Freema Mumba is a time-travel agent from the year 3000. After a huge acident at the DC Security Prison, she tracks down Vortex Fatale and her cohorts to the twenty first century in Washington DC. Along the way, she encounters five middle school girls with a thirst for history. Time Earrings as communicators, Time Belts to prevent them from having any effect, and Time Watches to transform into older versions of themselves. Now they must find the source of where Vortex's pranks are before history changes forever.

Harriet, "Harry" Vasco- Leader of the Time Scouts and jokester.

Mizou Blueriver- Sensetive Native American girl. She is often seen with her video camera.

Lila Bonny- Tough as nails rebel of the Time Scouts.

Kazu Suzuki- The Perky One of The Time Scouts.

Anistasia, "Stacey" Saunderson- The smooth free-spirit of the Time Scouts.

Freema Mumba- A time travel agent who helps the girls during their time travel mission.


Araminta, "Minty" Vasco- Curator of the Edgar Forester History Museum and Harry's mother.

Malcom Vasco- Former and Harry's late father.

Henry Vasco- Harry's older brother at age 16. He workds at the Edgar Forester History Museum as a janitor.

Benjamin, "Benny" Vasco- Harry's younger brother at age 10. He's a trickster like Harry and has a huge crush on Lila.

Linah Vasco- Harry's younger sister at age 6. She is a huge fond of poodles.

Draco Arnold-. He is also the principal's nephew from England.

Nelson Cummins- The new boy from Tuscon, Arizona and guitarist for About Time. He is Harry's love interest.

Masi Kikuchi- Nelson's new best friend and drummer for About Time. He is Kazu's love interest.

Felipe Del Rio- and keyboardist for About Time. He is Lila's love interest.

Anka Suzuki- Kazu's older sister and main star of Suzuki Surprise Spetacular Show.

Mrs. Moonshadow- The girls' homeroom teacher and Mizou's mother.

Mr. Moonshadow- Executive producer of the Suzuki Surprise Spetacular Show and Mizou's father. His grandfather is the founder of Moonshadow Studios.

Mang Moonshadow- Mizou's blind adoptive sister from China.

Principal Tolbert- Principal of Mark Twain Junior High who was a former Vietnam War veteran.

Dennis Del Rio- CEO of Moonshadow Studios and Felipe's father.

Mrs. Suzuki- Host of Suzuki Surprise Spetacular Show and Kazu's mother.


Vortex Fatale- Leader of who plan to alter time with their silly antics.

Mendenevil- VF's Medieval-themed right hand man. He always speak in rhyme.

Nefrio- VF's Egyptian-themed henchwoman.

Nonuz- VF's gangster henchman Vervain's husband.

Vervain- VF's flapper henchwoman and Nunuz's wife.

Krun- VF's caveman henchman who is really dumb.