told mom that I wanted to go outside for a walk at night.

She said, "only if you keep yourself safe, I can't risk another child missing ok?" "Sure, no problem!" And I walked outside and walked into the deep darkness...